I'm essentially shutting down this account. The only story I'm leaving up is The Pregnancy Club, because I understand that it's a popular work that people enjoy. 

I'm sorry to upset anyone who was reading When in Limestone or How We Live Now, but I had absolutely no motivation to continue either. They would've been left unfinished.
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The Pregnancy Club °A Teen Pregnancy Story°

Social data: 837K reads. 12.9K votes. 1.7K comments.

Description: Chastity, Aimee and Sadie have nothing in common other than the fact that all of them are sixteen and pregnant. None of them know how to cope until they here about The Pregnancy Club, which is where girls their age can come and talk about their issu...

#992 in Teen Fiction
May I have your permission to do a sequel? I will give you credit. I'm 13 BTW and I love this story. I'm very hard to make cry and the most tears a story has ever made me shed is 1. this isn't the case here. I full on cried

That's because a 12 year old did write it. If you had taken the time to check when this work was published, you would have seen that it was 2012. If you had also taken the time to look at my profile, you would see that I'm no longer using wattpad, because I find it a very childish website. At 17, I'm now very much aware of the quality of this work. 
      Thanks for commenting tho!
Hi, i would like to inform you that i read your book, which is the pregnancy club. I loved it alot... It is one of my favourite... <3 and yeah! My favourite characters were rerik and chastity ...
hi everyone, sorry i haven't been writing, but if you could do me a favour, please go to @twerkingforfreepizza 's profile and tell her exactly why plagiarism is wrong. she copied my friend's work and can't own up to it.
      kill em guys