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Propaganda Nesscas Style!  by CluckinBellGuy
Propaganda Nesscas Style! by Cluckin' Bell Employee
WW2 Propaganda Yaoi Style. When a mysterious boy falls in love with a true American, weird and often WW2 things will occur. Includes excess war jokes and characters that...
False Memory by HelRaiser666
False Memoryby Hell Raiser
When a country's economy is at disarry, and the government is under pressure to step down. Its people on the streets calling for blood and the law enforcement officers w...
Remember for the Both of Us [COMPLETED] by loveviolagirl
Remember for the Both of Us [ Emily Grace
Remember for the Both of Us--a Maze Runner / Newt fanfiction If you're reading this, you know the story of the Maze Trials. Or really, what WICKED fed you. It's all prop...
No Adults Allowed by SimonKJones
No Adults Allowedby Simon K Jones
The grown-ups are all gone and children rule the new world. The new weekly adventure from the writer of the Watty-winning A Day of Faces and The Mechanical Crown throws...
Life in the Rear-view Mirror by AntoninosNatalis
Life in the Rear-view Mirrorby AntoninosNatalis
Sometimes we have to look back to know where we are going. The past is not just water under the bridge: it's the same recycled water. Who knows how many times we have go...
The Portrait by azureflight
The Portraitby azureflight
The portrait was beautiful, because of the man in it. He had the kindest smile and the most benevolent eyes. And now she has broken it into pieces. Told in four chapters...
Star Wars: Imperial Propaganda by WalkerKinsler
Star Wars: Imperial Propagandaby Walker Kinsler
This is a collection of Star Wars's Imperial Propaganda Posters. Please enjoy and I don't own any. All Hail the Intergalactic Empire!
Debate Me, DADDY by digdoggity64
Debate Me, DADDYby time to get ill
Random Stories And Excerpts (Other Random Things As Well) by its-not-after-me
Random Stories And Excerpts ( 𝙽𝚒𝚌𝚑𝚘𝚕𝚊𝚒 𝙶𝚒𝚗𝚘𝚟𝚊...
Essentially, I'm going to go through my Google Drive, searching for any manner of poems, short stories, or other works that I have done over my high school years, and I...
Part of The Crew (H2OVanoss) *Slow Updates* by Skilley_Johansson
Part of The Crew (H2OVanoss) * Skilley Johansson
The Academy was not your ordinary high school. Housing hybrids who have just now been cultivated into society, those invited, the best of the best, learn to control and...
The world went into ruins after the great flood and all Civilisations collapsed the Hugastaion Empire took over but you all know that. You'll all thankful I took over. Y...
Life/Death/Light/Dark by THEBADVVOLF
Life/Death/Light/Darkby ♡ alisha ♡
Just something I wrote in a few hours for a YoungWriters competition called War of Words; the theme of the poem was meant to be based on conflict. :)
Rush Job by MicahZDar
Rush Jobby Micah Z'Dar
There is a fine line between entertainment and manipulation. But what do the manipulators do when the audience changes their tastes?
4891 (Sequel to 1984) by MCliffordAuthor
4891 (Sequel to 1984)by Emmet Sinclair
Big Brother was watching you. Remember? But that was a much different time. People are free now. Aren't they? Do me a favor. Think of your favorite book. Go on. You hav...
Ascending to Hell by noran1197
Ascending to Hellby noran1197
The government had physically split society based on economic well-being because of overpopulation and massive inflation. They've also started among the lower class, in...
Propaganda Wars by KevinWien
Propaganda Warsby Kevin Wien
Anna Debroff is a well respected journalist for The Latest Times. One day she becomes stuck in a propaganda war. She then has a dilemma to solve: does she stay loyal to...