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Demon Girl (Sam Winchester x Reader) by Krazyk2314
Demon Girl (Sam Winchester x Krazyk2314
A girl in love with Sam Winchester sells her soul to save his life. Later she returns as Crowley's Queen, and chaos reigns as Sam and Dean try to save her.
Runaway (Winchester Brothers x Teen Reader) by lilly_grace672
Runaway (Winchester Brothers x Lilly Meier
(Y/n), a 14 year old girl, has had enough of her horrible life at a children's home and has run away to start a new life. While in the woods, she stumbles upon the bunke...
SupernaturalxReader by callmewinchester_
SupernaturalxReaderby King Under the Mountain
Supernatural oneshots for all your dissociative needs.
Supernatural Parent Scenarios/ DDM by alicemxnd
Supernatural Parent Scenarios/ DDMby alicemxnd
Supernatural Parent Scenarios/Daddy Daughter moments with the dear reader. Following characters are part of it: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jack Kline, Adam Millig...
Saving people Hunting things (Sam Winchester x Reader)  by FanWritingScape
Saving people Hunting things ( TheFanWritingScape
Sam Winchester x reader So I went to college with this guy Sam Winchester... This story is about y/n who attends Stanford with Sam as they become close she figures out...
Random Oneshots by Th3WritingD3ad
Random Oneshotsby Th3WritingD3ad
This will just be a bunch of one-shots mostly x (female) reader. There will be mostly TWD and Marvel. I will do requests from any show as long as I know it. There will n...
Silent Treatment - (Sam Winchester x Reader - SMUT) by PrincessMisery86
Silent Treatment - (Sam PrincessMisery
Sam accidentally sees the reader naked resulting in her embarrassment and giving Sam the silent treatment. How does he get her to talk to him? Notes: apologies if forma...
Supernatural: The Animation by LayceJ25
Supernatural: The Animationby RJ
The Winchester brothers and their friends continue their battle against the otherworldly forces of evil while also searching for the brothers' father. Dean being the old...
Home: Sam Winchester x Reader by pixiemoose-writes
Home: Sam Winchester x Readerby Eleanor
Y/N has become much closer to the younger Winchester brother. But just as their relationship is beginning, Y/N is called back home for a family emergency.
Maybe It's Not So Bad - Plus Sized Reader by Hell_R
Maybe It's Not So Bad - Plus Hell
Old insecurities resurface when a hunter is hit with a spell by the resident witch she and the Winchesters were searching for.
Gummy Bear by RjJinnnie
Gummy Bearby K🌻
Misha Collins x Reader It was your first time going to a Supernatural convention but before you could even enter the building there was a change of plans.
Set in Stone (Gabriel x Reader x Dean) by callmewinchester_
Set in Stone (Gabriel x Reader x King Under the Mountain
PLEASE NO HATE COMMENTS, I've been getting them for years and not everyone's gonna like the story but it's just fun drama for entertainments sake okay? The reader is dat...
One Chance, Winchester. by FelixMRose
One Chance, Felix°Rose
Just a couple one shots with Dean, and Sam.
Supernatural: Daughter Of Mine by pixiemoose-writes
Supernatural: Daughter Of Mineby Eleanor
Keep Your Enemies Close and Your Family Closer 16 year old Alice is dragged away from the hunting life she knows by an Angel of the Lord to hunt with her newly found fat...
Supernatural Reader Inserts [Requests Closed] by MewJounouchi
Supernatural Reader Inserts [ Vanda
Just as the title says, a series of Supernatural reader inserts featuring you, Sam, and Dean Winchester. Pre season 6.
pythia | a supernatural rewrite by Im_a_Chinchilla
pythia | a supernatural rewriteby uncouth-the-fifth
John goes missing. Like every time you use your psychic Gift to track him down, it's hardly for his own sake. If it weren't for Dean, trembling under that too-big jacket...
Supernatural x reader one shots by diamondwolf929
Supernatural x reader one shotsby DiamondWolf920
Requests are open and encouraged, I'm as imaginative as a rock so please request. It'll mostly be Sam, Dean, Castiel, Gabriel, and possibly Crowley and Lucifer. I'm not...
The Devil's In The Details by cathrrrine
The Devil's In The Detailsby cathrrrine
"Miss L/N." FRIDAY's voice echoed through the room. "Yes, FRIDAY?" "There two young men here to see you." You shared a look with Steve, con...
Dog Days Aren't That Easy by Its_Baby_
Dog Days Aren't That Easyby Dan
A few months ago your life was changed forever, you were turned into a dog after being betrayed by your childhood friend who is a witch. When the Winchester boys sneak i...
Huntress by pixiemoose-writes
Huntressby Eleanor
Sam Winchester x Daughter!Reader where Y/N grew up with the British Men of Letters. Each part is an episode of Season 12 so warning: spoilers! (Reposted from @daughters...