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C'est La Vie, Mon Amie by MideOfTheShadows
C'est La Vie, Mon Amieby MIDE 🍁🌺🌱💐
I deleted my political stories due to the fact that I was being biased. Now, I want to try to be as unbiased as I can be. Here, I would be discussing socio-political stu...
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The Animal Industry by BlackDancingShadows
The Animal Industryby Samantha Adkins
**I do NOT own ANY of the images used in this book- they belong to their rightful owners!** "And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, '...
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Another Zodiac Rat (Fruits Basket Fan-Fic)[COMPLETED] by xSatansSpawnx
Another Zodiac Rat (Fruits xSatansSpawnx
When Yuki's twin sister, Yumi returns to Japan after 3 years in America things start to change. Both in good ways and bad. With her recent past catching up to her things...
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Miraculous Class Hero Debate by Goddess-of-Wisdom
Miraculous Class Hero Debateby Arekushisu Uddo
Marinette's class is having an argument about who is stronger, Ladybug or Chat Noir. When Marinette goes through a giant explanation about yin-and-yang, she is put to th...
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HATE SPEECHby CrazyChristian ن
Random chapters on politics from the perspective of a conservative girl. Everyone on the political spectrum is welcome! Don't worry... I (mostly) don't bite!
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to be catholic : thoughts and words  by peacefulpromise
to be catholic : thoughts and t.
The Word of God and how I hope to spread the message, His Word. This includes insight on my faith, advice, and love to all. Enjoy!
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Why Percy Jackson Is Better Than Twilight by Theredthunderwolf
Why Percy Jackson Is Better Than wose
Demigods WILL fight back.
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Always Debatable by BlakeHolmes24
Always Debatableby Blake
Agree to disagree? There are two sides to every coin. Pick a side! This book contains subjects that we can debate on! The subjects may be controversial and heavy, and...
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Ship or Rip by ElizaSchuylur
Ship or Ripby ᪥꧁𝓐𝓷𝔂𝓪꧂᪥
I haven't actually seen one of these aside from quizzes so I thought this would be fun. Ship or Rip from my fandoms! Feel free to request a ship Updated twice daily
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Beauty Unheard Of (ONGOING\EDITING) by bookish_sparrow_123
Beauty Unheard Of (ONGOING\EDITING)by Ambrosia Icetalon
"You know why I don't believe you? Forget who I am, mask my face, and put me on trial for being Muslim. You'll find the gentlest of souls in strong favor of my deat...
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Debatable ~ Our Mutual Disagreement by Thalassa_Brytaye
Debatable ~ Our Mutual Disagreementby Thalassa_Brytaye
Spitfire Ashlyn Hayes is everything that Loki isn't: bold, fiery, and tempestuous to say the least. What she lacks in skill, she makes up for with grit and sheer determi...
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¥LIBRO BLOCK¥ by Felizelpro140
¥LIBRO BLOCK¥by XxMajic09xX
bueno aqui es a donde creo mi block , donde publico mis noticias , datos de mi series , personajes , donde pongo los datos ensiclopedicos de mis series y demas cosas de...
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Is it okay to miss a stranger? by NachinesCorner
Is it okay to miss a stranger?by NachinesCorner
"Why is that, mon ami...why can't you serenade her with chocolates and dozens and dozens of roses" fist is in the air and my voice sounds more high pitche...
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Couple Goals👅💦 by JamesKing_
Couple Goals👅💦by JZK😈
Couples that are goals. smd lol
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Unapologetically Muslim by velvet-red
Unapologetically Muslimby مريم عمران
Why do I choose to be a Muslim? Why do I believe in Islam? All the answers you need can be found in this book!
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HP vs Twilight by Silverkitty77
HP vs Twilightby Silverkitty77
So this is going to be a book where there are going to be reasons why people say Twilight is better, and then I'm going to counter back and say the reason why HP is bett...
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Alfie's Ideals by YourName234
Alfie's Idealsby YourName?
"It takes a lot of effort to remember someone's name." He's a pessimist, but he sees himself a s a realist. Alfie's Ideals is a story about a young boy who has...
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Troll 2 Troll by Constanz3M0zart
Troll 2 Trollby Night'sAria
Inspired by the other troll 2 troll books I've read. Welcome to Troll 2 Troll, where Branch, Poppy and Primrose debate the big questions.
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Atheism VS Christianity by TaniaMckenzie
Atheism VS Christianityby Tania Mckenzie
Read a debate between an Atheist and a Christian as we answer each other's questions and accusations. -Why we believe what we believe. -How did things begin? -Why would...
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First Impression I by elisea
First Impression Iby elisea
Fell down the stairs? Check. Embarrassed oneself in front a really HOT guy? Check. Made an enemy who most people would never cross? Check . Lasting First Impression? Def...
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