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Portal Timer and Time Travel  by CreativeNameNotFound
Portal Timer and Time Travel by Azel
Steve and Bryan successfully separate themselves using the Portal Timer, but end up throwing themselves back in time too. Now back at the first pizzeria, Bryan has to ac...
The Roses Thorns by DragneelHearts
The Roses Thornsby Moon_Dragneel
Mario shattered the sword and saved Bryan from the collapsing island which thrived on the power of the Seductive Rose which Bryan welded. Bryan now "free" from...
The Forbidden Circus... by IdkMyName143
The Forbidden Birbbbbbbbbbb
After the animatronics were teleported into a mysterious and unnamed location, they realized that Bryan never entered with them....After looking around they find somethi...
Do you remeber? (Finnished)  by GalaxyWolfyFoxy
Do you remeber? (Finnished) by GalaxyWolfyFoxy
This takes place in the Freddyland. The twisted animatronic's are always coming and they want the secret from Bryan and he dosen't know what it is. What happens when the...
Breaking Point by FireFox_Studios_26
Breaking Pointby FireFox Studios
Bryan had finally had enough of everything. He was tired of the names, the bulling, everything. He went into work one day and heard something that would change things dr...
Rules for Freddyland by littlemoonprincess
Rules for Freddylandby littlemoonprincess
These are list of rules that are to be followed in Freddyland. Or rather the occupants of Freddyland because the shenanigans they get into are rather odd and slightly co...
Accidents | TheFamousFilms AU by ShadowBl00d
Accidents | TheFamousFilms AUby ShadowBl00d
based off a FNAF role play made by TheFamousFilms made a preview kind of video on my yt channel
What they have caused..(The famous films story)(discontinued) by That_one_friend-
What they have caused..(The Fandom mf
Bryan's "friends" have been talking about him behind his back little do they know what they caused him to do...
The Secret Within by Whydoitryanymore67
The Secret Withinby Why
{Book 1 of The Unfortunate series} (I own none of the pictures or videos that may be presented in this story) [A Famous Films related story] ____________________________...
Flowers and Fire by mollybasketrabbit
Flowers and Fireby Strong and Stupid Potato uwu
Normally, flowers are beautiful, meek, fragile things of nature. They grow, flourish, then die. It's just life. Right? Fire can be ruthless, cruel, killing everything it...
TheFamousFilms Random Things (Requests OPEN) by Poison_Butter
TheFamousFilms Random Things ( Poison_Butter
Give me requests please! I only do fnaf because I'm not in to the other series as much! This could take place at the first pizzeria or in the theme park. You could also...
Sticks and stones |TTF A.U| (being Rewriten as another book) by coast_walker
Sticks and stones |TTF A.U| ( A-Panic-Party
[FINAL REWRITE IS CALLED SUFFICIENT SOWROW] it can be found on my account (cover art done by me) Bryan's hurt mentally and he hasn't healed one bit. How could he? it has...
 my angel by Artimes_River
my angelby Artimes
I walk into his dark office with red lights on the sides all you could see was his smirk. this is a brypu mafia au
Inner Pain...  by agrace932
Inner Pain... by agrace932
Bryan had enough. Everyday was the same... Wake up, get dressed, go to the Pizzeria, get made fun of, play games, get made fun of more, go home, paperwork and repeat...
Trap In Place (Ask or Dare) Story by oenimi
Trap In Place (Ask or Dare) Storyby
The crew and them are having a normal day at the park until one day they all decided to do something different.... which only led closer to the end of the day with the c...
Enough (canceled) by Prowolfalpha1
Enough (canceled)by Lefter
Amazing cover by @unipup17 This is based of if the YouTube's thefamousefilms fnaf 6 and a little of origin of Olympus What if Bryan met his breaking point? What if Bryan...
【 What a pleasant surprise 】 by PennelOpyx
【 What a pleasant surprise 】by ★ Leefty ★
Normally his journeys to different dimensions weren't so crazy. He'd always traveled with his friends. But when Bryan slips into the portal, he finds himself in a differ...
Wires and Blood (A TheFamousFilms fan-fiction) -ON HOLD- by KomaniKat
Wires and Blood (A K0maniKat
It's a normal day in Freddy Land. Well, as normal as it can be when your 'friends' are walking, talking animatronics. Bryan walks through the park. Someone is watching...
Dreaming of Insanity by SammySnowflake
Dreaming of Insanityby SammySnowflake
Everything was perfect. Jon was gone, Springtrap was on the run, and Molten was finally being nice! So what could go wrong? Aparently alot.
Just a Thought (Thefamousfilms fan fiction, fnaf 7) by Green_blade1201
Just a Thought (Thefamousfilms hope for this year!
I simple thought can do many things! From accomplishing a dream, to breaking your own mind. A dream can signify that thought. Dreams are an escape from reality, a blessi...