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A Kiss in The rain by damnfam_forever
A Kiss in The rainby damnfam_forever
What happens when two opposite people meet? Will they fall in love or will the gap widen even more? Meet the two complete opposite people SANKET a hot handsome and popul...
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Petrichor by still_learner4
Petrichorby Sugandha
Melissa Stewart - a successful entrepreneur, runs a chain of hotels, a woman with skills in a man's world. The only thing that never fell into the hands of her fate is l...
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A Stormy Night by KaitlynSee413
A Stormy Nightby Kaitlyn See
[Book II of the Amity Duology] Francis Lawrence, Kait Saunders, Josh Upton, Alysa Gunn, Janna O'Brien, Richmond Knightley, and me, Phoebe Herring... Together, we are Am...
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When the Sun meets the rain by Yzanna_Maria
When the Sun meets the rainby Yms
I will get back to this after I fix my thoughts with this series and other stories I have in mind. Naghahalo-halo ang plot and ideas kaya nahihirapan akong ituloy. I'm s...
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Rainy Day by StarFlairPanda
Rainy Dayby StarFlairPanda
"Jimin, why don't we go home for the night?" Jungkook asked from the corner of the room, his voice laced with concern. He had watched as Jimin stayed behind ni...
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It Rained Again! by StellaLuceat
It Rained Again!by Priyadarshini I Singh
Hey Everyone. This is a one-shot I have tried. Please check it out. Rain was always there. It was raining when I met him. It was raining when we danced. It was raining...
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The First Time.  by TheAtheistSaint
The First Time. by S
A. Short story about how a young couple get to know the deeper meaning of US. It's about how they fell in and out of love. What's life about. What's the best thing you c...
The Last Dry Season by QueenBlue_8
The Last Dry Seasonby sella
Eve pergi bersamaan dengan pelangi yang selalu mereka pandangi setiap hari. "Tak ada yang lebih indah selain memandangi pelangi bersamamu." -Dave-
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Rain At The Desert (Desert Series #1) by PrimoSesto
Rain At The Desert (Desert Series...by jel
Do you think it's possible that the downpour will be in the desert? Is the rain will stay forever? Specially in the desert?
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Sunrise in Darkness by sugariese
Sunrise in Darknessby slayingold
Vlamoore Series #1 Sunrise in Darkness
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If the world was Ending (Oneshot) by shinnnnnnnnnnnnnne
If the world was Ending (Oneshot)by Shin Domingo
Patience is a virtue. But would you wait for the Perfect timing ? or take the Timing and make it Perfect?
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Rainy Days by Anime_Addiction2020
Rainy Daysby Dead Rose
"They say opposites attract... but we're more similar than you think." Rainy Days; In which a quite girl meets a completely opposite boy. Cia Fluor has always...
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:: Week of Rain :: Changlix Fanfiction (boyxboy) ✔ by HIDINGFROMMYFRIEND
:: Week of Rain :: Changlix Fanfic...by changbootyful
:: I like the rain. When it's raining outside, I can just stand outside and cry, and no one can see my tears. :: angst, depression, suicide, boyxboy
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Rain ☔️  by foryfory
Rain ☔️ by foryfory
It's raining again today... ...raining so painfully... ...just like the day that I let you go. Inspired by So...
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THE GIRL WHO LOVED THE RAIN by pamplemousse14
THE GIRL WHO LOVED THE RAINby pamplemousse14
THE GIRL WHO LOVED THE RAIN is romantic tearjerker about 24 years- old Aria Reine Suarez. Sheltered at home since childhood with rare genetic condition, a life-threateni...
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rainy day thoughts by strry_sky
rainy day thoughtsby 𝕜.
This is a collection of my poetry. A lot of has a water theme, I seem to always be drawn to writing about it. I write poetry when I have such a powerful feeling, good or...
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Rain by TwentyEliPilots
Rainby シ︎ Elijiah Spooky Dunシ︎
This is the main book I'm going to be working on from now on (No Greatest showman reference intended) this will include several of my friends. Requests are open.
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Liar's Ultimatum by selenophilicbeauty
Liar's Ultimatumby Selen O’ Philic
In this risky business, to love is a self sacrifice. Choi Mi Ka has a complicated life which she choose to leave behind. When she chose to live independently, she happen...
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Autumn Leaves // short story by coffeeatthreeam
Autumn Leaves // short storyby coffeeatthreeam
In those first few minutes of the day, right after you open your eyes, nothing else can be done other than blankly stare at the ceiling. If you stare for too long though...
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