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Crisis on Ulixia III (Discontinued) by Emperor_Toast
Crisis on Ulixia III (Discontinued)by Almighty Walrus God
A Warhammer 40,000 novel of my own creation about my own space marine chapter, the Flaming Fists. When 1st captain Odin Gorgon and the first company investigate a world...
  • imperium
  • crisisonulixiaiii
  • orks
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Reincarnated in a fantasy war by Shadow_trooper
Reincarnated in a fantasy warby Shadow_trooper
Fantasy world, eternal wars, and a mercenary, what could go wrong?
  • fighting
  • fantasy
  • monsters
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Secrets to Unfold (Kili X Reader) by supernatural_gurl_13
Secrets to Unfold (Kili X Reader)by Rhyan K(Penguin)
Both of your parents were killed when you were just a baby. Or so you thought. Somehow, you were taken to the Shire and placed on young Bilbo Baggins' doorstep. Raising...
  • wizards
  • fanfiction
  • smaug
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Elf Dream by Tiernan_Is_A_Beast
Elf Dreamby TJ
I awoke covered in dirt and pine needles, in a forest, surrounded by lush vegetation and brush. It looked like it was afternoon, but I wasn’t positive. I sat up and knea...
  • orc
  • fangorn
  • earth
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Of Orcs and Men by DireKaito
Of Orcs and Menby Kai Delmas
Orcs and humans, two sides of the same coin. Bron is a captain in the King's army. He has led the first attack on an Orc settlement, knowing that it will mean war. What...
  • ork
  • orks
  • action
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The Angels Of Death by Inferno117
The Angels Of Deathby Inferno117
A Warhammer 40k story about a small team of elite space marines called the angels of death who protect the imperium and bring justice to its enemies.
  • spacemarines
  • fantasy
  • orks
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The Vigil of the Wolves  by Kaiser_Pestilence
The Vigil of the Wolves by Pestilence
The story of the first Fenrisian Imperial Guard regiment, obviously set in the Grim-Dark universe of Warhammer 40k.
  • warhammer
  • orks
  • wolf
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Battles of the Mordian Guard by Lamumu_the_Bard
Battles of the Mordian Guardby Gabrial Soh
The Mordian Iron Guard are introduced to the grim truth of war as they fight for the Emperor, the Imperium, and for their homeworld.
  • orks
  • 40k
  • commissar
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Tales of a wandering magician by xHanabira
Tales of a wandering magicianby xHanabira
This story covers the tales of the wandering magician Eïril Lockmour. Born as a boy in the solely Westwoods he seemed to have a normal life to live even though everyone...
  • magic
  • elves
  • human
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I herves dîn dúwath (Hobbit/Herr der Ringe FF) (ABGEBROCHEN) by Felicitas9374
I herves dîn dúwath (Hobbit/Herr d...by Felicitas9374
Ihr Schicksal ist Düsternis und nichts kann dies verhindern. So Dunkel ihr Antlitzt, so sanft ihre Seele. Nur wenige kennen die düstere Frau, welche nur nach Erlösung su...
  • orks
  • hobbit
  • frodo
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In a world of magic by Paragelly
In a world of magicby Paragelly
"Just look at the sky. Someday, you and me can be together again, along with everyone else... Who knows?" Those were the last words I have ever heard her... On...
  • giants
  • magic
  • fantasy
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H4cked Aus: World of Warcraft-Spieler Feind by mullentravix
H4cked Aus: World of Warcraft-Spie...by mullentravix
  • cyber-kriminellen
  • oder
  • monster
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Die letzte 8 Wächter by Cereborn
Die letzte 8 Wächterby Cereborn
Einst waren die Wächter ein mächtiges Volk die das Universum schützten vor allem bösen. Doch dann kam eine mächtige Kreatur befehligt von einem Dämonen Zauberer Namens Z...
  • letzten
  • gift
  • waffen
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DÜNYALARIN SAVAŞI by Serhat_bereket44
DÜNYALARIN SAVAŞIby serhat bereket
Bilim kurgu fantastik dalına herkesle birlikte yazacağım bir kitap.
  • orks
  • elfgreen
  • ırklararası
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Ein einfaches Mädchen oder doch mehr? by jasmin1712
Ein einfaches Mädchen oder doch me...by jasmin1712
Lest selbst! Das ist meine erste FF und ich bin offen für Vorschläge und Kritik. Eure Jasmin.
  • elben
  • orks
  • thorin
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In the grim darkness of the far future there is only... by Gutsnagga
In the grim darkness of the far fu...by Cole Vincent
On an imperial world, an Ork invasion of massive proportions has occured, led by the Ork warlord Gutsnagga Mo-ork. The first in a series of the Ork warlord's exploits.
  • 40000
  • 000
  • 40k
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Star warz re:ork by Cummingsking
Star warz re:orkby Cummingsking
A man had died in the most foolish way possible being laughs after his death he has scored a 2ed chance at life and a ... chance to vent some anger out in a proper waaag...
  • ocxharem
  • orks
  • starwars
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How to make a successful Ork character  by gggorilla
How to make a successful Ork chara...by gggorilla
If you want easy tips to create a Ork this is your book This my first Wattpad book
  • orks
  • tips