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Sidelines ✔️ by classicdisposition
Sidelines ✔️by Sophia
A year after losing her older sister in a tragic accident, Charlie's Mom marries the father of the most popular boys in school. Still grieving, Charlie struggles to acce...
Pariah: The Other Malfoy by LupinsWerewolf
Pariah: The Other Malfoyby Molls
Lyra Malfoy had everything she ever wanted. Her parents doted on her, her twin brother was her best friend, and she wanted for nothing. Hogwarts was where she was going...
The Little Wolf by EilidhRose
The Little Wolfby Eilidh
What if you owned an animal species that mimicked your soul, a "spirit animal" in reality? People of such abilities are called "Outsiders". Lyra is...
C C - dallas winston [DISCONTINUED] by blsunley
C C - dallas winston [DISCONTINUED]by :))
[ a book in which charli cade discovers her older brother, johnny, as well as his friends. particularly, dallas winston ] [WARNING - THIS IS A VERY SLOW BEGINNING, BUT I...
an incredible spark by avengerskye
an incredible sparkby avengerskye
Mystic Falls High welcomes two new students, the Saltzman twins. Hope Mikaelson is the head cheerleader of the school, the class president and a straight A student. Anot...
Outsider Syndrome | ✓ by Mistyped_
Outsider Syndrome | ✓by 𝐌𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐲
(A Reverse Harem) Due to her above-average height, Shiina Kisaragi lives as the constant object of ridicule by her high school peers. Not a day goes by where she isn't...
Nexus/Grand Order (OC x Harem) by Nexinator
Nexus/Grand Order (OC x Harem)by Nex-oz
Nexus came into Chaldea just to get into the job and try to put in effort to it. Now he's been transferred as the 48th Master candidate on saving the world, risking live...
A Royal Story by Cephxx
A Royal Storyby MarieBoo
Ella Diana Porter, 21 years old young woman who's born in England but her parents moved to France, is soon going back in England to one of the most prestigious Universit...
Journey To Kin by asunshinecheetah
Journey To Kinby Cheetah
War. That was all Kion and the Lion Guard had known. With bloody battles and constant vying to keep their home safe... to keep their home at all, their childhood was spe...
An Outsider to Remnant (A Dishonored x Rwby fanfic) by Wrench54796
An Outsider to Remnant (A Dishonor...by Wrench
When a certain god finds a way to travel to a new world, he decides to take a familiar individual to test this newfound mystery. (This is my first story and I'm not mu...
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Rebel Girl by AmberLeeH13
Rebel Girlby Amber Lee
{Completed} Emerson isn't popular. She's also not a geek, or a jock, or a musical theatre kid, or emo, or any other social classification. Emerson just kind of exists in...
Just friends, best friends -Johnnyboy  by januarycade
Just friends, best friends -Johnny...by 𝓳𝓪𝓷𝓾𝓪𝓻𝔂 <3
Johnny and Ponyboy are soulmates no doubt, but they have to live in fear from a cold and hate driven town. So many things get in their way, will they stay faithful?
The past  by Fangirl2256
The past by Elizabeth
Ever wonder why Dally is so mean? Or why he's so close to Johnny? Maybe why greasers hate Socs? And why they fight so much? Its funny one girl started it all. One girl w...
Kopa and Vitani: true love lasts by Brietjeee
Kopa and Vitani: true love lastsby Brietjeee
This is the story of Kopa and Vitani, the way I see it. I don't own Disney, the lion king, the lion guard of any of the characters from those stories. Just this story an...
The outsiders imagines by jeanxjbb
The outsiders imaginesby jean
~Requests closed~ -just keep reading i promise (hope) they get better- -all are y/n- -LMAO I STARTED WRITING RHIS TWO YEARS AGO SO I HOPE IM A LOT BETTER NOW-
Three Brothers and a Ghost [Sequel] by iPurplelistic
Three Brothers and a Ghost [Sequel]by ipurplelistic
[If you haven't already, read the first book 'Three Brothers And A Sister'] [This book is the sequel to the first. This book also starts where the last book ends.] Marci...
Dishonored: Emily And Jasper.  by gokugunslinger
Dishonored: Emily And Jasper. by gokugunslinger
the story of a boy who stayed by Emily's side no matter what. #1 in Corvoattano
Being An Outsider by wolfcelery
Being An Outsiderby Victoria
This a version of the Outsiders and the things I would want to happen. Johnny and Dally are still alive. It's as if the book was set in reverse and everything is back to...
The Outsiders: Johnny's story by OutsidersAddict98
The Outsiders: Johnny's storyby Kenzie Parker
Johnny Cade was Ponyboy's best friend in the book "The Outsiders". He even committed murder to save Pony's life. But what about his story? It has never been to...