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Alpha Abner Roth by pelly_blue
Alpha Abner Rothby Aks~
Ever since she freed a wolf from some poachers, she's being stalked. What happens when she hugs the wolf and seconds later finds her arms around Abner Roth- the town's r...
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Purple Guy: Various Yandere FNAF X Reader by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Purple Guy: Various Yandere FNAF EPICNESSQUEEN
It all started on a rainy night. A lot like the one the first child was killed. A new family member was brought home from the hospital. Her name, (Name) Afton. She is Wi...
Chara's origins by SuperNovaKale
Chara's originsby Asexual Animations
Chara's life just before they climbed Mt. Ebott and their adventures with Asriel after becoming his sibling. Note: this is in no way cannon and is just my imagining of...
Tainted:  Origins of a Psycho by ReadingtheInsanity89
Tainted: Origins of a Psychoby ReadingtheInsanity89
*Prequel to She Belongs to Me* What makes a man into a monster? This is the story of how Vincent Graves came to be the psychopath we all know and love (or love to hate)...
Assassin's Creed Oneshots by kokojongbros
Assassin's Creed Oneshotsby ZaynAndTheMaliks
Hello!~ The characters I'll write for include; •Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad •Ezio Auditore da Firenze •Haytham Kenway •Ratonhnhaké:ton "Connor" Kenway •Edward Kenway ...
Assassin's Creed ~ One Shots by FeedMeFryes
Assassin's Creed ~ One Shotsby 💧
**REQUESTS CURRENTLY CLOSED!!** One shots involving cute, fluffy (potentially heated) moments with your favorite Assassin's Creed characters. Some shots in this will be...
Multiverse Madness: A FamousFilms Fanfiction by 2kae217
Multiverse Madness: A 2kae217
Bryan has messed with the portal, but this time, it wasn't himself that came in, but someone...or something....else that came out. Read to find out!
Origins Oneshots by PurbleTouchedElbows
Origins Oneshotsby Curtain/Kiwi
Any origins is fine with me I take requests but it might take some time and uh half of this book is literally just FTO sooooo-
Enter The Dark World by lonegiver
Enter The Dark Worldby lonegiver
He's been watching, he's been waiting, now he wants Jack. An unsuspecting Jack is sucked into the Dark World, but something else comes out. As a desperate Mark tries to...
Primis and Ultimis Crews X Reader One-shots And Imagines by balder614
Primis and Ultimis Crews X Kira
The title says it all. I won't do lemons, but I may do the ultimis crew if enough people want me to. Requests are open and feel free to request more than once! I hope...
The Fallen Angel by UltimateFenris
The Fallen Angelby Fenris
(Formerly called Raven) A girl trapped for years by a mad scientist has to deal with a new world, new people, and a new family. She might even grow to save others. #78 i...
The Time Before (Undertale) by ANinnyMouse42
The Time Before (Undertale)by ANinnyMouse42
~o0o~ Book 1 of the "Better Times" trilogy ~o0o~ (Book two: "A Name to Remember") (Book three: "No One is Happy with This") There was a tim...
Another Prophecy by moerayxo
Another Prophecyby moe
My twist on a Sonic X/Underground fanfic! There's no Chris, and it's completely original from where I make friendships. It's a bit AU. Includes some OC's. Orrrrr. Sonic...
Hermitcraft: Origins by _adrilia_
Hermitcraft: Originsby Adri
"Each world has its own story. Even if you tried to get a story from me, I wouldn't be able to tell you half of it. There is so much life in each build and block, a...
A Name to Remember (Undertale) by ANinnyMouse42
A Name to Remember (Undertale)by ANinnyMouse42
~o0o~ Book 2 of the "Better Times" trilogy ~o0o~ (Book one: "The Time Before") (Book three: "No One is Happy with This") Ah. Hello there. Y...
Art Book! by _White_Angel_Fox
Art Book!by Jada
This is to see my progress on drawing I also am making some characters of my readers! If you want me to draw you something let me know. Now the art won't be the best sin...
Incorrect Quotes by FoxesLoveChocolate
Incorrect Quotesby Emily the fox
soooo these are gonna be incorrect quotes from the Origins series. snort,plane,and sample :3 (don't question that last sentence...I was just trying to say 'short,plain,a...
Godswap Au by GlitchyEx3
Godswap Auby Gl!tch Undertale
It's an Origins of Olympus au. Everyone's godly parent is different. It's started in my Fan art book. I haven't even figured out everyone's godly parent yet. If anyone h...
Creepypasta Origin stories by LadyMaryEvangeline
Creepypasta Origin storiesby Mary-Evangeline
Origins of several known Creepypasta characters. Includes Jeff the killer, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Ben drowned, ticci Toby, Homicidal Liu, Jane the killer, smile do...
EXO ORIGINS by exoxouniverse
EXO ORIGINSby exoxouniverse
Nine of us were taken. They kept telling us we were different, one of a kind and filled with limitless possibilities. But why? What made us so special? They experimente...