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It Is All Your Fault (Borusara) by Lexiana-Xx
It Is All Your Fault (Borusara)by Lexiana
Sarada Uchiha traveled with her father for three years , so she can improve her Uchiha skills and to spend more time with her daddy . She returned to konoha at the 17th...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • story
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The Shrunken Hokage by moedango
The Shrunken Hokageby moedango
10th October are no longer a cursed date to Uzumaki Naruto, the Nanadaime Hokage of Konohagakure. But, what will happen when the respectfull Hokage suddenly turned into...
  • lostmemory
  • deagednaruto
  • naruhina
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The Story Of:Two Clan Combining (a BoruSara story) by nextshinobi
The Story Of:Two Clan Combining ( Saruto Uzumaki (from the futu...
This story start when Boruto return to Konoha. Sarada wasn't expecting he to come back. They will be encounting with so many obstacles during their love drama begins.(Al...
  • sasusaku
  • naruhina
  • konohana
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One Step At A Time (A BoruSara Fanfiction) by HinataHyuga2017
One Step At A Time (A BoruSara ArtKidWhoLikesAnime
Boruto Uzumaki suddenly realizes his love for his teammate, Sarada Uchiha. Not sure what to do- tell her or not. He has to slowly walk the path to her heart and work up...
  • love
  • naruhina
  • anime
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Boruto : the future by XayanXaheer
Boruto : the futureby XayanXaheer
We all know that boruto fights Kawaki in the end and wins, so what happens next? I don't own Boruto or any of its characters so, all copyrights reserved This is also my...
  • action
  • borusara
  • godlike
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We are from the future! (On Hold) by MoonWolfie1
We are from the future! (On Hold)by MoonWolfie1
"Wow your future selves are awesome!" Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi are targeted by an evil shinobi who sends them back in time. He thought there was nobo...
  • past
  • future
  • canonpairs
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STFU and be my girlfriend by Potato-senpaiii
STFU and be my girlfriendby Potato Senpai
•Boruto Uzumaki is your typical uptown boy who loves to pick up a fight and fails to be a gent. •Sarada Uchiha is a simple orphan girl who wants nothing more but to achi...
  • inosara
  • lovetriangle
  • comedy
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Their Dark Secret~ by AnimeshipQueen21
Their Dark Secret~by AnimeshipQueen21
He was out off her life, their lives..... He wasn't informed that they officially had settled down. He comes back 12 years later when his mission is finished. She loves...
  • borutouzumaki
  • shinchou
  • sasuke
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Boruto: Legends (A Kerastu-Made Fanfic) by Kerastu
Boruto: Legends (A Kerastu-Made Kerastu
Boruto is one of my favorite anime's period. Maturity warning, this story can go from PG to rated R at ANY point, reader discretion is STRONGLY advised...... WITH TH...
  • bortofanfiction
  • borusara
  • narutoshipping
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BoruSara: Protector by youmeanborutosdad
BoruSara: Protectorby youmeanborutosdad
It had been so long since Boruto returned to the hidden leaf village. He would've stayed and continued his journey and training with Sasuke , but now he has one sole pur...
  • teamkonahamaru
  • boruto
  • sasusaku
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Boruto & Sarada (The tale of two lovebirds) by ArcticFox20
Boruto & Sarada (The tale of two Lone Wanderer
The story of two chunin and their path towards their relationship from humble beginnings towards the ultimate goal of marriage. Should mention that they're maybe some Na...
  • borusara
  • naruto
  • wattys2017
You're My Light in My Darkest Moments by MystikSunset
You're My Light in My Darkest Saku-Chan
Being 15, starting high school. His dad never home, always working for his company, Uzumaki Corp. His mom, working as a stay at home mom, taking care of him and his 12 y...
  • trouble
  • modernboruto
  • romance
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Look Into the Past | Naruto Fanfiction by Insectivemaaza
Look Into the Past | Naruto Maaza Beowulf
{Sequel to Future of Konoha} The nags of Boruto continues as he treats his father, Naruto Uzumaki, the Nandaime Hokage badly. He continues to act reckless as possible bu...
  • boruto
  • team7
  • inojin
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THE LOVE BETWEEN YOU AND ME(Borusara story) by Zeeshankhan301
This is my first book so,well you know. This book captures the story of the path that boruto took to protect his loved ones in this world. With the OTSUTSUKI and KARA be...
  • naruto
  • borusara
  • lovetriangle
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Paradise || BoruSara Oneshots by iamrosequartz
Paradise || BoruSara Oneshotsby Karoline
This is my list of oneshots based on prompts I receive on tumblr. I promise that it's not that bad.
  • borusara
  • boruto
  • nextgeneration
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study of love by athenicx
study of loveby ATHENA
"sarada, how do you work-" he looked towards her to see her sleeping peacefully, boruto couldn't help but gaze at her fragile frame with a soft smile plastered...
  • love
  • humor
  • school
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8 Years (Borusara) by Lexiana-Xx
8 Years (Borusara)by Lexiana
Boruto and Sarada are 17 Y.O . They both live together with their fathers because their mothers are dead.... Boruto has always had a crush on Sarada but she never notice...
  • romance
  • uzumaki
  • borusara
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Borusara: happy accident  by mnm2895
Borusara: happy accident by mnm2895
After the events of boruto the movie team konohamaru is on a mission and all is going well until they fall into a trap... I don't own these characters.
  • borusara
  • completed
  • naruto
Destiny Break - "The Moon is Beautiful" Sequel by neo_heisenberg123
Destiny Break - "The Moon is neo_heisenberg123
A BoruSara fan-fiction that tells the love story of Uzumaki Boruto and Uchiha Sarada as they fight for their love against a cruel destiny that was set for them.
  • sasuke
  • chocho
  • borutonextgeneration
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Borusara ~~ We Together Forever by PlayedByHimXxll
Borusara ~~ We Together Foreverby PlayedByHimXxl l
This is a story about the love of Boruto and Sarada. They love eachother but when drama kicks in things get bumpy. Will they make there love last forever or end up in h...
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