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Covered In Black Ink: A Red vs Blue Crossover by ClassicSix
Covered In Black Ink: A Red vs Six
Reach had fallen, taking billions of people with it. Military and civilians alike. Among the billions that had also lost their lives, was a team code named Noble Team. T...
What's Left of Me (Jacob Black Fan Fiction) by haynich07
What's Left of Me (Jacob Black Hayley
Trying to escape a threat to her life and that of her parents, Danielle is forced to move in with her hot-headed cousin Paul. After a horrible relationship, a boyfriend...
When I Reach The System [mission -2](Z&U)completed  by AshJ185
When I Reach The System [ Ash- J
"အား....ငါ့ကိုမိန္​းက​ေလးဘဝနဲ႔မ​ေနခိုင္​း​ေတာ့ဘူး​လား ငလsystem​ေရ.." "အယ္​...အဲ့တာကြၽန္​​ေတာ့ကိုမဆဲနဲ႔ system worldရဲ႕အႀကီးအကဲကိုပဲဆဲ တာဝန္​​ေတြအကုန္​လံုး...
WHEN I REACH THE SYSTEM[mission-1] Completed(Z&U)  by AshJ185
[ဟင္​...​ေနပါအံုး..ငါကအခုလီဖန္​႐ွင္​းရဲ႕ကိုယ္​ထဲ​ေရာက္​ေ​နတာဆို​ေတာ့ငါက​ေယာက်ာ္​း​ေလးလား] [အား..................ငါကမိန္​းက​ေလး​ေလ....​ေသနာsystem] System.. "sorry ပါ...
loving HIM by rdritwika
loving HIMby Ritwika Das
This book is not a stand alone, you need to read the previous book he was MINE ,to understand this book.
When I Reach The System [mission -3] /Real World (Z&U) by AshJ185
When I Reach The System [ Ash- J
When I reach the system (3) or Real world writer_ Ash,J,19
Halo: Survival Instincts (Noble Six) by ThatOneHaloFan
Halo: Survival Instincts (Noble \_(◕‿◕) Oh hi there
Noble Six was all too common with sacrifice, especially in recent times. From what he knew, all of Noble team was K.I.A, and he was on his own, with the glassing of Reac...
Be la mia Stella (Be my Star)  by MissPasshiam
Be la mia Stella (Be my Star) by MissPasshiam
He's far, I can't reach him. He's like a star, so close to look at, yet so far to reach. A star that I couldn't reach. (A story dedicated to Jeremy S. Chua)
the adventures of Germany (Gunther) by Germanbean5
the adventures of Germany (Gunther)by German bean
Well I'm bored so that's one thing and I just felt like writing short storys about Germany! this is my au! some of my ideas are from a roleplay me and my freinds do! -s...
↳ insomnia (mcyt x reader) by GR1MBL00DYC4S1N0
↳ insomnia (mcyt x reader)by GRIM / MOTH !!
a streamer. an occupation many people reach for. lady luck favors some, but not all, and helps them rise to fame. ...then, there are some where she doesn't have an opini...
【Halo】 A New AI {DISCONTINUED} by Kittybread
【Halo】 A New AI {DISCONTINUED}by Kitty
Three years after Cortana's death, John-117 has been mourning for quite a while. After Catherine Halsey creates a new AI just for him, he then halts his melancholy. Aya...
Spartan Freelancer (ON HOLD) by RickyAdams9
Spartan Freelancer (ON HOLD)by Ricky Adams
Noble Six survived the Fall of Reach. Somehow, he managed to. Six found a home and family within NOBLE Team only to have them ripped away like everything and everyone el...
Rogue by hannahruth1999
Rogueby hannahruth1999
Noble Six is alive. Not only is she alive but she has a son. Having given birth on Reach in a bunker with the remaining civilians left behind on Reach. Upon later years...
Halo: Reach; What really happened by Spitzyy15
Halo: Reach; What really happenedby Samantha Stan ;)
Noble six was just like everybody else before joining the UNSC. She was married and has a child. When she entered the UNSC she ran into someone she never hoped to see ag...
Halo, Remnants: Reach by Zeta_Lyfe
Halo, Remnants: Reachby Zeta_Lyfe
Halo, but with an oddity. Reach. . . the only planet, other than Earth herself, where loss was not an option. Unfortunately. . . the enemy they faced was unlike anythin...
DREAM || yoo kihyun 2 by Alicornette
DREAM || yoo kihyun 2by Alicornette
| OUT NOW. NEW CHAPTERS COMING IDK WHEN (sorry) | | THE SEQUEL TO nr.1 IN #kihyun and #yookihyun STORIES : "REACH" | ❝I thought you loved me.❞ not everythin...
Sonnets by CalebPaul
Sonnetsby Caleb
The most beautiful form of poetry in my opinion. :)
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The Noble Thing To Do(Noble 6 Reader x RWBY) by BlueAceTrinity
The Noble Thing To Do(Noble 6 BlueAceTrinity
Noble 6 has died on the planet Reach. Though he/she came back somehow, but he/she is on a different planet. How will things play out? Will he/she be able to help those...
The Nobel once's (transformers prime x Halo Reach) by GhostR3x1
The Nobel once's (transformers GhostR3x1
This is a fanfic of the once that fall on reach noble team are die on reach but now there reborn and ready to defend earth from the cons but first they must find each ot...
 The Lone Wolf Of Reach by AlainDavids1
The Lone Wolf Of Reachby Alain David's
Having survived the destruction of Reach izuku must adjust to a new world filled with heroes and villains will he crash and burn or will he survive and thrive in this ne...