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Poison Onyx by legolas_thick_thighs
Poison Onyxby 🏹
~ "Will I d-do that again?" She asked quietly as he grabbed a new wipe. "Yes." He nodded, wiping down her forehead. "A lot?" She question...
The Onyx Recruit by SydneyWrabbit
The Onyx Recruitby Some guy really
Steven Universe, on a mission with the Crystal Gems, finds a large black gemstone with wave like patterns in the colors of fire. He shows it to the gems, who've surprisi...
Onyx and the Possession by Brokenstar77
Onyx and the Possessionby Brokenstar77
Lloyd has been grieving the death of his father, leaving him in a vulnerable emotional state. And then someone appears who takes advantage of that in the worst way possi...
ONYX(unedited;1st draft) by Myqueens34
ONYX(unedited;1st draft)by jæ⁷
"I don't want you either." I murmur, knowing he'd hear me. He did, and his body tensed, his hands balling at his sides. Of course, I was lying and of course I...
Onyx and the Rise of the Snakes by Brokenstar77
Onyx and the Rise of the Snakesby Brokenstar77
The ninja have held their own, but Garmadon is still out there, as is his son, a young, bratty boy who thinks he knows everything. And there is a prophecy. One that may...
Onyx and the Legacy of the Green Ninja by Brokenstar77
Onyx and the Legacy of the Green N...by Brokenstar77
With the unveiling of the Green Ninja comes a new chapter in Ninjago's story. But with light comes darkness.
Onyx and the Tournament of Elements by Brokenstar77
Onyx and the Tournament of Elementsby Brokenstar77
The Digital Overlord has been defeated, Lloyd finally has his father back, and Ninjago has been repaired. And yet Zane's death has left a hole that cannot be filled. The...
Onyx and Rebooted by Brokenstar77
Onyx and Rebootedby Brokenstar77
The Overlord is defeated, Ninjago has advanced, and the Ninja all hold semi-stable jobs. And yet something is rising up in the bowels of Ninjago, even stronger than befo...
Things We Never Saw Coming by SuddenlySterek
Things We Never Saw Comingby SuddenlySterek
[FINISHED] There's nothing more fun than making Derek Hale uncomfortable. Just ask Stiles, a bartender at the strip club The Onyx. Though coarse and grim to everyone els...
Random OneShot book #2 (AvA/AvM) by SimplyChestnut
Random OneShot book #2 (AvA/AvM)by JustLivving_TheDream
I'm making a new oneshot book! Hopefully this one will be a bit more organized. (we'll See how long it lasts XD) I will probably post my announcements and au ideas in my...
Something Different by Thedude0
Something Differentby poopy butts
Rose quarts had lost another gem to a shattering, she also saw that a human was also caught up in the conflict and died from a stray attack. Embedding her friend's gem i...
Perfect Imperfections by Enaira1206
Perfect Imperfectionsby Naira
A little girl had it all then lost it all. A rogue wolf killed her family and with the graces above she managed to escape from death. The wolves that saved her took her...
The Dawn of Red  by favoritegardenrose
The Dawn of Red by Favoritegardenrose
As soon as the tip of Senn's sword got an inch close to The Deathsinger's throat, he froze. Ingressus pulled a face of confusion even though his breathing was still heav...
An Overthinker's Gift Exchange by saladsandbolts
An Overthinker's Gift Exchangeby The_Author5263
Things are finally looking up for Boruto and the village. His parents are back, people aren't trying to kill him, and with the help of Sarada, he's slowly assimilating b...
The Chosen One found the other - Villians Of Vally View by javastudio
The Chosen One found the other - V...by javastudio
A girl who is the chosen one of the superheroes has all of the powers in the world. What happens when she meets the chosen one of the villains? They meet each other and...
𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄 𝐌𝐄 ↝ Colby Madden by P1XI3G1RL
𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄 𝐌𝐄 ↝ Colby Maddenby P1XI3G1RL
No one knew that the supervillain Inferna had a daughter, let alone one who was arguably more powerful than her. However, when Inferna died, her daughter, Dominique, wa...
The Spectacular Spider-Man: Onyx (Love Interest x Male Kamen Rider Onyx Reader) by tdk0403
The Spectacular Spider-Man: Onyx (...by Tyler Klause
Kamen Rider!!!! Tyler is Kamen Rider Onyx and he is the one who will protect this city from all evil freaks who took his father from him. His origin is Tyler lost his fa...
Tales From Midtown by crystal_pro_2024
Tales From Midtownby crystalline productions 2024
After a disaster hits the town of midtown, A group of friends discover that the world they knew is much larger than they ever thought, for better or for worse.
The Exhibit  by swaggystoriesss
The Exhibit by swag stories
Four girls are put in a group for a field trip. Everything goes well for them, and they even become friends. But what happens when they discover an exhibit with some int...
fallen angel |minho x oc| |xo kitty| by isabelle__lmao
fallen angel |minho x oc| |xo kitt...by isabelle__lmao
whereupon kitty song covey's twin sister is dragged along operation 'kiss', but instead she gets her own story in seoul, south korea. i did not create this storyline or...