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A Love Worth Having by caffrey1974
A Love Worth Havingby Mary
Saryah Williams finally has her dream job as a social worker for the military. During a visit home, she meets Sergeant Ben Campbell, a wounded warrior and combat hero. B...
  • adoption
  • veterans
  • cervical
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A New Perspective || Nishinoya x Reader by AoiSaph0
A New Perspective || Nishinoya x AoiSaph0
You had always been afraid of playing volleyball in a team due to your low height. But that changed one day, when you saw him fighting in a match, at the height of talle...
  • romance
  • haikyuu
  • haikyuuwa2018
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Please Recall | Park Jimin by Jimin_is_slayin2837
Please Recall | Park Jiminby TheJibootyEffect
"Please recall the good times we had together. They haunt me every night when I think of you, it's like a nightmare." #4 in "Perspective" ...
  • perspective
  • read
  • recall
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the musings of a writing mind by enoument
the musings of a writing mindby gray
seven reasons to fall in love with yourself, your world, and the idea of being happy.
  • nature
  • perspective
  • selflove
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Perception by yme123
Perceptionby yme123
Homeless and savagely beaten, Amy Mair sits waiting in a police interrogation room. She witnessed the murder of a friend and the police want to know more. But what can o...
  • injustice
  • wattpadprize14
  • hope
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Vivid Damnations  by InkWordsWanderingWit
Vivid Damnations by InkWordsWanderingWit
A series of poems that portray the explicit sensations of vivid damnations. **** Not my cover and full credit to the creator of it.
  • poem
  • destruction
  • feeling
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The Stage Manager by tangles-
The Stage Managerby Emma
Beatrice "Bea" Masters has been her theater department's wonderkid ever since she became the stage manager when she was just a freshman. But after the fiasco t...
  • stagemanager
  • eric
  • dialogue
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The Last Straight Standing ✔  by moonwatcher71
The Last Straight Standing ✔ by Melody B.
Imagine a world Where nobody is straight. Except one. ~ Walk down the streets of the World, where everybody lives. You will notice that something is different: everybody...
  • differentworld
  • perspective
  • love
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utopia by enoument
utopiaby gray
dystopia isn't what it seems on this street.
  • dystopian
  • perspective
  • utopia
Secret Life Of A Second Wife by Naz348
Secret Life Of A Second Wifeby Naz348
Muslim girl on mission.... to share her story and change the way western society chooses to see this widely practiced but highly criticized and misunderstood lifestyle.
  • secondwife
  • secret
  • sabr
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Phantom's Requiem Book 2: Reign Of A King by haruhifujioka25486
Phantom's Requiem Book 2: Reign Haru
Raven has just been coronated king. Outward forces begin to threaten Rune's future and Raven is forced to make difficult decisions to ensure the safety of his people. Th...
  • elves
  • fantasyfiction
  • fantasy
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introvertly by acquaintedly-
introvertlyby acquaintedly-
an introvert's blog {updates mondays}
  • blogbook
  • nonfiction
  • introvert
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New Perspective ⌁ Fred Weasley by -criminally-mindless
New Perspective ⌁ Fred Weasleyby aly™
A prank war is all it takes for a wild and carefree Gryffindor to change an isolated Hufflepuff's perspective on life and teach her that they are more alike than she thi...
  • gryffindor
  • hufflepuff
  • weasley
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Articulately Voiceless | ✓ by ishaqzadein
Articulately Voiceless | ✓by ⠀অণ্বেষা 👑
  • midnight
  • insomnia
  • solitude
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happy go lucky by brightsidestories
happy go luckyby ava
(WEEKLY UPDATES) It hurts when you know wonderful things won't be the same ever again. When Stevie's grandmother passes away, Stevie knows that her life will never retur...
  • happy
  • bucketlist
  • hiddengem
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~!Horoscopes!~ by KyokaJirou08
~!Horoscopes!~by Kʏᴏᴋᴀ Jɪʀᴏᴜ
Just a fun little book I decided to make on my spare time! Basically I get your zodiac sign and tell you what you are, basing on the chapter! Read the book to find out...
  • aquarius
  • taurus
  • leo
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The Moonlit Dawn by BhaRgavPaTel1
The Moonlit Dawnby Bhargav Patel
"The Moonlit Dawn" sings of my humble endeavours of poetry. It is a pursuit to glimpse through the mundane glass of life and nature with the eyes of a pilgrim...
  • love
  • emotions
  • india
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Alone by TotalyJinx
Aloneby TotallyJinx
I see nothing but the past. I have no friends. Wait that is wrong. I have Igneel. He's the boy that saved my life countless time only to discover my dark past. But he st...
  • oneview
  • fanfic
  • violetevergarden
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The Quest for Sumi by BlueberryANDBunny
The Quest for Sumiby Little Jay
"Ah, but time is just a mere measurement of dreams that we create and the ones we complete." Follow a young couple as they step out into the dangerous, thrilli...
  • secrets
  • fightforlove
  • cutecouple
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My Amazing Spider-Man: Rise of Electro by bellarina_4eva
My Amazing Spider-Man: Rise of Belle
"I know we all think we're immortal, we're supposed to feel that way, we're graduating. But, like out brief four years in high school, what makes life valuable is t...
  • parker
  • stacy
  • amazing
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