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ELITES || BoruSara Fanfic by AVVIERY
ELITES || BoruSara Fanficby 𝒜𝒾 ↠愛
"Who is that?" Sarada asked her new friend, Chocho, her eyes trailing at the blond haired guy who just entered the cafeteria. There was an air of authority and...
Borusara: Blood Secrecy by kahalax
Borusara: Blood Secrecyby kahala
Follow Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha throughout a journey of self discovery and more. They, along with the original Naruto crew, are threatened by a new, frightening...
Flickers by sTar_25gAzer147
Flickersby Daily Du
What were the events that led up before Boruto's death? What were the last fondest memories that were kept tenderly in the mind of the Hokage's son? As time goes by, Bo...
BORUSARA - Oneshots xx by _B1ueii_
BORUSARA - Oneshots xxby B1ueii
Hi, this is book is basically a compilation of different borusara oneshots that I personally love that I've decided to store in one place for easy access. I've decided t...
Boruto And Friends Reacts To Ships! by KitsuNee_chan
Boruto And Friends Reacts To Ships!by KitsuNee_chan
Boruto and the other naruto next generation reaction to ships!
Gambler of Feelings by Karinrumi
Gambler of Feelingsby Karinrumi
"Let's make a bet." These words had a deeper meaning than she would care to admit. Her entire life depended on it. She wanted to win, no matter what results...
With You by darkprincesfl
With Youby darkprincesssss
A collection of Borusara oneshots based on prompts! Borusara love!
Our Little Secret~ by AnimeshipQueen21
Our Little Secret~by r
How much would you fight to hide a secret? A secret that hides everything you've ever wanted in life... How long will you hide it? This is so important to them that they...
The Drink by The_Author5263
The Drinkby The_Author5263
Cho-Cho drags Sarada to a restaurant to try a drink. Its contents turn her into someone she wishes she wasn't. Disclaimer - I wrote this in about an hour because I was b...
Borusara: Should I? by Flerkuso
Borusara: Should I?by Lexindrena
All characters in this particular novel are all properties of Masashi Kishimoto! she been liking him since she was 12, and still until now that they were 17. it's not th...
Mission Unforgettable- A BoruSara Story by nyaa_uzumaki
Mission Unforgettable- A Nyaa
Both Boruto and Sarada are 15 in this story. Boruto and Sarada have been best friends for their whole life but what happens when they are sent out on a mission alone? ...
The charming ones (Borusara love story) by TextingStoryMaster
The charming ones (Borusara love TSM
Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha are the most charming people in Konoha High School. Everyone has a crush on them but they both can't get eachother... Boruto loves Sarad...
Cutie~   Sarada x Boruto future story by Sassy-Beanie
Cutie~ Sarada x Boruto future Sassy-Beanie
A Uchiha and an Uzumaki, what kind of shenanigans will their relationship get them into This is my first story and i'll try my best! Boruto is a bit ooc and maybe overpo...
Borusara: She Is Mine! by Flerkuso
Borusara: She Is Mine!by Lexindrena
this is actually the sequel of my first novel Borusara: should I? so I may not go in details How cute he was when pleading for her care... not that I would tell you haha...
The kiss by aileen_lol193
The kissby aileen_lol193
"And now for you Sarada. Your only task is to uh..." Kae cupped her hands over Saradas ear. "All you have to do is..." Team 7 goes on a mission to p...
Jackass by izuishere
Jackassby izu😴
⚠️THIS STORY IS DISCONTINUED⚠️ You can't spell jackass without ass. "How many glares and stares will it take to get you to fall in love with me?" he smirked. i...
My Married Life With You...(BoruSara) Edited by SeungcheolieQ943
My Married Life With You...( JPChoi_SVT17
Second book of Our baby (>_<。) I planned this book because I never had to write the married life of SasuSaku so I decide to make a story like that but with the wed...
lovers. by LittlePurpleMia
#18 LittlePurpleMia
sarada uchiha, the daughter of the famous sasuke and sakura uchiha. everyone thought they knew how her life was, and how 'perfect' she was. nobody saw her cry at night...
Boruto : the future by XayanXaheer
Boruto : the futureby XayanXaheer
We all know that boruto fights Kawaki in the end and wins, so what happens next? I don't own Boruto or any of its characters so, all copyrights reserved This is also my...
Drifted Apart by urfah_fawwad
Drifted Apartby Urfah Fawwad
How does it feel when the person, you spent your whole childhood with, betrayed you. The person who promised to be your right hand in future when you become hokage, leav...