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Falling petals by Hi1444
Falling petalsby Alexandra Al
To be reborn in a game, and a romance game at that. Amber didn't expect to die from a small illness, only to wake up in one of those japanese romance games she played wh...
Book 2: Where They Are Going [Legolas] by Animemadness101
Book 2: Where They Are Going [Lego...by Animemadness101
The Fellowship has separated, Aragorn, Legolas, Linnéa, and Gimli following their own path towards the impending war. With the enemy drawing closer and darkness setting...
Impossible Temptation (A Naruto Love Story) by LucindaRose
Impossible Temptation (A Naruto Lo...by Lucy
Lucy was only nine years old when she slaughtered not only her nightmarish parents, but incidentally her entire village in a blood thirsty rampage. Only just a child, sh...
Poorten [Netties2016] by Imon89
Poorten [Netties2016]by Simone G.
'Mensen zijn zo zwak' hoorde ik hem daarna zeggen. Ik liet mijn mond open vallen, wat een eikel! 'Dat je het even weet meneer egocentrisch' hoorde ik mijn oud klasgenoot...
Chronicles of Han Storm - Leilaka #1 Intro (Fantasy, Adventure, Dragon Riders) by chroniclesofhan
Chronicles of Han Storm - Leilaka...by H Gibson, Author, Chronicles...
"Leilaka! Birth place of physical experiences. Seeding Planet for Creation. Some will say a work of fantasy. I beg to differ. I am Han, and this is my life-memory...
Hearts of Elfennol Book 1: Ice by Sorah_Livia
Hearts of Elfennol Book 1: Iceby Captain Sorah & Siren Livy
Elfennol, a land of the elements, of the elves, of immortals. A land granted peace after extinguishing the shadows. Mona, the Lady of Fire. A girl who has twisted her...
The road to love  (Legoriel Fanfic) by MisbahMasood
The road to love (Legoriel Fanfic)by Misbah Masood
Legolas and Tauriel were friends ever since childhood.But as they grow older,Legolas realizes for the first time..he needs more.Will he be able to admit his feelings for...
Irresistible Temptation (A Naruto Love Story) Book Two by LucindaRose
Irresistible Temptation (A Naruto...by Lucy
Lucy has abandoned both her village and her ninja way to follow Zabuza, someone who promises to care for her and help her control Lucille. She grows attached to Zabuza...
Thranduil, A Story Of Love  by sips___tea
Thranduil, A Story Of Love by sips___tea
Tindómiel, the sheltered daughter of Elrond fall for the king of the woodland realm. But will he fall for her too? I have written a competed version based around this ca...
FORCES (Elfen lied Lucy/Nyu X Tatsumi(male reader)) by imanihso
FORCES (Elfen lied Lucy/Nyu X Tats...by imanihso
You(Tatsume) are traveling to a new land to bring back money for your town( similar to the akame ga kill plot) and move to japan with your friend hoping to possibly brin...
La Shinobi de los Kurama Sasuke Uchiha y tu Naruto. by Elfenlied34797109
La Shinobi de los Kurama Sasuke Uc...by Elfenlied34797109
Esta historia se trata de una Niña Diclonius de 4 años Llamada Kaede Kurama una Chica de ojos Rojos y de Cabellos Rosados quien es la Descendiente del Clan Kurama: Hace...
The Shannara Chronicles - The war is over (Prince Ander) by babsi024
The Shannara Chronicles - The war...by babsi024
Spielt nach der 1. Staffel Der Krieg ist gewonnen, doch er ist nicht spurlos an allen vorbeigegangen. Prinz, mittlerweile sogar König, Ander ist alleine, sein Familie i...
King's Orders by Boba_Tea022
King's Ordersby Bubbles
Prim, was an average, poor town girl living with her mother, father, and two sisters, Rosaline, and Cora in the small town of Lakeshore. Her boring, routine stricken lif...
A Bouquet of Crocus by Mumunyan
A Bouquet of Crocusby Munyan
The Elven Prince of Tortas mountain, Venrie, was betrayed by his own brother, Cystenn. With war ahead, he was killed by Cystenn. But when he thought he's supposed to be...
Die Legende eines Mädchen oder doch nur ein Märchen by princesscassiopeia_
Die Legende eines Mädchen oder doc...by Lylejana
Es wird ein Kind geboren mit dem Segen der Götter und dem Blut aller Völker. An ihrer Seite steht ihre Hexen Schwester, zusammen werden sie mächtig sein. Eine alte, verg...
Ethereal Power ~Adultrio~ by SadAnimeCentral
Ethereal Power ~Adultrio~by ~Author~
2nd book of the Akira series When two worlds merge as one Fate had brought two people together Both of them from different worlds And yet they feel as if they're birds o...
The Anime Movie by Sphinxvi-ir
The Anime Movieby Uchiha Airi
What happens when the various anime universes are combined into one? You get chaos. Featuring characters and world concepts of 30 anime cleverly brought together, watch...
• Pourquoi moi ? • by Kelly47520
• Pourquoi moi ? •by Kellycantigre
• PSEUDO : Une-Baka-en-action-2 → https://une-baka-en-action-2.skyrock.com/ • LIEN : http://une-baka-en-action-2.skyrock.com/tags/2o9lKUgLKPm-Une-Baka-en-action-2.html •...
Monster. Bakgou x reader by Somerandomanimegir
Monster. Bakgou x readerby Random girl
Hi guys this my first book and pls do not judge my grammer .i'm only 10 years old And I'm this book about we want to different I dimension and that dimension was my...