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Slob Town by Peacebabye
Slob Townby Your B00$
The town of Hershey boasts some of the finest quality chocolate in the world, and it turns out the local housewives couldn't get enough of it. It came cheaper than water...
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giantess haydees by Wargraymon85
giantess haydeesby Wargraymon85
you get four haydee and become giantess or so you think
shrunk at home by ash_m_891
shrunk at homeby
John gets shrunk at home mostly feet
A Detective Favorite Little Toy by Wargraymon85
A Detective Favorite Little Toyby Wargraymon85
You are going to the local detective when go in there the detective friend ho srinck you make you new sex toy
Giantess Story Mix by VoFant456
Giantess Story Mixby Vo Fant
A bunch of Giantess short stories floating around in my head, thought I'd share with you guys! Enjoy!
Star Wars Giantess 1 by VoFant456
Star Wars Giantess 1by Vo Fant
Aayla Secura has taken on a Padawan - Tevii-Mita Sufu, of an unknown humanoid species. Eager to try her hand in battle, Tevii runs ahead of Aayla, despite Aayla's warnin...
Friends in high places 2: a brewing evil by youngstory18
Friends in high places 2: a
It's been awhile since the attack on Jared's home town. Life has slowly headed back to normal, but as a new girl arrives to school with a secret and more is revealed abo...
The Teacher's Pet by TheTinyMan
The Teacher's Petby TheTinyMan
Five unlucky students have found themselves shrunken down to size and heights of 5 inches tall each. Their only hope is if someone would come and rescue them before they...
The idol and the borrower  by Myshlo
The idol and the borrower by Myshlo
Roseanne Park, more populary known as Rosé from the k-pop group Blackpink finds a curious but wild little invader inside her home.
Diminishing Consumables by timescrybe2
Diminishing Consumablesby timescrybe2
DC Comics giantess fan fiction stories with elements of shrinking, giantess and vore. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property o...
The Rise of Giga Girl by Renulen
The Rise of Giga Girlby Renulen
Gaia Daisuke is a normal woman, that is until she comes into contact with a chemical substance that allows her to grow and shrink.
Planet Booties Adventures: Mina's Panterian Boyfriend by SonicJOJO0401
Planet Booties Adventures: Mina' Shawn Borgers
A series of Another universe where Earth is destroyed but the human race lives on on top of giant women's butts so big they're considered as planets. Mina got a new Pant...
A Maiden and Her Knight by Renulen
A Maiden and Her Knightby Renulen
Sir Gabriel attempts to rescue a maiden who is being held captive by a great and powerful beast, or so the rumors claim. What happens when the maiden is no ordinary maid...
G/T Short Stories by RobHorror240
G/T Short Storiesby GTS240
Short stories where you are a Giant, or Tiny (not really roleplay). Requests are always open.
Giant Stories {requests CLOSED} by katie_the_inkslinger
Giant Stories {requests CLOSED}by Kay Inks :3
G/t Short stories 🦋 by Wolf_Flower
G/t Short stories 🦋by 🦇🐺🕸
Going to re upload I wasn't really satisfied with my last one Join in on different adventures of creatures big and small :) Some maybe a simple mouse smaller than a sho...
The Kleine Project by giantess44
The Kleine Projectby giantess44
What is this place...? Where am I..? And what's going to happen?
Mother Dearest by Giantesscuties
Mother Dearestby Giantesscuties
Sorry for the lack of text on the cover image, just can't seem to figure it out though. This is based off roleplays that I've done. Contains smut and 18+ stuff.
The Giantess House 2 by giantess44
The Giantess House 2by giantess44
By popular demand! The sequel is here! Hope you all enjoy!