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Destined To Be His 💕[Completed] by Crackheaded240
Destined To Be His 💕[Completed]by Blissful ✨
✔️[Completed] ✔️ A guy who was cold to the world but warm for Emily Oliver,Jack Brendon.Jack is 10 years older than Emily.But he has been loving Emily for 10 years !! He...
Homeless by amba9999
Homelessby Mia Bee
Daphne lives with her brother Mark on the streets. A chance encounter with Nathaniel tangles their lives together. As Daphne tries to make a life for herself and her br...
Independence was her dream. Maya's life has been left to be the unseen extra character in the lives of her brother, she wanted more,and demanded more from life. Intrudi...
A Silent Heart by amba9999
A Silent Heartby Mia Bee
After a chance encounter, deaf cleaning lady Irene's world clashes with wealthy CEO Leo's, igniting a spark of romance tested by family secrets and tragedy. ...
To have and to Hold by jayjay33
To have and to Holdby Ann
What happens when feisty Rachel Crosby who helps out at a womans refuge, takes on Adam Maxwell a millionaire property developer, who wants to tear down their shelter to...
love after marraige by qabali799
love after marraigeby qabali799
Shazmeen ,a medical student ,19 , got married to a obcessed guy ,jibreil khan ,27 from rich wealthy family .who...loves her in his own possessive way .
21st Century Knight by MJKristo11
21st Century Knightby Mary-Jane Kristo
Status: COMPLETE. UNEDITED VERSION (𝗙𝘂𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗲𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗼𝗻 𝗜𝗻𝗸𝗶𝘁𝘁) ~ "Given the option, would you go out with me a second time?" ~ H...
That's French, Love (FALEC) by drivinginsane_
That's French, Love (FALEC)by reah ✩
He attended a prestigious highschool with his dream to land a volleyball scholarship someday. But sometimes, being a quiet, trouble written boy. Some things aren't meant...
Rich Boys Club by JKMacLaren
Rich Boys Clubby J K MacLaren
What happens when you're magically stuck to the person that you hate the most? **** Livvy grew up helping in her parents' coffee shop. Harry grew up attending polo tourn...
Taken By The Mafia by Nekochansan
Taken By The Mafiaby Nekochansan
[ 18+] (My grammar is wonky so bare with me please.) Sena is a simple teenage tomboy that can be stubborn as hell and impulsive, but she makes up for it in her determina...
Crossed boundaries  by Darcydumppp
Crossed boundaries by Darcydumppp
;When they aren't supposed to be together but he finds out that she's missing and nobody can reach her so he leaves in the middle of the match to go look for her.
Will You Remember Me? by bookfreakgal687
Will You Remember Me?by Zara Alex
COMING SOON *A second chance love story* Philip takes a step forward until his face is a mere breadth away from Aurora. Aurora shudders her breath, feeling lightheaded...
Prince to a Maid (Maid Bendy x Rich Cuphead) by Elfenliedlucy
Prince to a Maid (Maid Bendy x Sonadow love
Bendy was a royal dark prince who lost to a angelic prince in a gamble. Because of it he ended up having to become a maid. Cuphead came looking for a maid and ended spot...
Her Secret by Love1026
Her Secretby Bhav😘
Nora Morris is a normal high school student who is shy and a total nerd, but that's what the whole school thinks. She is actually from a very rich family, and and underc...
Wrong Number #Wattys2016 by bookaddicted5
Wrong Number #Wattys2016by Yashiba
"I was angry and disappointed and upset." But mostly angry, and you know what happens when Sophia Martell gets angry? She gets talkative, like really, really t...
Maid for you  by 4evainlovee
Maid for you by dylan
"Can I have a hug?" Hennessy said, tears running down her cheeks. He walked over to her, and wrapped his arms around her. Hennessy instantly felt at home. And...
Arranged to Him by Anaya1291
Arranged to Himby Sam and Bam Toy Reviews
I want the record to reflect that I didn't a want this marriage. My husband is wealthy which at first was a relief, but he is also friends with some very dangerous peopl...
CAPITAL LETTERS (Hailee Steinfeld's Fanfiction) by pandac7
CAPITAL LETTERS (Hailee Steinfeld' panda c
Hailee (18) just graduated from high school. She finally get her 3rd wish of five wishlist she wrote; travel to Paris after graduate. She accidentally met a hot French g...
LOVE LIKE NO OTHER by prethaxoxo
LOVE LIKE NO OTHERby prethaxoxo
Love has no boundaries!! What happens when school time puppy lovers meet up again after 5 years and try to find love again? Eliza Gomez is a kind hearted and very optimi...