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To have and to Hold by jayjay33
To have and to Holdby Ann
What happens when feisty Rachel Crosby who helps out at a womans refuge, takes on Adam Maxwell a millionaire property developer, who wants to tear down their shelter to...
One Last Wish  by Dia1902
One Last Wish by Dia D
Samaya Raichand jumps on a plane , off to London to visit her mother's home town and the place her parents fell in love, With one last wish to complete things she hasn't...
Taken By The Mafia by Nekochansan
Taken By The Mafiaby Nekochansan
[ 18+] (My grammar is wonky so bare with me please.) Sena is a simple teenage tomboy that can be stubborn as hell and impulsive, but she makes up for it in her determina...
A Silent Heart by amba9999
A Silent Heartby amba9999
A deaf girl with a heart of gold. A man with a heart encased in ice. A fateful encounter that opens the floodgates to unraveling secrets and life changing tragedy. A lov...
Kisses after midnight (WICKED #0) | ✓ by vividlycrimson18
Kisses after midnight (WICKED #0) ingri
"You are my first love, Gabriela, and my last." "You're romantic for a delinquent." PREQUEL TO THE WICKED SERIES
Love Me by SilverMyths
Love Meby S.Myths
He looks at me now, his grey eyes staring at me intensely. Love me! I wanted to tell him. Choose me! I wanted to say. But he's engaged, and he's getting married tomorrow...
Aster by TremblingLip
Asterby Lola
Standing among the flowers, the rain was a symphony in the background to the soundtrack of their lives. He met her by chance, on the earliest cusp of fall, where the ai...
Unspoken Love With Mr. Billionaire by sunshineeternity
Unspoken Love With Mr. Billionaireby Anjana Rai
Oliver, leave me. I have to go inside", I said making a failed attempt to free myself. "What is wrong with...", and the rest of the words got lost as his...
Everything that Diane has ever hoped and dreamed for comes to reality when she gets the opportunity to dance for a popular music band in New York. But being the person s...
His Revenge by Ayseash
His Revengeby Ayşegül
He eyed her with strange emotion! "I hate you" He murmured near her ear that ran a shiver down her spine, her eyes were ice cold, she didn't care what he do to...
Billionaire's Love Letters  by its_vinnie
Billionaire's Love Letters by Vinnie
A young girl decides to write a letter...put it in a bottle and throws it into the sea....she doesn't expect much of it...but what happens when she receives a letter bac...
Yibo, Stop Playing My Heart  (YIZHAN FF) ON GOING by maxine_jung
Yibo, Stop Playing My Heart ( Miss Wei Ying
Good Boys are Bad Boys who never get caught. -Wang Yibo
The Marriage Of A Bangladeshi Girl (completed) by flawless_ink
The Marriage Of A Bangladeshi Fahmida Faiza :)
Sadia Haqh, a Muslim Bangladeshi girl, of age 24, who just finished her graduation in politics from London, returns to her motherland Bangladesh. Being a daughter of a b...
Her Secret by Love1026
Her Secretby Bhav😘
Nora Morris is a normal high school student who is shy and a total nerd, but that's what the whole school thinks. She is actually from a very rich family, and and underc...
Prince to a Maid (Maid Bendy x Rich Cuphead) by Elfenliedlucy
Prince to a Maid (Maid Bendy x Sonadow love
Bendy was a royal dark prince who lost to a angelic prince in a gamble. Because of it he ended up having to become a maid. Cuphead came looking for a maid and ended spot...
CEO's Unexpected Return by caiaclearwood
CEO's Unexpected Returnby caiaclearwood
"Dante... he" "What about him? Is this about his death anniversary? Does his family want something of him from me?" "He is... he is alive"
Cherry Swirl (Rated R) by BeccaJTyrer
Cherry Swirl (Rated R)by BeccaJTyrer
"How is it that when your chest is against mine, that even though our hearts don't beat the same, and your breath exhales when I inhale. I feel as though we are in...
The Last Empress by Kainingwen
The Last Empressby Kaizen22
A romance mystery set in the fictional Empire of Korea. Oh Sunny is just an ordinary girl who has harboured a crush on the fascinating and charming Lee Hyuk, the Emperor...
Maid for you  by 4evainlovee
Maid for you by dylan
"Can I have a hug?" Hennessy said, tears running down her cheeks. He walked over to her, and wrapped his arms around her. Hennessy instantly felt at home. And...
DESIRE by lilangelfacee
DESIREby lilangelfacee
"You're Pregnant", Simon declared thinking it was impossible knowing it wasn't. When Aisha gasped , he knew he was right. "This doesn't concern you,"...