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Ayla-Jade Scurrah By AJSCURRAH Completed

"Three things cannot be long hidden - the sun, the moon and the truth."

Chance Nightshade is the daughter of the most fearsome Alpha known to the shadow-world. Dominance burns in her veins like witch-fire, but there are those who seek to douse the flames of her autonomy. She has but one guard against their subterfuge: an impossible, inexplicable magic, the ability to tell truth from lies. 

When a prophet comes before the Nightshades with tidings of war - werewolves vs. vampires - the world as Chance knows it is thrown into chaos. Bitter, ancient hatreds consume. Adults scheme. Melbourne is caught in the headlock of an immortal war. 

Through it all, Chance finds her heart divided: she cannot help but come to love the enemy. In the midst of devastation and a web of truth and lies, she must decide whether to stand by old alliances or forge new ones. Who deserves her obedience?  Who is the real enemy, and what are they after? 

What makes someone a true beast? 

*Warning: this book contains violent themes, some coarse language and severely attractive characters.*

[Disclaimer: the opening quote, cover image and chapter media are sourced from the internet and remain the intellectual property of the original artists. The story I own.]

Feel like I don't trust Richard. He probably had something to do with Arthurs death
A mark 
                              because silver doesn't heal on werewolves correctly and will leave a mark and a BITE
Can't he use his freaking brain??? Excuse me sir... YOU ARE STAINING OUR FLOOR WITH YOUR BLOOD!
I'm sorry but i find the wording for being dead really funny 😂
                              "Our prince lies among the dead" 
                              Well that surely doesn't sound comfortable for lying down... a little stinky probably... 😂😂
spermatids spermatids May 10
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Me when i have to do ANYTHING except for reading, eating and petting my dog and cat... yes even going on the toilet can be very exhausting and is a lot of effort