Doll - Winter Soldier Fanfic

Doll - Winter Soldier Fanfic

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"Buck." You stopped him.

He looked at you from across the room.

He took his hand off the door knob and faced you still silent.

He knew what you were thinking.

"I can't." He began. "I need to be careful. I don't want to hu-"

You groaned cutting him off. "You dont want to hurt me I get it. You won't hurt me Bucky. I know you won't. Ever. I trust you. You have to trust yourself. The only way you'll hurt me is if you leave. Or don't sleep with me." Your eyes widened," the bed I mean." You looked away and heard a small laugh.

"As long as you behave." He teased walking over to you.

"I will as long as you will."


Penelope is an educated psychologist, when she crosses paths with Steve Rogers one night he has more than a few questions about mind control.

He insists upon her help with a friend. Bucky Barnes.

Bucky is a trained Hydra assassin. Hydra controlled his every move but now he's free and wants his mind back.

He knows he needs help.

Will Penelope help him after all he's done?