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|| The Films Family Secret || A T.F.F. || by Lily_Darkness2000
|| The Films Family Secret || A Rosetta Darkness
This story is a fanfic (?) about TheFamousFilms. I know Bryan isn't Chris but in this universe he is. Bryan looked at the old photo and tears threatened to fall. None of...
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Review City by mahana258
Review Cityby Mahana
Step into my library! I offer whole book reviews and a smidgen of advice!
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The Adventurer's Guild: A Book Club (Session 1 in Progress/ Applications Closed) by TheFaeFolk
The Adventurer's Guild: A Book The Fae Folk
If you're looking for feedback, publicity, and a community of other high fantasy authors, look no further. The Adventurer's Guild is made specifically for fantasy books...
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Breaking Point by FireFox_Playz26
Breaking Pointby FireFox Studios
Bryan had finally had enough of everything. He was tired of the names, the bulling, everything. He went into work one day and heard something that would change things dr...
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The-famous-films ship smut by derpyfox_qwq
The-famous-films ship smutby ~Derpy_Fox~
I have decided to make a story it's nsfw/smut you don't have to read it if you're not into smut books. Also one more thing please kill me. :3
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My Ńîğhțmąřë [•TheFamousFilms•] by UnwalkableFeah
My Ńîğhțmąřë [•TheFamousFilms•]by UnwalkableFeah
What if Bryan was lying to everybody? He knew about the animatronics before the Pizzaria. He knew about Jeręmý, Gabriel, Fritz, Cassidy, Susie and Charlotte... He recogn...
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TheFamousFilms - Living Victim by Happinesswuv
TheFamousFilms - Living Victimby Happinesswuv
This story takes place at our dear ol Pizzeria! No one, not even bryan knew that he was a living victim of William Afton who is also known as Springtrap, He was also som...
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Thefamousfilms Oneshots by CatGamingLove
Thefamousfilms Oneshotsby IAmMadeOfSelfHate
so yeah so I made another one of these- feel free to request, I DON'T do Lemons/smut, but other then that enjoy
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A dreamy hell (TFF) by aaaaaaaaaaaabgiam
A dreamy hell (TFF)by aaaaaaaaaaaabgiam
Bryan is alright, I guess. Can the animatronics save him before it's too late? Most of this will be first-person POV of Bryan, but some things will be 3rd POV ⚠angst⚠ ...
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{Reaccuring Nightmares}The Famous Films by Applepie2207
{Reaccuring Nightmares}The Gayboi2.0
A͕͖͜n̻̝͎ a͙̺̦l̺̝̺t͚̞e̝͜r̝͖n̠̘̠a͓͉̪t͚͇͓e̦͜ u̞͕̠n͙͚i͓͚v̢̼͍e͔͇͜r̝͇͚s̢̫̟e͓͎̦ where the nightmares come back to haunt Bryan. Where Bryan is the main protagonist and is having...
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Élphame by AnnabethC
Élphameby L. N.
It's getting worse. Not now. Why now? It's been dormant for weeks! Naomi thought, squeezing her hand repeatedly into a fist to try to suppress the faint tingling in the...
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Hey you! ask or dare 'The Famous Films FNAF7 RP!" by ShinrinTheWendigo
Hey you! ask or dare 'The Famous Clowo the bear
hey you! you fool! yeah, the person eating chips on their bed near midnight! the one who wont hesitate to write or comment on a smut story! Ask us! im Shinrin, the bein...
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TheFamousFilms (+more) Art Book- by CatGamingLove
TheFamousFilms (+more) Art Book-by IAmMadeOfSelfHate
you read the title- I'll be making some art- I do -Oc's -TFF -Fanart of people I follow -Really just any request that's Pg-13 so yeah.... enjoy
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P e t a l s   D o w n by AGDontKnow
P e t a l s D o w nby NoFace-Davis
Bryan usually had a good life in the park, somehow Shadow Bonnie likes hanging out but thinking of joining or still wanted information like always. He has been bullied b...
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The Masked TTF Voice Actors(some)(Cover coming soon) by AGDontKnow
The Masked TTF Voice Actors(some)( NoFace-Davis
Ask them anything, idc see ya B)
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//REWIND\\ by Scarlett_Sorcerer
//REWIND\\by Scarlett_Sorcerer
The title gives it away. I can't think of a real description yet.
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Secrets by LenaGamez
Secretsby LenaGamez
It's been really rough running the theme park for Briana and the others don't make it easy. Jon has been harsh on her and so has Freddy. Twisted Chica, Foxy and Virtual...
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Fairy Tail Origins (my version) by Wolfie-Rose
Fairy Tail Origins (my version)by Wolfie-Rose
This is my version of TheFamousFilms role play series- Fairy Tail Origins, so please no hate. Some characters will be OOC like Bryan for example will be more shy. Please...
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Why Molten freddy is not allowed to drive by mandijane1
Why Molten freddy is not allowed mandijane1
This is based off of the famous films fnaf series and also a sneak peak at my next book ^w^ I DIDN'T FORGET THE EAR I DREW IT LIKE THAT that was just in case you think...
My Digital Art by shadowfoxfox
My Digital Artby shadowfoxfox
I hope you like my art. I try so plz dont hate. I also mostly draw fnaf so plz if you dont like fnaf then I guess you dont have to look. Also pretty much all of my drawi...
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