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Shronkey ( Shrek x Donkey) by shrekismygod1
Shronkey ( Shrek x Donkey)by shrekismygod1
This is a true story of Two Lovers and the difficulties they face so they can get their very own Happily ever after.
Shrek x Woody *SHREXY* by daddu_shrek
Shrek x Woody *SHREXY*by casper baxendale
Shrek is a struggling artist. A poet to be exact. Then he meets the dreamy woody who turns his life around. *smut* With special guest Guy Fieri ~ highest ranking: #...
အငယ် ( One Short )  by onion20203
အငယ် ( One Short ) by O Nion
ကျွန်တော် အကို့ကို ချစ်သလို အငယ့်ကိုလည်း ချစ်သည်..... သို့သော် အကိုနဲ့အငယ်ကို နှစ်ယောက်ပေါင်း၍ ချစ်မပေးနိုင်ပေ... Nion ( အငယ် ) Date : 13/10/2021
Shrek x Donkey- A layer away from my heart. by Plopness456
Shrek x Donkey- A layer away from...by plop
Follow the intense love story between Shrek and his noble steed, from prison to a wedding, from friends to lovers, find out how the pair finds the layer to each other's...
Shrex Tape: Shrek x DonKEH by ShrekisMotherNature
Shrex Tape: Shrek x DonKEHby ChildOfShrek
Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona's deceased body are spooning in bed one night. Next, they decide to record a shrex tape. Very shrexy.
ချစ်စကား တစ်ခွန်း  (One Short) by onion20203
ချစ်စကား တစ်ခွန်း (One Short)by O Nion
ကျောင်းဝတ် အဖြူလေးအောက်က စွယ်ကျယ် အစိမ်းနုရောင်ရေးရေးကို မြင်ယောင်မိတိုင်း အကြောစိမ်းလေးတွေနဲ့ လက်ဖျံရိုးပေါ်က ရွှေအိုရောင် နာရီလေး မြင်ယောင်မိတိုင်း သွေးရောင်လွှမ်းန...
Ask Soviet by CallMeUSSR
Ask Sovietby YourAverageBitch
Soviet: Ask me anything I guess.. Admin: If you don't ask him, I will! *NOT MY ART UNLESS I SAY SO*
Diamond Nightmare by TammyTheHuman
Diamond Nightmareby TammyTheHuman
Nightmare had hit his breaking point, and ate the apples. Powered by their corruption, he was covered in negativity and fed off of the villagers fear before killing them...
stunned by you → tpn by cheriemon
stunned by you → tpnby han
"It's as if everything is fated to happen." A child growing up amongst the walls of Grace Field, a plantation used to produce and nurture cattle children in or...
Shrek and Cory Fanfic by shrekxcory
Shrek and Cory Fanficby Layers Of Onions
Shrek and Cory from Cory in the house do things
so close yet so far → tpn by cheriemon
so close yet so far → tpnby han
He did not have the liberty to choose. He had kept his mouth shut for years doing dirty acts under dirty beings for their pleasure. He's been stuck in a prison called a...
Shrek x onion by wazfun
Shrek x onionby wazfun
Shrek and Onion a true love story
Falling Apart (A Leafnision Fanfic) by flatgoo
Falling Apart (A Leafnision Fanfic)by Aiden
Calvin has issues. Greg can't mind his own business.
The Truth Behind All The Lies | Steven Universe by x0Sole0x
The Truth Behind All The Lies | St...by •《 Sole 》•
I'm rewriting this story, so dont bother reading this version of it! ☆-----------------------------------------------------------☆ What if Steven failed to save his frie...
Topside: Realm of the Onion by Tankasaurus
Topside: Realm of the Onionby BoozeInspector
"'Consumed by sadness and the fallout of a now retreating fear.' That ought to be tagline for what it's like sporking this shit." ~KittyHP [A/N true to my word...
My Incantation by HardestPig
My Incantationby HardestPig
They will all perish for the crimes they have committed against me. This, what you're reading here, is my most powerful incantation yet. I will personally effect all of...
Shrek Is Love Italian Edition by Mela_Rae
Shrek Is Love Italian Editionby Mela_Rae
For my friend Emma (yes I did actually make this you can hate me)
REWRITTEN Stones to Abbigale by Onision by katecoathanger
REWRITTEN Stones to Abbigale by On...by kate
I have rewritten Onision's story "Stones to Abbigale" (this version almost nine times shorter than the original and somehow more complex). This took multiple w...
Steven Universe One-Shots by Keekeow
Steven Universe One-Shotsby damn Keekeow, back at it agai...
Hello! I'm a new writer getting in the swing of things, and I decided to start a one-shot book to help me work! You can request ships, reader inserts(oh heck yeah), and...