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A Preacher and His Wife by forestphilosophy
A Preacher and His Wifeby Hermit The Frog
And so the day before I was to leave for the new world I married Mr. Ryan's daughter Grace, even though I knew she did not much want to marry me. A Frontier Tale. A youn...
in the midst of a storm | yandere x reader by Fam_Why
in the midst of a storm | yandere...by Ranunculus
[ yandere!cowboy x f!reader ] Somethin' ain't right 'bout your town. The new Sheriff came outta nowhere and your daddy don't want nothin' to do with him, says he's no go...
Hawthorne by JPSowr
Hawthorneby B.
She never imagined a life in any other form. For 22 years, Amelia Layton has been stuck in a loveless home with an uncle who ignored her existence. Her only escape was h...
The Ghost's Redemption by roansNropes
The Ghost's Redemptionby Wild Flower Child🌻
Maggie McNeily is not the average 1860's American Frontier woman. Only at the age of 19, she lives by herself in the wide open spaces of the Dakota territories; raising...
RDR2: The Wolfman Returns (Sadie X Male Reader X Beth) by Huyhuynh406
RDR2: The Wolfman Returns (Sadie X...by Hhuynh24
"Even a man who is pure in heart. And says his prayers by night. May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms. And the moon is full and bright." In 1871 long tim...
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Arthur Morgan x Female!Reader) by LayceJ25
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Arthur Morg...by RJ
After a robbery goes badly wrong in the western town of Blackwater, Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang are forced to flee. With federal agents and the best bounty...
Playing Dangerous ↠ ||RDR2 // Arthur Morgan X Reader|| by FeedMeFryes
Playing Dangerous ↠ ||RDR2 // Arth...by ☀️ ♾️
(Arthur Morgan X Female Reader) 'Love in a hurricane, Playing a Dangerous game...' You are a newly adopted rescue into the Van der Linde gang after being held hostage b...
silent love { Dutch Van Der Linde x Reader } / rdr2 by wildwest56
silent love { Dutch Van Der Linde...by 𝒮 ❥
ever since your family was killed by a gang of outlaws, you've lived your life on the run. you had to learn to survive on your own and protect yourself. never staying in...
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain | Ryan || Yellowstone by _chaosinorder_
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain | Rya...by _chaosinorder_
Cassandra fled from Yellowstone Ranch the moment she felt herself becoming too close to him. She left for five years, not for her own benefit, but for his. She believed...
Jesiah | A Red Dead Redemption II x OCs Insert by JustJammyu
Jesiah | A Red Dead Redemption II...by Just Jam
Jesiah DeSantis. Boy is a thief and he ain't a good kid, but no one always start that way. He even thinks that this life chose him. Sent to a reform school where he'd ge...
Sabella's Journey  by vanillagalaxiez
Sabella's Journey by Selina R. S
PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS: The Cheyenne Warrior ---------- As a baby, Sabella, was left abandoned on a stranger's doorstep. With open arms, the family took her in and raised...
Lady Samurai by MDVidgen
Lady Samuraiby Magdalena Vidgen
'The Last Samurai' meets 'Shōgun' meets 'The King and I'... For years she believed herself to be cursed. Every time she grew close to someone they were taken away from h...
Unshaken: An RDR2 Story by LupinsWerewolf
Unshaken: An RDR2 Storyby Molls
"I felt dizzy suddenly, the floor seemed to lurch, it was a sick feeling as though I had been at the top of a rollercoaster, going down the highest point, my stomac...
LAST CHANCE → sean macguire ✔ by ssadboyhours
LAST CHANCE → sean macguire ✔by ᴋᴀꜱꜱ
r.d.r.2 " outlaws 'til the end, boys " the story of how a foolish girl winds up in the worst predicament of her life -- being in love with an outlaw or in whi...
Dead Eye Shot  (Red Dead Redemption 2 x Male reader) by JJHM2004
Dead Eye Shot (Red Dead Redemptio...by The Ultimate Trickster
By 1899, the age of outlaws and gunslingers was at an end. America was becoming a land of laws. Even the West was mostly been tamed. A few gangs still roamed but they we...
The Unexpected Partner by Dianejameswriter
The Unexpected Partnerby Diane James
When her father gets attacked by bandits due to a gambling debt, Claire Conley realizes that she's in a deep hole. With her father bed ridden for months, and with no rel...
A Man's Pride by michelle1408
A Man's Prideby michelle1408
Anastasia Fetcher finds herself living in a man's world in the year 1899. She learns how to survive and fight. A blossoming relationship with Dutch van der Linde defines...
COTE:Red Dead Sotomura by AtalayAte
COTE:Red Dead Sotomuraby Atalay Ateş
A chuunibyou otoku comes to ANHS to escape his orphan life for better future but right before he starts his rom-com high school life he found himself in another world ho...
Beyond the Green by SEViolet
Beyond the Greenby Sara Elaine
Torn from the life she always known, traveling across the country to start a life she knew nothing about, Molly Connolly had no reason to anticipate love. She was barely...
He Goes On All Fours - A Western Monster Romance by DoctorRockhard
He Goes On All Fours - A Western M...by DoctorRockhard
#1 in Cryptids 1/12 The town of Graveflat is thriving ever since Colt's great grandfather discovered silver in the nearby mines. However, things are soon to change afte...