A Tale Of Sweet Sorrow (a group role play) by BladedPsycho
A Tale Of Sweet Sorrow (a group ro...by WilliamTheConquerer
In a land that was supposed to be filled with peace and prosperity, there seemed to lie only spirals of deceit. Ever since the day of his wedding when the black enchantr...
  • roleplaying
  • elves
  • king
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Der Wächter aus der Dunkelheit [ Band 2] BoyxBoy by HikariYukiwa
Der Wächter aus der Dunkelheit [ B...by Hikari Yukiwa
Akito hat das erste Jahr auf der Wächter Akademie hinter sich gebracht. Somit fängt für den jungen Gott das zweite Jahr an, aber anstatt das es ruhiger wird, bleibt die...
  • fantasy
  • magie
  • love
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A World Beyond by Miss_Lady_Rain
A World Beyondby ☔Reina S
Lexi had only one purpose in life- caring for her sick mother. When a strange man appears in her life, she has no choice but to travel to a forest in the middle of seemi...
  • adventure
  • supernatural
  • gods
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Elfen Lied (LucyxMaleReader) Lillium's Descent by XiaoShiao
Elfen Lied (LucyxMaleReader) Lilli...by Xiao Shiao
We all know how it ended, with that strange figure at the door. Who was it really? It could have been anyone....even HER. Did Lucy really come back, did she decide to le...
  • lillium
  • elfen
  • thriller
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Beneath the wild moon. by KrisAten
Beneath the wild moon.by Kris Aten
Sky is a modern girl living in our modern age. (Roughly 5th age 2013) She does not realize a few things about herself. Namely that she is one of the last elves living in...
  • elfen
  • lotrfic
  • fanfiction
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On The Road To Herein by MarkStrange
On The Road To Hereinby Mark Strange
A young mixed-race couple, a human and a fire elf, embark on a journey across a dark forest towards the progressive city of Herein where they hope to start a new life t...
  • elfen
  • magic
  • fire-elf
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Inhuman by dicloniouslove
Inhumanby Ashley
Two young girls, both who are bullied, but live in separate areas. Both bullied for their strange features, but not of the same species. Ashurii is a cat demon, human, a...
  • crossover
  • tragedy
  • schoollife
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The road to love by MisbahMasood
The road to loveby Misbah Masood
Legolas and Tauriel were friends ever since childhood.But as they grow older,Legolas realizes for the first time..he needs more.Will he be able to admit his feelings for...
  • legolas
  • mirkwood
  • tauriel
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Diabolik lovers X Elfen Lied  by _LadyBernkastel_
Diabolik lovers X Elfen Lied by 🎆
Another fanfiction with.....elfen lied..... Cover not mine
  • lied
  • diabolikloversxelfenlied
  • lucyxsakamakibrothers
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Die Erbin des Schlüssels by A-M_Z-
Die Erbin des Schlüsselsby A-M.Z
ICH SCHWÖRE DIESMAL IST ES DIE VERSION, DIE ICH AUCH ZU ENDE FÜHREN WERDE XD --------------------------------------------------------------- Es gibt viele Arten von Magi...
  • adel
  • krieg
  • machtgier
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Mika's New Reality by PANicAtTheGabbieShow
Mika's New Realityby MCR_FREAK_MARCH_22_
Mika, a 16 year old girl lives on the south side of New Orleans with her single mother, Gia,she loves her mom and has a strong passion for writing, life is great. That...
  • demons
  • adventure
  • sifi
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Mac tíre banphrionsa by SerpentaLupin
Mac tíre banphrionsaby SerpentaLupin
Vor mehr als siebenhundert Jahren wurde eine Prophezeiung gesprochen die schließlich das Leben eines jungen Mädchens ganz schön auf den Kopf stellt. Trotzdem freut sie s...
  • siriusblack
  • harrypotter
  • fenris
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Taste of the Fire by iamabluemonkey
Taste of the Fireby iamabluemonkey
"Your court is filled with nothing but maggots. You and your Queen are cowards, lower than the street bitch that swarms bars. Shea is a disgusting filth that is no...
  • swords
  • shea
  • dwarves
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Chronicles of Han Storm - Leilaka #1 Intro (Fantasy, Adventure, Dragon Riders) by chroniclesofhan
Chronicles of Han Storm - Leilaka...by H Gibson, Author, Chronicles...
"Leilaka! Birth place of physical experiences. Seeding Planet for Creation. Some will say a work of fantasy. I beg to differ. I am Han, and this is my life-memory...
  • fantasy
  • adventure
  • paranormal
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Rise of the Dark Spark by FallRiver-Prime
Rise of the Dark Sparkby FallRiver-Prime
One artifact, a group of heros, autobots and a bounty hunter. All of these groups are out to get he artifact and end the war.
  • lied
  • sonicboom
  • transformers
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Anarchy - Book Two- (ManxMan) by EeveeAndras
Anarchy - Book Two- (ManxMan)by EeveeAndras
What do you do when the world is against you, everyone blames you for a crime you didn't commit, and the only person capable of stopping this is gone? Strength comes fr...
  • lycan
  • lgbt
  • elf
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Angora by TheBrightFlame
Angoraby TheBrightFlame
Dies ist die Erzählung eines Bauernjungen der die Welt wie er sie kennt verlässt um nach Abenteuern zu suchen. Ich hoffe sie gefällt euch und ihr gebt mir hilfreiche Rat...
  • angora
  • elfen
  • fantasy-welt
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Drowning by OneSadLoveSong
Drowningby OneSadLoveSong
Hailee is a powerful immortal witch, that has been running and hiding for centuries from the person who was supposed to love her the most, she has tried to stay away fro...
  • insaneinnovators
  • immortality
  • stacey
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Nature's Claim by EscapeGreyReality
Nature's Claimby Midnight
Die Menschheit zerstört die Natur - immer und immer weiter. Wie lange lässt die Natur das noch mit sich machen? Nach Fukushima, der Verpestung der Weltmeere mit Plastik...
  • reise
  • natur
  • plastik
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 Maybe (Lucy x Kouta) by Emotionless911
Maybe (Lucy x Kouta)by Endless Tears
Lucy x Kouta hope you guys like it!!
  • lucy
  • lied
  • elfen
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