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In My Eyes by RozeniaRosie
In My Eyesby Rozenia Rosie
Poems about what our children , #TheNewNextGeneration
  • poetry
  • bookofpoems
  • blackbaby
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An Ocean Of Feelings by Krystal_heart16
An Ocean Of Feelingsby Apoorva
The ocean, in which she sinks and drowns every day. The ocean, in which she tries to stay afloat by making herself stronger. The ocean, she cries out every single night...
  • ocean
  • love
  • grief
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Enlighten Me by kyrrai
Enlighten Meby Allie
i strive to reach a higher state of mind to truly understand myself. my only obstacle is myself
  • deep
  • poetry
  • sad
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aeroplane vomit by freshfromthedryer
aeroplane vomitby nikki
poems from when i thought about you in the seven hour flight to paradise.
  • poem
  • lovepoems
  • aesthetic
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Pieces Of My Soul  by WhiteFlower711
Pieces Of My Soul by White Flower
No matter how much we put efforts in how to look as happy and peaceful as possible and put on our plastic faces and smiles, there is always gonna be a place where we can...
  • tearjerker
  • tears
  • friends
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The silent poems by 555preciousdiamond
The silent poemsby 555preciousdiamond
A poem to my lover.. lips as red as rose. big brown eyes.
  • romance
  • poem
  • poetry
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The Flow by ElectricBlueCherry
The Flowby ElectricBlueCherry
Alone in the darkness A poet knows That like a river Humans flow Gracefully crossing paths To end alone Only to fear what's in the mirror
  • poetrycollection
  • flow
  • love
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Poems  by sweetnsmug
Poems by sweetnsmug
Collection of my own poems and quotes™ Beautiful cover by @WhyToothfairyGoLarry
  • poem
  • poetry
  • wattys2018
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Songs of a Pretty Mystery (A collection of poems) by im_Amystery
Songs of a Pretty Mystery (A colle...by Kanari Nazo
A collection of poems with different topics, different emotions and different language. "The words you cannot express, In paper, you put it all, Let your pen do th...
  • recommended
  • poetry
  • whatshot
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Broken-Heart Jar by bleach_kid
Broken-Heart Jarby Montana
A compilation of me feeling sorry for myself in poetic format
  • poem
  • poetry
In the middle of the night by anonimoecrivain
In the middle of the nightby anonimoecrivain
" In the middle of the night I'll tell you everything My deepest thoughts, my deepest secrets From my coldest voice and warmest kiss" Ma...
  • romance
  • thoughts
  • mix
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Indelible Thoughts by louellathequeen
Indelible Thoughtsby LM👩‍🔬
Sharing thoughts and feels in way of writing. They really are just hard to forget. Indelible, indeed. *ORIGINALLY WRITTEN BY: LOUELLA *BOOK COVER BY: EUNICE
  • inspirational
  • patience
  • letter
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For K by dark__crimson
For Kby Dark Crimson
For him, For K, If you ever find this, My Sun, You will know, ...
  • shortstory
  • wattpride
  • poetry
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nineteen by monkeyruns
nineteenby L
nineteen poems. written by a nineteen year old; in the year of twenty nineteen. (lowercase intended)
  • lovestory
  • truestory
  • friendship
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a rough draft by han_dahl
a rough draftby hannah grace
unedited thoughts and poems that give me, and hopefully others, a chance and an opening to say what they really mean
  • friendship
  • boyxgirl
  • girlxboy
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words  by Zaynsthereason
words by ♡
word [/wəːd/] n., plural noun: words express (something spoken or written) in particular words. love [/lʌv/] n., an intense feeling of deep affection.
  • happy
  • happiness
  • truth
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Forgotten Footprints by AbsolutelySolo
Forgotten Footprintsby SOS
Words that were left behind, Never to be found again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Started: Jan. 31, 2019 Ended: _________________
  • poetry
  • heartbreak
  • random
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POETRY CONTEST 2019 |TAKING CONTES...by Destiny Nihart
OPEN(✔️) CLOSED(✔️) JUDGING(⭕) 37/30 CONTESTANTS Opened 2/7/19 closed Poetry Contest Please only serious inquiries ❤️❤️ 4/5 Judges @destinypoe.try @Kcdc08 @Abd330 @...
  • contest
  • 2019poetrycontest
  • poetry
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Ako ang Araw | I am the Sun by a_lars
Ako ang Araw | I am the Sunby a_lars
Ito ay isang kwento tungkol sa dalawang tao na nagmamahalan ngunit hindi pa naipapahayag ang kanilang pag-ibig. Ang kanilang mga puso ang sumulat ng kanilang munting nar...
  • fiction
  • poetry
  • sunlight
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