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medicine ☆                               opinions  by gryffinwhores
medicine ☆ regan 🌈
don't read if you're a special little snowflake.
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Issues and Opinions by MJamesonOfficial
Issues and Opinionsby Michael Jameson
A place where I share my views and we debate.
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  • conservative
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Gay and Godly... Very Good? by DarkPH0T0N
Gay and Godly... Very Good?by CrazyChristian
This book is a rebuttal to the arguments presented in @ACTrauth's book, "Christian and an Ally: Why Being Gay is Okay." It is not meant as a personal attack, n...
  • debate
  • ally
  • jesus
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Shot: A Jeffmads Fic by Quillique
Shot: A Jeffmads Ficby Quillique
It was just a normal debate between Hamilton and Jefferson. James was there to support Jefferson and back him up against Hamilton. Everything was going fine. Until a dru...
  • jeffmads
  • gayfanfic
  • jamesmadison
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Debate by nerdcancurse
Debateby luciel
Agree or disagree? Share your opinions here on each issue presented. Some of these things may trigger you, scare you, or steal your innoncence from you. Reader discret...
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Right Wing: Portrait of a 21st Century Conservative by cjfreddi
Right Wing: Portrait of a 21st CJ
A rethinking of what it means to be a conservative in the 21st century.
  • conservative
  • political
  • debate
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HATE SPEECHby CrazyChristian
Random chapters on politics from the perspective of a conservative girl. Everyone on the political spectrum is welcome! Don't worry... I (mostly) don't bite!
  • controversial
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  • usa
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Miraculous Class Hero Debate by Goddess-of-Wisdom
Miraculous Class Hero Debateby Alexis Wood
Marinette's class is having an argument about who is stronger, Ladybug or Chat Noir. When Marinette goes through a giant explanation about yin-and-yang, she is put to th...
  • fight
  • miraculousladybug
  • miraculous
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Rants, Debates & Discussions by TwoHopelessDreamers
Rants, Debates & Discussionsby Cece and Natz
A book where two normal girls rant, discuss and debate about random topics. Cover by: @StuckInThePresent (co-owner)
  • fifthharmony
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Riptide !                    (Un)Popular Opinions by oliverqueers
Riptide ! (Un) ¡ swiggity swooty !
❛ Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation They ain't never had the dedication ❜ ( POPULAR & unPOPULAR OPINIONS ) if you disagree with my opinion we can debatw carefully...
  • random
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  • relatable
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Una Vida Hecha de Mentiras by Desconocida_Favorita
Una Vida Hecha de Mentirasby Desconocida Favorita
Ven, toma asiento frente mío. Vaya, parece que ya nos conocemos, ¿no? Ah, no lo crees... Bien, pues yo te conozco a ti y tú me conocerás dentro de poco. De seguro te sor...
  • debate
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Café con Génesis by ImTheNewRachel
Café con Génesisby ♔Génesis Delli♔
Ven, toma una taza de café y hablemos sobre lo que se nos ocurra.
  • opiniones
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  • sunnyice
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Questions ! by tiphaine_monkey_
Questions !by tiphaine_monkey_
Petites questions pour les Fanfics et pour savoir comment vous allez ! ♡ Full of questions for fanfictions !
  • fanfic
  • lime
  • lemon
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Pick Your Poison by Eeveegirl395
Pick Your Poisonby Jessica
Pick your poison! I will be giving you two or more choices, and you have to choose one of the choices. GLHF
  • choice
  • arguments
  • debate
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it seems that my opinions are unpopular by mahogany-green
it seems that my opinions are nora
because i have a lot of thoughts and stuff
  • republican
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  • conservative
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Do You Even Logic? How to Spot and Avoid Fallacies in Any Debate by DarkPH0T0N
Do You Even Logic? How to Spot CrazyChristian
Logic is a rare treasure that few seek and even fewer find. Ever heard that proverb? No? That's because I just made it up. In this book, I will teach you "how to...
  • evolution
  • fallacies
  • fallacy
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opinionated. + me by aeromunakata
opinionated. + meby aero 🍓
new n improved rant book!!!1! but this time i actually have arguments not based on feelings yehet
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Being A Catholic  by warhawk_
Being A Catholic by t.
My personal experiences with the Word of God and how I hope to spread the message, His Word. This includes insight on my faith, advice, and love to all. I will also tell...
  • byfaithforfaith
  • spiritual
  • christianity
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South Park: A book to discuss the fandom by Blazedarkness
South Park: A book to discuss Ded
Idea by me and @thecarttersshipper Debates and discussions about our characters, ships and whatever you desire! (Obviously has to be South Park related)
  • ships
  • discussions
  • debate
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Random English Things by preventfascistliars
Random English Thingsby Jay
Here's some writings and such I did in English class or speeches I gave in debate, that I enjoy. Idk? The skyline on the cover is a picture of San Francisco that I took
  • kitten
  • highschool
  • poetry
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