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It's Always Been You || Stiles Stilinski by stiles-o-dylan24
It's Always Been You || Stiles Ellie
This is a complete Teen Wolf rewrite of all six seasons written to include my character, Addy McCall. There is also a mini wintertime series taking place before the sta...
Madam President by AnonDaDuck
Madam Presidentby Da Tacky Duck
Secret service agent Freen Sarocha has been the head of Presidential Candidate Rebecca Armstrong's Secret Service detail for months, now. She has been there since Rebecc...
mutuality | wroetoshaw by multiixfandcm
mutuality | wroetoshawby IZZY
mutuality /mjuːtjʊˈalɪti/ noun noun: mutuality the sharing of a feeling, action, or relationship between two or more parties.
A Kiss is still a Kiss by ladycrookshanks
A Kiss is still a Kissby ladycrookshanks
[COMPLETED] BoyxBoy On his graduation day, New mustered all his remaining courage to confess his feelings to Tay Tawan, a certified chick magnet and playboy, but got his...
Operation Mackerel: 10 Ways to Make Dazai Osamu Jealous by WCwriteslemon
Operation Mackerel: 10 Ways to Crystaliqueeen
CSR: OPERATION MACKEREL: 10 WAYS TO MAKE DAZAI OSAMU JEALOUS Chuuya woke up with the most vicious and head wrecking realization that he has ever had... he thinks he love...
Lavender Roses {K . Ootori x Reader} by eqc123
Lavender Roses {K . Ootori x eqc123
"Now I could be wrong, but I think we may be witnessing the beginnings of love here." You met his eyes, and realized how true those words really were. ~ or, yo...
Cat's Eye (Lukadrien) by aldwynrivers
Cat's Eye (Lukadrien)by aldwynrivers
Adrien Agreste is a perfect boy, with a perfect life. But there's something about him that nobody knows. Luka wants to know. Gay fix-it fic loosely based on Callimara'...
Eden's Prestige Prom Night |A Damianya Story| by buttercup_clouds
Eden's Prestige Prom Night |A butterbeer :)
Anya tries to figure out how to help her Papa -- Loid Forger, or Twilight as others know him -- get closer to the particularly stale Donovan Desmond after gaining eight...
Kraant by CrevasseAbyss
Kraantby CrevasseAbyss
"Kill me, now!" "No!!" "That's the only way to save these people." "They don't mean anything to me dammit, you do." A young boy f...
On Ice - Lukadrien by aldwynrivers
On Ice - Lukadrienby aldwynrivers
**This work has been rereleased as "Cat's eye", it now contains ALL CONTENT from this fic and MORE new Chapters. New Readers, please start with that!** https:...
Written in the Stars by kayley_ulmer
Written in the Starsby Kayley Ulmer
In which Kit Knight finds herself trying to stifle feelings for her brother's best friend, who just so happens to also be her best friend's new boyfriend. When James app...
Fire and Shadows (DarklingxOC) (Shadowandbone fanfic) by TonijnPonijn
Fire and Shadows (DarklingxOC) ( TonijnPonijn
What would happen if Alina Starkov had a sister. Would they fight over Mal? Would she also be a Grisha? Would she fall for the General? This is just the plot of the f...
(Zutara) Hold it Gently; My Heart Burns For You by WritersWayOfLife
(Zutara) Hold it Gently; My Rue Bullock
A complete Cannon rewrite starting from Book One; novelisation of each book, focusing on Zuko and Katara, and featuring canon-divergences, aged-up characters, mature the...
So... you've got daddy issues? (Akitoya) by Dark_reuinion
So... you've got daddy issues? ( I <3 milfs
Toya and Akito have been singing with eachother for a very long time. They even consider one another their best friend. But Akito doesn't know if what he's feeling is ex...
Muj Milacek | Viktor Arcane x Reader by Tired-Truffle
Muj Milacek | Viktor Arcane x Tired-Truffle
This story is written in English, my first language, the title is the only thing that isn't. [Featured on Wattpad @ Best of Outreach - Hidden Gems] Complete! You're spin...
floral & fading by nyakaashi
floral & fadingby J
you (a loser) befriend a pink-haired psychic and his "friends" while developing a big fat crush on someone who you cant tell if he even considers you a friend...
Innocent Desires (Hop x Reader) by Hotaru_Is_Here
Innocent Desires (Hop x Reader)by SayakasLittleBoxofDreams
A horny teenage Hop finds Miss Reader asleep on the floor in his bedroom after a particularly long movie marathon, and finds his brain racing with all sorts of thoughts...
Strangers In The Night by writerkid101
Strangers In The Nightby lucas
It's just 44 hours, really, and weddings are supposed to fly by. Right? ~ The moment he stepped onto the hotel property, Ian should've realized a mistake was made. He sh...
This Way Down // peter parker by aloneeedra
This Way Down // peter parkerby alondra noble
Sequel to Dancing Around After the blip, Marina's dad wants her to move in with him. With Cindy missing and Peter working overtime to keep their small piece of New York...
the divine zero by nyakaashi
the divine zeroby J
scaramouche had never been wanted romantically (or platonically tbh). i mean sure he was kinda attractive and all but his personality was...not. so you can imagine his s...