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Every Lifetime I Fall {COMPLETED} by LadyJWrites
Every Lifetime I Fall {COMPLETED}by LadyJWrites
Every lifetime, Li Rong Xin reincarnates and dies a virgin maid failing to enter a marriage. It is all the fault of Yang Zi Huo! The first lifetime: she was left at the...
The Tale of A Villainess ✔️ by iimagineii
The Tale of A Villainess ✔️by Gine
[Completed] Yan Zi, a botanist and author, accidentally transmigrated into her own historical novel as the notorious villainess. She meets Xu Kai, the handsome Co-Comman...
Let's Just Follow The Story For Now by MissQ6
Let's Just Follow The Story For Nowby Miss Q
Mikhail who suddenly woken up to be in the body of side character's name Leon Fronti from the Novel [Truth Dragon Slayer] decide to stay low and let the story flow the w...
Home || Enoch O'Connor by joyfullyours
Home || Enoch O'Connorby yj
Having grown up with someone like Jake Portman, I've grown up preparing for anything. Well, almost. So how did I, an outcast from 2016, land up back in the year 1943...
Reincarnated to Another World with my brother  by benintown
Reincarnated to Another World with...by benintown
Yo!! What's up!! This is my first story I'm writing. This is a femalexfemale. Yup it's YuRi. You don't like? Then you can leave and find something else👋. Those who are...
Beyblade Burst {Boyfriend x Reader} by Avanni_Cinders
Beyblade Burst {Boyfriend x Reader}by Point Break
A collection of Beyblade Burst boyfriend scenarios Oneshots Imagines Scenarios Requests are closed, check out my new BBB oneshots story where I'll be finishing any out s...
Yandere Male! X Reader by x_golgothasTerror_x
Yandere Male! X Readerby ABANDONED ACCOUNT
*I CHANGED THE COVER!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!* *Also, please don't try and correct any of my work, either grammar, puntuation or anything else. I worked hard and my work is...
Beyblade Burst No.2 {Boyfriend x Readers} Requests Are CLOSED by Avanni_Cinders
Beyblade Burst No.2 {Boyfriend x R...by Point Break
A collection of Beyblade Burst x Reader scenarios Oneshots Imagines Scenarios Requests are CLOSED. ~No.1 in BCSol {Sun, August 18th, 2019}
The Silence by pretty04princes
The Silenceby pretty04princes
Saint hates pretty much everything about his life. His new school. His new family. Especially his new house. His love for music is the only thing that keeps him going...
WARNING: this is very, very, cringey. I've warned you, this was written by an 11 year old, idiotic fan so if you find anything you don't like or don't agree to, do not m...
Brother Of The Villainess by TheAncientReader
Brother Of The Villainessby ANCIENT
A boy, living in our current world takes his life by jumping off his school building... But he wakes up in a strange place looking at a woman? Only to find he has been r...
Outer banks characters xreader  by creativedisasters
Outer banks characters xreader by Creativedisasters
Smut Fluff One shots Angst With all of our favourite characters The first story Will be posted on 24 August because it's a birthday thing and one and the 24th is my...
Once Upon A Pink Haired Girl (GxG - Succubus Story) by OceanBolts
Once Upon A Pink Haired Girl (GxG...by Ocean Bolts
Yeah so this is going to be a Yuri/GL/GXG (Because I'm gay like that lmao) ♤ ♤ ♤ Kaoru Tachibana is a 19 year old girl, just starting her new life at her new appartment...
Fated Holy War [Legend of the Five Knights 4] (Ongoing) by ImperialSun
Fated Holy War [Legend of the Five...by Gustavo J. Jr.
As the casualties on the Zionian side of the Abyssia-Zionia war continue to increase, a new enemy emerges from the shadows to join the fray. Or rather an old enemy of Zi...
Finding My Way Back To Him by Hazqhhh
Finding My Way Back To Himby Hanyoomqah
Eiden is a popular student, known for his perfections and his personality. On this very last year of his primary school, where he needs to focus, love struck him during...
? Produced By E.F.A. and L.F.A. by Dogqueen1
? Produced By E.F.A. and L.F.A.by Dogqueen1
Two kids who find an abandoned warehouse and their whole world changes. Sci-fi comedy with minor fantasy and horror elements.
Sawyer worked as a diener, also referred as an autopsy technician where she spends half of a day in the mortuary. She would always have little chit-chats with the uncons...
Dolores by CreatorofDolores
Doloresby Creator of Dolores
What happens when a serial killer is friends with a mafia princess,a Floridian drug addict,and a normal person with lots of trauma?find out by reading this story!
The Side Character's A Hidden Prodigy by daffodilJaps
The Side Character's A Hidden Prod...by Gin Japs
I am a gay who got possessed in a novel as an Extra. Trasmigrated as a side character's friend who only made an appearance once and don't have any role in the book. Hec...
My Mess Of A Mind by Cornut112
My Mess Of A Mindby Cece
Poetry I've written based on moments in my life, thoughts, music, people etc