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Into The Woods (18+) by AuthorrUnknown
Into The Woods (18+)by AuthorrUnknown
Aceso has always been sheltered by her pack ever since she was a little girl. Never being allowed to leave for school field trips, and always kept on a tight leash. Litt...
  • explicit
  • completed
  • action
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Oops maybe it was too much by alexa-ochoa-007
Oops maybe it was too muchby alexa-ochoa-007
A couple of months ago I saw her, we have been together in high school two years now, but during all that time I didn't really see her. Until a camping trip we made with...
  • feederism
  • fat
  • chubby
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Liskook Hard Smuts  by SmutP4nd4
Liskook Hard Smuts by Crazy For Panda
  • liskook
  • girlsonly
  • suggestion
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My Math Teacher is a Giant... [COMPLETED] by 123BTSARMY
My Math Teacher is a Giant... [ BangtanARMY
You're a senior (18 years old) in high school and your new math teacher has a giant surprise for you... THERE IS NO SMUT INVOLVED even though in some parts it might look...
  • giant
  • huge
  • bts
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Same Tests, Different Scientist by G0lden_Muggy
Same Tests, Different Scientistby -Really kinky shit-
This was another rp I did with someone on Discord named Toffee. Great person!
  • huge
  • slob
  • scientist
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1D Gangbang by spiceyfanfictions
1D Gangbangby spiceyfanfictions
Felicia gets all her holes resized ;)
  • 1directionfanfic
  • huge
  • inch
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The Fattening🍰 by gaining_girlsxx
The Fattening🍰by casey
Daisy has a new food tech teacher and when she meets her she falls in love straight away. But the teacher is a bit skinny, far to skinny for Daisy's liking.
  • food
  • teacher
  • gettingfat
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Meeting the PRINCE of VAMPIRES was not on my VACATION LIST!!!!! by cUtiE0502sEcRet
Meeting the PRINCE of VAMPIRES sue
  • vampire
  • booming
  • voice
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My Fat Wife by RainbowPublishing
My Fat Wifeby Cl Slatter
A story of how my wife gained 400 lbs, in 10 years of marriage.
  • large
  • huge
  • fatwife
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Baby Cullens?! by PaigeDaniels
Baby Cullens?!by M
Okay guys, this is just a spinoff of my fan-fiction ‘Yet Another Cullen/Black”. I want to finally write about some babies, but can’t since...well, there aren’t any babie...
  • desire
  • questions
  • jazz
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The Next to be Taken by DezWeasel767
The Next to be Takenby Dez
Ever wondered why some people are afraid of midnight or always portrays it as a bad time of night? It's for what lurks at night. It's because of the reason, why I've be...
  • homeless
  • fantasy
  • newworld
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paid by the pound by gaining_girlsxx
paid by the poundby casey
Casey moves to the city hoping for a bright future. But due to no work her money drains fast and she is forced to go down town to look for work. She finds a place calle...
  • chubbygirl
  • gaining
  • weightgain
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WITHOUT YOU  by tycdoc
WITHOUT YOU by Uniqueness
A Short Story This story tells about the huge loss a teenage girl faced in her life. Never ever she thought that her happiness will be killed in that dark morning. It wa...
  • friends
  • darkday
  • step
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SEX PARTNER by HelloBeshie123
  • boner
  • mature
  • kink
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Finns Burger Weight Gain by GeneralSnap
Finns Burger Weight Gainby GeneralSnap
The story of how a skinny kid became a blimp like his friend, and it was his friends fault.
  • huge
  • fat
  • weight
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Scattered - Tangled series (Overprotective famous brothers) by MusicMyLife
Scattered - Tangled series ( That Girl
Three overprotective, famous elder brothers? Check. Being Adopted? Check. Having a mysterious past? Check. Elite Gymnastics and Music? Check. Being in the Limelight...
  • family
  • chat
  • school
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CurPowder (Weight Gain) by WeightObsessed
CurPowder (Weight Gain)by WeightObsessed
"BUY NOW CURPOWDER! MAKES ALL YOUR FOOD TASTE BETTER!" An evil CEO of a company wants to rule the world. Create the world to make it better for himself. Lot...
  • gain
  • powder
  • fattening
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More Than A Single Droplet by WeightObsessed
More Than A Single Dropletby WeightObsessed
Sequel of A Droplet Too Much More than just a weight gain story. James who poisoned his girlfriend Sacha (with a droplet that made her gain weight) is stuck in prison wh...
  • prison
  • emotion
  • droplets
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The Model Under Cover As A Huge Nerd. by ReadWriteLoveIT2017
The Model Under Cover As A Huge ReadWriteLoveIT2017
I Cindy Clairmont an amazing Victoria Secret model is going undercover in a high school to look for the new biggest models. At the end of the month, I will reveal myself...
  • undercover
  • huge
  • victoria
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Intense Weight Gains by extraIarge
Intense Weight Gainsby extraIarge
Really intense weight gains, like, not realistic. Fast weight gain, huge weights, y'know.
  • belly
  • morbidlyobese
  • weightgain
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