Newsies' Jack Kelly Technically x Reader  by ashleymg2002
Newsies' Jack Kelly Technically A. M .G
First off, I say technically because this story is about you... but you have Sarah's name and fashion sense and still your face. What if Sarah and Jack's love story went...
  • 1899
  • strike
  • jack
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Brewsies by edmarie75
Brewsiesby The Stars Above Phoenix
This is an idea I had for a Newsies AU were the Newsies work at a cafe together. It's also genderbent as well. (I know, the cover, I have a problem, ok XD)
  • jack
  • newsies
  • racetracks
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Lyrics! by _-Gemini-_
Lyrics!by Burn
This is just for me and when I'm bored, I type out lyrics. Cause I like to type a lot and I type very fast and aggressively so it's like I need something to do in my spa...
  • 21chumpstreet
  • bemorechill
  • newsies
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Javid fluff by imslightlyobsessedok
Javid fluffby imslightlyobsessedok
This is literally the worst thing in the world my god please do not read this
  • davey
  • david
  • jackkelly
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group chat || newsies  by d-ustinhenderson
group chat || newsies by peter parker lover
all your favorites in one place, each of them annoying the crap out of the others and wondering why they're all friends in the first place. ••• lowercase intended. cov...
  • davidjacobs
  • racetrackhiggins
  • bentylercook
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Entertainment Industry News by minarmarsh99
Entertainment Industry Newsby minarmarsh99
If you are a brand new investor, remember that the far more up to date you're with info, the much better investor you're about to be. Most people have heard the proclama...
  • newsies
Band of Brothers: Vol. 1 by FinchCortes
Band of Brothers: Vol. 1by Stormy Rose ♡
A collection of Newsies one shots, imagines and short stories. Prompts are included, feel free to send me in requests! Characters included: -Jack -Davey -Crutchie -Ra...
  • crutchie
  • raceimagines
  • newsiefanfiction
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NOT FAIR ( NEWSIES! ) by EXTRA-terrestrial-me
NOT FAIR ( NEWSIES! )by Ayyyla
"Life as a Newsie isn't fair Davey, specially if yer a goilie." - MARI (CLOUDY) SING OCXDAVIDJACOBS
  • racetrack
  • crutchie
  • musical
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Fandom High by RedMedic7
Fandom Highby 5FandomsUnited
All of my fandom OCs. Real swayt It's probably gonna be cringy. Lol.
  • falsettos
  • 92sies
  • șț
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Between My Life and Broadway's by musicalsnmarkiplier
Between My Life and Broadway'sby musicalsnmarkiplier
Enjoy being stuck in a musical after years of people saying you'll never make it to Broadway. I take requests if you would like to help!
  • newsies
  • multiplemusicals
  • betweenmylifeandbrodways
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headlines ⌯ newsies imagines by -bumlets
headlines ⌯ newsies imaginesby ✿
"headlines don't sell papes, newsies sell papes!" in which i write imagines for the newsies cast and characters from the old and new movie. requests open! sta...
  • newsies1992
  • newsies
  • 1992
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Newsies Roleplay by RichSetDatFire
Newsies Roleplayby Dead inside
  • newsies
  • roleplay
The Queer Kid Down the Block by tintinuzumaki
The Queer Kid Down the Blockby Queer Jesus
Spot Conlon was the king of Brooklyn, after the strike he and his newsie buddies had had that previous year he realized that he was lonely. One of his buddies, Michael E...
  • spotxoc
  • fanfic
  • spotconlon
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Hamilton (Miranda): Newsies AU by Nothingbuttrashhere
Hamilton (Miranda): Newsies AUby Nothingbuttrashhere
So. I listened to the musical "Newsies." It's really great, you should probably listen to you if you haven't already, and I've decided to make aHamilton AU wit...
  • hamilton
  • newsies
  • anamericanmusical
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Stupid With Love ➳ Newsies by proudriff
Stupid With Love ➳ Newsiesby proudriff
in which Jack Kelly makes a bet with Katherine Pulitzer stating that, if he wins, he gets to take her to their high school's prom
  • katherineplumber
  • jackkelly
  • newsiesonbway
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Funny Girl | Corey Cott by timidlila
Funny Girl | Corey Cottby women are powerful.
❝ PEOPLE WHO NEED PEOPLE ARE THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! ❞ [oc x corey cott] [wonderful cover by @ohmyhaylee!]
  • broadway
  • lauraosnes
  • theater
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More than a Newsie by meghan12845
More than a Newsieby ❤Meghan❤
{book one} This story is about Aayliah, your typical seventeen year old. The only thing that isn't typical about her is that she got casted as Katherine in Newsies on to...
  • newsiefanfiction
  • fansies
  • newsies
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I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymore by joshie_burrage
I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymoreby Tiffany
This fanfiction is about Mr. Benjamin Tyler Cook. It is set when Newsies goes back on Broadway after Newsies: Live is released. Enjoy!!
  • newsiefanfiction
  • benjamincook
  • cancersucks
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Scars by Remedy_Race
Scarsby Mickey Ryder
"She's hurt, mentally and emotionally. But everyday, she walks with a smile, cause that's just who she is: The girl who never stopped smiling."
  • joshburrage
  • newsies
  • newsiebrother
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23 Letters // (Race X Reader) by CampCampsexual
23 Letters // (Race X Reader)by Cavechild
Read it and find out.
  • newsiefanfiction
  • fanfiction
  • newsies
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