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The Last Dance by xoStardust
The Last Danceby xoStardust
Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady...
Hospital Obstacle by RightHandedPen
Hospital Obstacleby
Arthur Ritis, Ayden Achdee, Carla Blynd and Dia Betes are four kids tackling the same medical conditions their names sound like (arthritis, ADHD, colourblind and diabet...
Roy and i (g/t) by ipilokko
Roy and i (g/t)by ipilokko
Mollie is an artist that has called by a big company. She is so excited to go there and work in a job she always dreamt of. But the thing is, the company she will work f...
Asylum by T8Townsend
Asylumby Tate Townsend
When a group of unlikely acquaintances break out of Asylum - an isolating compound to keep those born with supernatural powers away from the world - they discover that s...
Not Even His Assistant by braycriss
Not Even His Assistantby Criss
Connor Meyers, Vice President and COO of Meyers Motors, has always been focused on his job and doing it well. As he is currently working on planning the biggest business...
mindless behavior imagines. by Foreign_Budha
mindless behavior Ajanae Thomas
How would something feel from Prince, Roc's, Ray's, or Prod's perspective? Girrrrl , you boutta find out!
Don't Forget About Me by sourhoneyz
Don't Forget About Meby بري
"Did you hear that Jungkook? She said I looked handsome." Jimin said as he pat my back. "Don't get your vocal cords in a knot Jimin." I said angrily...
Falling For The Astrophile || Karma Akabane X Reader by Devilish_Lu-lu
Falling For The Astrophile || ✨†Chiquitita†✨
"Let's just dance beneath the stars and forget about the world." "Okay." "What?" "May I have this dance, M'Lady?" (Name) Sutera i...
Memoirs Of A Killer (Ongoing) by FinestGun
Memoirs Of A Killer (Ongoing)by Rhaff Lloyd
This story is about the memories of Damon Pierce, a murderer. He is a man who kills out of command and selfish desire. He was a violent and ruthless killer, he didn't le...
Threads of Tapestry by ayeribliss
Threads of Tapestryby secret
Different stories, different fates, different lessons. This is a series of short stories, one-shots, and flash-fictions that contain valuable lessons from love and life...
Mrs.Afton's Tale Told [FNAF] [TEMPORARY HIATUS] by Guhn0m3
Mrs.Afton's Tale Told [FNAF] [ Guhn0m3
Mrs.Afton had fallen in love with a brilliant man who had passion and a dream. But years later she realizes those dreams had turned into nightmares after their youngest...
Nocturne by AkydsWavesong
Nocturneby Akyds Wavesong
Once upon a time, there were three gods. Sol, Lord of the Sun; Aster, Guardian of the Stars; and Luna, Lady of the Moon. Then war broke out between the Solars and the L...
Missing Case(Missing eyes) by CHEESEY4DAYZS
Missing Case(Missing eyes)by IEatCheese4Breakfast
Sasuke becomes one of the many missing cases for Uchiha children. His family find his body 11 days later. Or, Sasuke gets murdered by Danzo before the massacre. It chang...
The Heartbreak Chronicles by eatlings
The Heartbreak Chroniclesby arts
❝Please tell Axel that I love him. I always have, and I always will.❞ - A heartbreak, as told by the heartbreaker and heartbroken.
The Sermons of Vairāgi by Chaitanya_20
The Sermons of Vairāgiby Chaitanya
A teenager boy, was called Vairāgi by his classmates, as he never talked with girls and preferred being single. When his friends asked him reasons for such behaviour, he...
Thoughts that decorate my mind by ThinkingTimeBomb
Thoughts that decorate my mindby ThinkingTimeBomb
Come and take a look inside my head.
Poems that Speak for the World by rune_sai
Poems that Speak for the Worldby Sashia Rune
This book consists of a compilation of poems related to worldly issues, politics, society, and the like, and perspectives of different people which the author tried to p...
Perspectives by ModernMagdalene
Perspectivesby ModernMagdalene
Perspectives. A two-shots story.
XOhanax's Poems by thefaultinourohana
XOhanax's Poemsby LV
These are a bunch of poems written by ME. I will update when I come up with new ones.