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WTF is Gender? by adrenalineparty
WTF is Gender?by ez charlie v.p.
A place where your favorite trans babe talks about gender and it's many mysteries.
LGBTQ+: Labels and more by Your_Man_Michael
LGBTQ+: Labels and moreby Not good rn
Hey guys, gals and non-binary pals! This book filled with labels, their definitions, as well as things and art themed around them like aesthetics and pride flag arts (i...
Drawn to You [Downton Abbey] by PurpleKorea134
Drawn to You [Downton Abbey]by Amanda Palmer
Downton Abbey footman Thomas Barrow is a horribly misunderstood human being, mainly because he is a gay man living in early-twentieth century England. His life suddenly...
The Pregnancy Club °A Teen Pregnancy Story° by BlondeMoments
The Pregnancy Club °A Teen Pregnan...by isabelle
Chastity, Aimee and Sadie have nothing in common other than the fact that all of them are sixteen and pregnant. None of them know how to cope until they here about The P...
The Facebook Stalker: Erin's Story by tierney1984
The Facebook Stalker: Erin's Storyby Tierney
Erin, from 'The Facebook Stalker,' possibly better known by her alias, Amanda Johnson, tells her side of the story from prison. Updated regularly.
Ninjago-Hybrid Pride Stories by Alenshi
Ninjago-Hybrid Pride Storiesby Alenshi
Welcome! Here, you will find a series of Pride stories relating to Ninjago and a Hybrid AU! (I've never done this before, but I hope you'll like it!) I designed the cove...
The LTI Intiative by DeanEnder
The LTI Intiativeby Dean Ender
The LTI Intiative, or known as Latex, Transform, Identify, is an unknown Initiative working behind the scenes of Humanity. We have one goal, cleanse the Earth from human...
SMUT; BXB by CursedSinfulMother
hello.mga ka wetcurse
Gaystripe's Guide to Sexualities! by QueerWarriors
Gaystripe's Guide to Sexualities!by The Queer Warriors
Hi, there! I'm Gaystripe, and I've been summoned here to teach you all about the wonderful world of gayness. Ahem. Well, not JUST gayness, I suppose. Gayness and the res...
Et si...? by Ambrervil
Et si...?by Ambrervil
est-ce que c'est normal ? Est-ce que c'est normal que quand j'ai envie d'embrasser cette fille, j'ai plus peur de me prendre un coup de la part d'un homophobe que de me...
LGBT+ and the Church by SaintVassa
LGBT+ and the Churchby Rosencrantz ☦︎
This book will be addressing the LGBT+ issues and the Church. The primary chapters will discuss God's design, the sin and reasoning, and more, and will eventually begin...
LGBT+ Dictionary: A-Z  by ConfusedGalaxy
LGBT+ Dictionary: A-Z by Storm
Questioning your identity? Want to learn about different sexualities, romanticisms, and gender identities? Well here is the place to do just that. Learn more about the L...
everything unexpected by trueself69
everything unexpectedby hopelivelove
There is this new girl in my class, we become good friends, but somehow it feels different from a common friendship.
Orientasi by Tytaprntk
Orientasiby Titania Priantika
"Kak Deren, kenapa sih tugasnya banyak?" "Biar lama ketemunya, Ca" Story of Cahaya and Derendra.
So Many Spectrums! by I_caRnT_SpeL
So Many Spectrums!by Adrian
I have a fascination with learning about sexual/romantic orientations and gender identities. I do interpretations and I take requests! :)
GRSM (LGBTQIA+)  by _Esli_
GSRM: Gender, Sexual and Romantic Minorities. This book will have information about GSRM and my own experiences. I want GSRM to replace LGBTQIA+, it's shorter and more i...