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Sold To The Billionaire  by SAnshi5201
Sold To The Billionaire by Anshika Singh
A cute, bubbly, lovely, caring girl, who loves her mother and her step father the most, but they sell her off in exchange of money to save their neice's life. she left b...
Silver Spoons by hello_hi1235
Silver Spoonsby hello_hi1235
St. Vincent University in the east coast United States is one of the oldest, and most prestigious private Ivy League University globally. Notable for many of its famous...
Let Me Love You (Forbidden Love Series Book 7) by Rituparnadarolia
Let Me Love You (Forbidden Love Se...by Rituparnadarolia
Nineteen year old Violet Nelson worked as a housekeeping staff in Parker Suites, LA. With two younger siblings and an abusive father to support she had no time for a rel...
The Girl In Between  by Kaajal99
The Girl In Between by Kaajal99
" Charity Service Group " yep that's a real thing in Elmhurst High School . What do you think will happen when a girl enters through that group? Yep! you g...
Tend To My Heart by BingingsAnonymous
Tend To My Heartby BingingsAnonymous
She takes care of everyone. He just wants to take care of her. Evangeline vowed to always make sure her brothers were taken care of after the death of their parents. Eve...
A Silent Heart by amba9999
A Silent Heartby Mia Bee
A deaf girl with a heart of gold. A man with a heart encased in ice. A fateful encounter that opens the floodgates to unraveling secrets and life changing tragedy. A lov...
The Girl on the Bus (REWRITE/ON HOLD) by restlessbookreader
The Girl on the Bus (REWRITE/ON HO...by RJ Shay
IN THE LONG SLOW PROCESS OF REWRITING! ** Blake Willis is the hotshot of high school. He's rich, smart and insanely hot. When his car breaks down and he's forced to t...
Unspoken Love With Mr. Billionaire by sunshineeternity
Unspoken Love With Mr. Billionaireby Anjana Rai
Oliver, leave me. I have to go inside", I said making a failed attempt to free myself. "What is wrong with...", and the rest of the words got lost as his...
Dough Of My Life by h4yamii
Dough Of My Lifeby h4yamii
A baker girl named "Hayami Georgia" accidentally bumped into a rich guy named "Tanner Povia" who was rushing in a meeting. But unfortunately, the cof...
LACUNA  by a_goodboy95
she didn't know but he wanted her in his life. To fulfill the LACUNA of his life. LACUNA- (N) A MISSING PART She was the most innocent person he has ever seen in his dar...
Who Are You? (On Going) by ms_mishap
Who Are You? (On Going)by Wenzel Aniero
Cara Arevalo is one of the example of a real women empowerment. Aside from being a single mother to her only daughter, She's also the breadwinner of their family. A succ...
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde: Hot and Cold by EmmalineFadaini
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde: Hot and C...by Emmaline Fadaini
"How much did my grandfather pay you?" Din inquired. "I will double the payment if you back out of this marriage." Jessie made a sneering remark. &q...
Why me? by officialN9
Why me?by
Why me?, the question Charlotte asked herself when her parents died in a car accident. Why me?, she asks herself again when her aunt abuses her. Why me?, she asks again...
Billionaire's Ex-Wife by AshlehQueen
Billionaire's Ex-Wifeby AshlehQueen
*Dark Romance* After her divorce, Julie is left with her kids to raise them alone. What she never saw coming was Matteo to make things horrible for her. She is left with...
Blessed with your Curse by unknownewt
Blessed with your Curseby unknownewt
Evely is born with a strange gift she feels other peoples emotion. She is an orphan and lived in an orphanage. There was this one boy who she couldn't feel. He doesn't f...
A Love Full of Hate by haruuuchii
A Love Full of Hateby chiharu
What happens when a simple girl like Ashlyn who only wanted to live an ordinary University life, suddenly becomes partners with the campus's Cold Prince to lead their Un...
meonz x sith by meeonmies
meonz x sithby meonz
what happens when sithybae is meonz's waifu
Nothing Compares  by itchygoosehole
Nothing Compares by hot ass mf
It's the summer before her senior year and all Emily Garcia wants is enjoy her summer. That's the only thing she wants at the moment. She doesn't want any harsh memorie...
A celebrity fall in love with a struggling girl.  by Hayley31elijah
A celebrity fall in love with a st...by Hayley31elijah
When introvert celebrity met a struggling girl by destiny, he fall in love but because his painful past he didn't wanna admit his feelings. will he admit & confess Or N...
The Magical Dress by Author1225
The Magical Dressby Author1225
A poor 18 years old girl who lives on a farm with her grandma, and fell inlove with an unexpected rich boy. This is story is from me "Author1225". This is my f...