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bugs in my brain //poetry// by lucianlunar
bugs in my brain //poetry//by lucianlunar
poems filled with random feelings and thoughts Languages: - mostly English - German Don't take it sirius, just writing for fun Also [!!TW!!], I guess it's kinda deep sm...
a collection of quotes & poems by midnightmoongirl
a collection of quotes & poemsby dagdromer
[ EN & NL ] we'll be okay some day, but first we'll have to get through all of this. --- quotes, poems and reminders for everyone who feels unhappy, forgotten, suicidal...
Thoughts that decorate my mind by ThinkingTimeBomb
Thoughts that decorate my mindby ThinkingTimeBomb
Come and take a look inside my head.
just some thoughts put into words by Tabsix33
just some thoughts put into wordsby ❁
german/english * = german • = english !
Poems for the Love by celinemarieG
Poems for the Loveby Celine
A collection of thoughts about love, written in those sleepless nights, fast beating heart moments and times I miss you
every chapter is dedicated to a person or a thing in my life have fun looking into my heart.
drown me in your noise by guerkchensalat
drown me in your noiseby nudel01
what's a quote that completely shattered you? a quote that destroyed your soul and your entire being. one that made you cry like you've never cried before. one that stil...
Mind-poem by efuhr01
Mind-poemby Eva
Nur ein paar Gedanken, verwandelt in Wörter.
A suicide's argument by Pharaii
A suicide's argumentby Pharaplu
A poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Jezelf haten!? by RogerSchrijft
Jezelf haten!?by RogerSchrijft
Je moet juist trots zijn op wat je allemaal hebt doorstaan en niet jezelf haten door wat misschien iemand anders heeft gedaan..
Purple by zoetmeloen
Purpleby zoetmeloen
Of all people In this bittersweet world There was you ⋆ 2020 ⋆
flowing water   by s3l1ka
flowing water by 🌊
"Our lives, like flowing water forever thrown into stages of change The river must duel the rapids before it can rest in the lake" -Being As An Ocean started:...
Sehnsucht by Skayak99
Sehnsuchtby Kaa
Sehnsucht - so heißt gefühlt jedes Gedicht in der Romantik. Es war mal wieder der Deutschunterricht, der meinen Kopf zu kreativ sein verdonnert hat. Aufgabe: Wie würde '...
Mental Health - gedichten by Fightingf0x
Mental Health - gedichtenby Jasmijn
Dit is een verzameling van gedichten die ik heb geschreven om mijn gevoel te omschrijven. Mentale problemen kunnen heel lastig te omschrijven zijn, maar in gedichtvorm g...
Me by venyl_the
Meby Finn
A poem about us humans, its a bit sad though... #2 Gedicht 17.12.21
Gedichtjes by lolaa14tjuh
Gedichtjesby lolaa14tjuh
De titel zegt het al, gedichtjes!!
Schmerz by LiedDerSchmerzen
Schmerzby LiedDerSchmerzen
Alle denken, dass ich okey bin. Niemand fragt nach, wie es mir geht und jeder glaubt mir, wenn ich sage ,,Ja.''. Es gibt wenig, was mich noch fröhlich macht, doch soo vi...
Schnee im Sonnenschein by JeniferSchindovski
Schnee im Sonnenscheinby LadyJen (Jenifer Schindovski)
<><><>Schnee im Sonnenschein<><><> <> <> ° Es scheint die Sonne, <> ° doch es fällt Schnee. <> ° Eine Eisige...