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Slytherin boys react [Delay] by Slutty_Annabelle
Slytherin boys react [Delay]by Annabelle
Trust me you will gag *ITS FUNNY AND LAME* But pls give it a try
Karmatic Trio (Bad time trio x BNHA)  by DontAskImN0body
Karmatic Trio (Bad time trio x ImN0body
This story takes place after the player vanishes from their fight with the bad time trio aka Sans, Shift, Stretch. The three got stuck there for a very long time until a...
The Boney Hero (Sans x BNHA crossover)  by DontAskImN0body
The Boney Hero (Sans x BNHA ImN0body
At a genocide run Sans unexpectedly wins against ¿Chara? and something strange occurred, the timeline was thrown into chaos. As a result of this chaos, Sans unknowingly...
He's a Model | Yeonbin by jya_nn
He's a Model | Yeonbinby nynynyn
where Soobin got accepted in a modeling agency, he met the one and only Choi Yeonjun, which he will be modeling with him for the rest of his lifetime. I got this idea fr...
Please No ( Maze Runner - Newt X Thomas ) by SepticMisfit
Please No ( Maze Runner - Newt X Rae
Newt becomes great friends with Thomas when he comes into the maze. But what will happen to their friendship if one of them starts gaining feelings for the other?
Chaos w UpperKizukis by MiyuAkahana
Chaos w UpperKizukisby v1fia
⚠️CONTAINS SHIPS⚠️(not always) could be vines or memes😇💅 or just...random from tiktok 👁️ᴗ👁️....
tadc incorrect quotes by zippy1X
tadc incorrect quotesby • 𝐙𝐢𝐩𝐩𝐲 •
idk even what this is lmfao- some may accidentally repeat + i may forget to censor swears-
Unexpected Help (Iidabaku) by AizawaKiribaku
Unexpected Help (Iidabaku)by AizawaKiribaku
Top Iida Bottom Bakugou Taking a shortcut to school, Iida happens to find someone in a tricky situation. After helping the person he finds out that it is Bakugou. Is th...
My Bucket List  by Izzle16
My Bucket List by Leen
Harlow Stevens has lived her life on repeat for as long as she can remember. Work, eat, sleep - repeat. Closed off from the real world, trying to make ends meet and payi...
if mirabel met moana by snakeskins-world
if mirabel met moanaby snakeskins-world
mirabel was tired of being ignored by everyone, one night she sets sail on a small boat. one second she sees a massive wave next she sees a roof? ( my sister payed for...
"When two Immortals meet" | Dr. Bright x Reader by SeriousFox08_YT
"When two Immortals meet" | Dr. Bucket
"You, Dr. Y/N L/N are a Immortal Researcher working for the foundation, all is good and you are content and happy with life. Well, atleast until meeting someone jus...
Billy Loomis x reader by IntrovertIRL34
Billy Loomis x readerby IntrovertIRL
You are Stu Machers younger sister and you were jealous of Billy and Sidney because of their relationship. you wish it was you and not Sidney. what happens when you find...
Mother in law comes to visit by rolo355
Mother in law comes to visitby rolo355
Mother in law comes to visit
Kaiju paradise smash or pass by AutisticHumanoid
Kaiju paradise smash or passby AverageBoredFurry
(Almost) 16 year old human-shaped figurine decides whether they would smash or pass gooey furries from roblox game. 100% original do not steal. :) (I do actually make s...
ᝰ . 𝗟𝗢𝗩𝗘 𝗟𝗘𝗧𝗧𝗘𝗥𝗦 .by ★ . 𝗥𝗢 .
Hawkfrost x reader (She-cat version) by Breezeleaf101
Hawkfrost x reader (She-cat Zoey Wang
In this story, you are a proud ThunderClan warrior. You meet Hawkfrost, and you slowly develop some feelings toward him even though you know it's wrong. When you find ou...
When Life Gives You Lemons {Requests Closed} by Something_Else_Sins
When Life Gives You Lemons { Pinapplerus
Im hecking bored so why the hell not Also these r gonna be done on mah tablet sooo my autocorrect is dumb lmao
Main Art Book 1 by JaneValentine007
Main Art Book 1by (Inactive Acc)
This is a book filled of fanarts, my arts, and arts for others! (WARNING : Has both new and OLD art.) I DID DO the coveur! :3 News Flash from Action News 52! [Completed...
My Dear Blue Rose   (Yandere x Fem!Reader)||ON HIATUS by NoirFam13
My Dear Blue Rose (Yandere x AllSeeingCupcake
"S-stay away from me...." She inched away from the bloodied boy in front of her, fear and horror obvious in her features. He stepped forward, gently caressing...