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Dreamers // Enoch O'Connor by Lola_the_Dreamer
Dreamers // Enoch O'Connorby Lola M.
Ashlyn Wainwright is a peculiar with an odd combination of peculiarities: She's hallucikinetic, cardiokinetic, and amokinetic. In summary, she can find out what people l...
Abomination - Enoch O'Connor  by Catlove3321
Abomination - Enoch O'Connor by Catlove3321
she's stubborn. she hates being touched and she doesn't like many people. her hair is nearly as black as the heart she wants the world to think she has. in the eyes of...
SPARK // Enoch O'Connor by rzvenclzw
SPARK // Enoch O'Connorby -wanderer-
COMPLETED 2016-2017 • • Book One in the SPARK duology • • "Hey wait there a second, invisible boy. I never said I had feelings for Enoch." "Oh please,&qu...
A Peculiar Time in 1944 - A Millard Fanfic (Miss Peregrine's Home) #wattys2020 by randomreader000000
A Peculiar Time in 1944 - A randomreader000000
Aurora Abbott does not live a peculiar life. The only extraordinary thing about her is her ability to still be so kind and selfless while the country is torn apart by WW...
Little Monster~Enoch O'connor by discontinued87
Little Monster~Enoch O'connorby Tabitha
"Im a monster!" "Well you're my Little Monster"
Muddy Waters / enoch o'connor {Slow Updates} by saturnkeith
Muddy Waters / enoch o'connor { saturnkeith
For the last seventy years of her life, Louisa Grove has dreamed of visiting other loops and meeting other peculiar's, but she's been trapped. Until one day, when someth...
Secrets | Enoch O'Connor | Finlay Macmillan | by nctzen-honey
Secrets | Enoch O'Connor | NCTbabies
"I prefer being alone it makes it harder to get hurt." • No wights No hollows
Fix You | Enoch O'Connor | Finlay Macmillan by nctzen-honey
Fix You | Enoch O'Connor | NCTbabies
"You know, I tried to do it. I tried to fix you, but I can't." "It's okay, you tried. I didn't think you'd do that." "You don't get it do you? Y...
Hope (Enoch O'Connor x Reader) by xbitcheskissesx
Hope (Enoch O'Connor x Reader)by tamika
Is there hope for anything? Is there hope for survival? Is there hope for you? Or are you completely lost to the world? Travelling to Miss Peregrine's loop with your...
manipulate // enoch o'connor by sasscastic
manipulate // enoch o'connorby rea
Shadow Girl (A mphfpc Fanfiction) by storytellerofapollo
Shadow Girl (A mphfpc Fanfiction)by Lee Fletcher
Elizabeth James is peculiar. Her peculiarity is the fact that she can turn into a shadow. Her parents were disgusted by this 'uniqueness' so she ran away. Eventually she...
Metamorphmagus by MyNameIsDe
Metamorphmagusby MyNameIsDe
Mi Thomason is an American 16 year old girl. But she's peculiar, a metamorphmagus. What happens when Mi joins Miss Peregrine's loop? Metamorphmagus: Being that can chan...
Audibility- A Miss Peregrines Fanfiction #1 by bmason21
Audibility- A Miss Peregrines bmason21
Nettalyn Apiston, a girl with hyperacusia, or enhanced hearing, is not an ordinary girl. Well, she's peculiar even for a peculiar. She lives in Miss Grouse's Home for Sp...
Angels of Death (Enoch X Reader)  by NatashaTasyaar
Angels of Death (Enoch X Reader) by Natasha Tasyaar
Y/N is known as the Angel of Death because of her ability to take someone's life. But it isn't something that she wants, she simply didn't have a choice, but then she ra...
The Headmistress by RosielleJackson
The Headmistressby RosielleJackson
[being edited] Olivia James stumbles upon Miss Peregrines loop after spending many years of her life isolated in a house with other girls. May Olivia's life be more pecu...
Jacob's Best Friend || Enoch O'Connor by megantimsxx
Jacob's Best Friend || Enoch O' megantimsxx
When Jacob Portman arrives at the home of Miss Peregrine and her peculiar children with a girl, Enoch has to figure out whether or not he should lower his guard
Love Is Love by Trash-Monkeys
Love Is Loveby Monkey
Male reader or male OC short stories # Teenwolf # Miss Peregrine home for peculiar children # Riddick # Detroit become human # CSI : Crime Scene Investigation # Harry P...
Mphfpc x Reader Imagines (SLOW UPDATES) by AreyouSiriusBlack
Mphfpc x Reader Imagines (SLOW Forever Indebted
~Requests welcome~ First time doing imagines. -I don't own Mphfpc or any of the characters-
.Staying Peculiar >> Enoch O'Connor. by ebsferry
.Staying Peculiar >> Enoch O' E-Fizzle
When two hearts are meant to be, no distance is too far, no time is too long, and nothing can break them apart. »cover credit @-VIDEHOES
Shy (A FanFiction about Miss Peregrines Peculiar children) by MaeStorm
Shy (A FanFiction about Miss MaeStorm
A MPHFPC fan fiction No relationships, just family.