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Battle of Zibet by Shadow_trooper
Battle of Zibetby Shadow_trooper
What happens when a world of magic and living myths meets the modern world
  • slavetrade
  • rebel
  • dragons
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my secret by lionalla
my secretby Sunflower
Samantha spinx is a trained street fighter has been ever since she was little. when she wins yet another fight she runs into Justin Bonnie one of the many kids that thou...
  • betting
  • gunfire
  • gangs
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Shadow The Hedgehog Boom X Reader Love Story ❤️ (DISCONTINUED) by MyLifeAsSim
Shadow The Hedgehog Boom X Simmi❤
What happens when shadow is teleported to earth, where he meets a ____ year old girl named (y/n). Will he open up to her? Or treat her terribly like any other cruel huma...
  • fluff
  • lovestory
  • soniccharacters
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His Protector by AngelsInTophats
His Protectorby I need sleep
In this story, Yukio is actually...wait for it...a human! His father died just after he was born and his mother is Yuri. Rin is born when Yukio is eight. Yukio was raise...
  • gunfire
  • children
  • demonblood
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gunfire ;; poetry by 130trbl
gunfire ;; poetryby nari
i'm a shot gun i spit fire let's make a run from this desire nari © 2016 cover by @ENGLISHSUBS #93 in Poetry 2016/6/30
  • shotgun
  • life
  • true
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Knots We Tie ( The Walking Dead Game x Reader ) by sexybeast222
Knots We Tie ( The Walking Dead Author B—222
Y/N, The sister of Clementine. 16 years of age. The day s*** hit the fan, Y/N was at her job while Clementine was at home. Goes on an adventure with new and old people...
  • survival
  • clementine
  • readerxvarious
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Never Proud (K.G+K.B) by BabyFacedBaby
Never Proud (K.G+K.B)by Shh It’s Just Me😉
" I Know You Been Through it, I Know You Been Going Through It " "Ain't No Way I Can Do You Dirty, What You Doing To Me" "Oh You Worthy, Baby...
  • kendall
  • gunfire
  • gangs
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24 hours by keirafoley5
24 hoursby Keira
My name is Catherine Finely. If I had any friends, they would call me Cath but I don't, so here we are. When I met him I didn't know my world would turn upside down. But...
  • hope
  • fear
  • trust
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The Heist  by purpleguy301
The Heist by Reece Simpson
Two twin brothers rob a military base for a super computer. When they accidentally set off the alarm, one of the brothers takes a drug which makes people strong, fast an...
  • cctv
  • gunfire
  • theft
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Rose Jones: Sugar to Whiskey by JackieBoy72
Rose Jones: Sugar to Whiskeyby FloopFloop
"You know the drill," Groggily searching for her phone, Rose paid no mind to the rising, naked woman beside her. "You take my fucking cigarettes?"
  • policeofficer
  • lesbianfiction
  • whiskey
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Hit List by Jackx_x
Hit Listby Jack.
Jacques Manson, a troubled boy, is bullied all his life as he goes through a depression crisis. He swears he will finally take revenge when his best friend, Karina, move...
  • lock-in
  • list
  • dream
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OPUS by amedeocarloavogadro
The Republic of Italy; the shining example of what a country should be. Productive, secure, and powerful. Having conquered the United States of America, Canada, Mexico a...
  • dystopia
  • abuse
  • scifi
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Escape through the nights  by lubabaSuhani
Escape through the nights by lubabaSuhani
Emily is a girl who just moved to New York for university. If you see her you will say she is the most happiest person on earth. Axel is the guy who doesn't care about a...
  • death
  • murder
  • gunfire
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Rescued by Jon and Hannah from s club 7 by Priceisrightrusher
Rescued by Jon and Hannah from s Priceisrightrusher
This story is going to be dedicated to the Manchester incident that had happen. Octavia went to the Ariana Grande concert with her parents and her baby sister Sapphire...
  • hannah
  • manchester
  • girls
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My School Shooting Story by CrazyKatiexox
My School Shooting Storyby CrazyKatiexox
This is my story about my sophomore year at a public high school during an active shooting. I won't be exposing any of the shooters, tell the school name or area, so if...
  • shooting
  • gunfights
  • children
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Dawn of a New Era (Pokemon XY: Serena Fanfic) by PokeLover145
Dawn of a New Era (Pokemon XY: Meredy
After Serena is betrayed by Ash and Clemont, she takes Bonnie for her journey to raise her. When Serena come across Team Flare, she accepts help reluctantly from Korrina...
  • teamflare
  • execution
  • gunfire
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Underestimated- book 1 by 1celestial_nova
Underestimated- book 1by Akuma
#9 in Recruitment Melody Hope Halloway. Eighteen years old, Senior at Jacksonville High School with a 4.5 GPA, former kickboxer and taekwondo champion, black market hack...
  • octagon
  • lovestory
  • underrated
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What We Left Behind by JasonKruse
What We Left Behindby Jason Kruse
Running from his past, Devon one of the oldest living Vampires befriends a human while serving in the army during the civil war. The two struggle for years during the co...
  • war
  • dead
  • immortal
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READY TO KILL by user02946202
READY TO KILLby Writer -Im Hyeri-
Park Kyuri, merupakan korban kekerasan anak yang dilakukan oleh ayahnya. Dulu ayahnya adalah orang yang lembut, namun ia menjadi kasar setelah ditinggal oleh istrinya...
  • revenge
  • thriller
  • trauma
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