✓ The Bet (Interracial)

✓ The Bet (Interracial)

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Thalia M. Gray By TheAnonymousEnigma Completed


"Wait, only $300, you have to be kidding; if I have to fuck that and hope she doesn't smother me while doing so, I better get more than that."

"$800 instead."

"Oh and you also get an extra $50 bucks if you tell people about it when it's over."

Luis Hernandez is known as the best looking and the most popular player in the whole school while Thai James is opposite - the nerdy pariah who is overweight. He is oblivious to Thai's existence until their paths are forced to cross. What happens when betting time, a tradition among Luis and his friends, comes around and Luis is dared to sleep with Thai in the next three weeks, leave her, and spread it throughout the school? Will Thai fall for his charming ways? Will he reach his goal?