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Stray Kids Ships by DistrictChan
Stray Kids Shipsby gEt_CoOl
all your favorite Stray Kids ships
  • jisung
  • hyunjin
  • changlix
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Han Jisung One Shots by jayarsjone
Han Jisung One Shotsby jayarsjone
A girl who has a lot of plots but can't finish a whole story
  • seungsung
  • jlix
  • minsung
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Stray Kids Oneshots by Kookieshree
Stray Kids Oneshotsby ❈❆국기스리❆❈
*REQUESTS OPEN* This will be a Stray Kids Ships oneshot book. Only fluff intended so plz if you have any requests you can leave in the inline comments of the first chapt...
  • jeongsung
  • seungsung
  • seungjin
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Sungshine, Starshine by Naturestar44
Sungshine, Starshineby Naturestar44
"Hyung have you ever felt so loved that your heart overflowed with it and it spilled into your blood, coursing through your body until every part of you glowed with...
  • itotallydidntblankontheirshipnameidkwhatyouretalkingabout
  • thisiswhathappenswhenyoutrytogoforplatonicsofthoursbutthenendupsellingyoursoultotwoangels
  • bangchan
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STRAY DORKS | skz oneshots by hyunjinnies
STRAY DORKS | skz oneshotsby ㅇㅅㅇ
- in which mira has many plots but is too lazy to write full stories. no minsung allowed in my jilix shipping household 🤪
  • jilix
  • hanlix
  • seungjin
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confession • chanho by Mellxia
confession • chanhoby พู
" i like you. " " i love you. " •-•-•-•-•-• junho confesses that he likes chansung, but things go unexpected.
  • chansung
  • chanho
  • 2pm
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| District 9 | STRAY KIDS SHIPS by Atumun15
| District 9 | STRAY KIDS SHIPSby Monkey
------------------------ This is our District, District 9. ------------------------ *Main contain triggering subjects such as abuse, violence, and depression* REQUESTS C...
  • bangmin
  • kids
  • wattpride
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Meeting Mr. Perfect by Stenny2o7pm
Meeting Mr. Perfectby Stenny A.R.
This is the story of a recently college graduate who travels across the world to Seoul, South Korea. Also, a English teacher at a famous private school who is recently h...
  • hwang
  • seoul
  • southkorea
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My Song - GOT7 and 2PM Fanfic by thehealingpanda
My Song - GOT7 and 2PM Fanficby thehealingpanda
Charlie is a 17 year old girl looking for a family to settle in with that cares about her. However when she finally transfers to an orphanage in Korea and gets adopted...
  • jun
  • jackson
  • mark
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Destinos Unidos by MMoon_in_love
Destinos Unidosby Moon_in_love
Muchas cosas deben suceder para que dos personas que están destinadas se encuentren por primera vez, pero deben suceder muchas más para que eso suceda una vez más, aunqu...
  • romance
  • drama
  • 2pm
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Get me out of this Fairytale! a My House by 2pm fanfic by valerie119
Get me out of this Fairytale! a My...by Valerie Chavous
Never in your life would you have imagined that 6 handsome men would try to woo you off your feet. Unfortunately for them, you didn't have the time to fall for their cha...
  • songfic
  • kpop
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Everything Is Not What It Seems ~A DBSK Story~ by Yoallimu
Everything Is Not What It Seems ~A...by Yoallimu
Dani is the most mysterious girl in their class. She's quiet and cold and through all the years of her being in their class, no one know anything about her past. Jaejoon...
  • past
  • chansung
  • romance
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Wrong Time by AwkwardBoy92
Wrong Timeby Bang Yongguk
HyunKi and HyunOk are identical twins. HyunKi is a girl. HyunOk is a guy. She is confused for her brother after he steals from 2PM. Can she handle the band? Please keep...
  • romance
  • chansung
  • 2pm
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Clinged ☆ Stray Kids by tomomoland
Clinged ☆ Stray Kidsby misunderstood artist
"Estaba aferrado a él de pies a cabeza". ˹ BANG CHAN & HAN ˼ ✩ One Shot ✩ Advertencias: Angst (angustia), muerte de un personaje.
  • chanjisung
  • bang
  • han
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Night of the living dead by yonigsspops_
Night of the living deadby yonigsspops_
A few friends try to survive when they find out their city is overflowing with corpses . They try getting help and try to stay alive. What will happen? ~exo / 2pm / tee...
  • xiumin
  • exo
  • junho
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Can't Be Without You (DISCONTINUED)  by MariahMPickle5701
Can't Be Without You (DISCONTINUED...by Mariah May Pickle
This is a story with 2PM. Its about a girl that is best friends with 2PM, mostly Minjun and Chansung. What will happen in this story will she fall in love with one of th...
  • nickhyun
  • taecyeon
  • jun
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My Rosaline by nanablackrose
My Rosalineby Nana
He was her Romeo; the one who will always have that special place in her heart despite him leaving and hurting her. She was his Rosaline; the one who had been said to be...
  • fictionalcharacters
  • oneshot
  • hyuna
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