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A Spartans return(A Halo and Red Vs Blue crossover) by EmperorRevan
A Spartans return(A Halo and Red Ethan
A hero? He wasn't a hero. Just a soldier following orders. Noble six thought back to a time when some "ONI spook", as the marines and the ODSTS called them, wo...
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The remnant of Noble Six  by Raio_Tusovee
The remnant of Noble Six by Raio Tusovee
All rights got to their respective owners
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Noble Avengers by Demon_Of_Durin_89
Noble Avengersby Ashton Mitchell
2552 Planet Reach has fallen to the Covenant, Humanity's last hope are the enhanced Super Solders of the Spartan II and Spartan III projects. Knowing that Midgard is in...
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------------------ I do not owned Bungou stray dogs Nor any of the Characters ------------------- This book is made Only for fun and Do not take takes it personally I my...
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【Halo】 A New AI {DISCONTINUED} by Kittybread
【Halo】 A New AI {DISCONTINUED}by Kitty
Three years after Cortana's death, John-117 has been mourning for quite a while. After Catherine Halsey creates a new AI just for him, he then halts his melancholy. Aya...
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Halo: Demons by SpartanRen217
Halo: Demonsby SpartanRen217
Ren had a normal life with his family. His life changed when it he was taken away. He now trains in a top secret program to become to Spartan. A god to humanity, a demon...
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The Noble Thing To Do(Noble 6 Reader x RWBY) by BlueAceTrinity
The Noble Thing To Do(Noble 6 BlueAceTrinity
Noble 6 has died on the planet Reach. Though he/she came back somehow, but he/she is on a different planet. How will things play out? Will he/she be able to help those...
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war first,love later.....or so it seemed by humvee95
war first,love later.....or so Noble Six
a Kat B-320 x noble six story it was noble six's new team as he prepares to fight for reach being the lone wolf he is will he stay and even more will he finally trust ag...
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Reach •>> by _queenauty_
Reach •>>by _queenauty_
Autumn Grace Dawson is your basic College Senior, just ready to be finished with school and start her career. Beautiful, Sharp attitude, and Single. Who would of ever th...
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Halo: Survival Instincts (Noble Six) by ThatOneHaloFan
Halo: Survival Instincts (Noble \_(◕‿◕) Oh hi there
Noble Six was all too common with sacrifice, especially in recent times. From what he knew, all of Noble team was K.I.A, and he was on his own, with the glassing of Reac...
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My jokes, sarcasms...realization...thoughts...ideas....? I don't know anymore by Mojo_Mojo
My jokes, MojoMojo
A bunch of...stuff put in a ramble...and...yeah...I don't know where this is going anymore. I never knew actually. Yeah. Just punch the "read" button already ...
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The Spartan and the Elite (Male Spartan x Female Elite) by FloodGate01
The Spartan and the Elite (Male FloodGate01
A Spartan III named Michael has been assigned to protect outpost 7 with a new squad of marines. This Spartan III has lost everything from family to friends due to the Co...
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Lone Wolf by mcjuggernots
Lone Wolfby mcjuggernots
Spartan threes were just suicide squads sent to clean up the messes of the offices of naval intelligence. Some where just just lucky. Like me
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Alpha85 [A Halo Fanfiction] by Anonymous_Person107
Alpha85 [A Halo Fanfiction]by Your Average Anonymous Person
Spartan A-85. Also known as Alpha85 was part of the first wave of spartan sixes. He is was used as a top-secret UNSC group Mammoth also known as Titan but got demoted an...
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Halo Truth Or Dare by humvee95
Halo Truth Or Dareby Noble Six
hey so here's an interactive book just comment who you want to dare or ask them so enjoy also yes I will add noble team,halo wars Spartans, and of course the rest
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Halo Reach x Reader by BethyBear0527
Halo Reach x Readerby Beth/Virginia
A bunch of Halo Reach oneshots I thought you'd like :3
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Heart Of Elise  by Elope77
Heart Of Elise by Elope77
A young poet, who describes a choice of faith, hardship, mess, and love in the balence. Resulting to unkempt closure that grows into a form of poetry. Creating the scene...
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Beyond Our Reach by maahi77
Beyond Our Reachby Mehul Gala
Some things appears beyond are reach but one must never lose hope to reach them.
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I'm Not Alone by Loneata
I'm Not Aloneby (っ◔◡◔)っMidna
Jae is not typical; she is a supernatural being. Again and again, she moves schools, all because of her peculiar birthright, which makes it so, even if she isn't a b...
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