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The Little Birkhoff by garbygal
The Little Birkhoffby JediFlyFOB
Birkhoff has a secret and now he has to tell everyone what he knows to save her from Amanda. Will the be able to rescue "The Little Birkhoff" or will Amanda d...
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Her Childish Husband by dreamer2233
Her Childish Husbandby Crazy_Dreamer
She fall in love with him on first sight, when he saves her from some jerks. She started loving him from that very moment, he become her love,her dream,her prince. She h...
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Baby sitting the Jerk by Misscassie231
Baby sitting the Jerkby Misscassie231
When Nikita finishes her finale year of school she can't wait to have her house to her self for a few weeks before traveling the world with her friends. But all that cha...
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Untwisted. Escape the Night Season 3 fanfic. by Shadowkitty249
Untwisted. Escape the Night Shadowkitty249
The funhouse holds many surprises and twists. But, what if the plot twist of episode 7 didn't happen? Safiya and Rosanna vote Nikita and Manny into the final death chall...
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Mrs. Shravan Malhotra by payalwg
Mrs. Shravan Malhotraby payal
it's my 1st FF on Shraman, Shraman is one of my fav couples. so thought to write a story on them. it's a story of a innocent girl and a heart broken boy....Will their s...
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A Twist in life.... by zaharahabibi
A Twist in zaharahabibi
Hi guys....iam back with a new story it's a storyline of shraman after 4 yrs being apart from each other...I hope u love it... its the love which make bond that never br...
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I'll Make You Mine (Dill Mill Gayye FanFic) by AnuSun
I'll Make You Mine (Dill Mill Blackbird
Love is said to be the work of DESTINY but, is it true when two people who were never destined, fall for each other. Riddhima comes to Delhi after years of completion of...
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 My Kiddo Wife  by payalwg
My Kiddo Wife by payal
It's the story of two different persons one is Arrogant and the other is naughty in other words kiddo ....... What will happen when these two opposite personality tied...
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Blurred Echoes (Rose's Promise Sequel) by arialuv1D
Blurred Echoes (Rose's Promise xx aria xx
Camellia Larson, 'Cam' for her family and friends. Birth name: Camellia Cooper. Age: 8 years old, soon to turn 9. Raised by her grandfather Pierce and his wife Bianca, s...
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Miscellaneous by battlecry7473
Miscellaneousby battlecry7473
A place to put stuff I've written that doesn't relate to 5H.
Double Crossed: A Spy Tale by tall_girl
Double Crossed: A Spy Taleby Melissa
After discovering her whole life is a lie, set up by the American Government, Scarlett skips out on the secret Black Op's organisation, Thanatos, to have a chance of lif...
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Story Of My Life (A Nikita and Fast&Furious Story) by nikitaxox1520
Story Of My Life (A Nikita and Nikita
Jade Irina Udinov is Alex little sister. This is her journey filled with lost,pain, wars, guns, fast cars but most importatly with love, family and friendship.
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a beast with a heart by akitanakimaru
a beast with a heartby akita nakimaru
kenpachi zaraki the brute of squad 11 being soft just wasnt his style until a new recruit named nikita popped up to his squad and let me just say he isnt fond of weak pe...
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Escape the night: season 5 by Darkvadress
Escape the night: season 5by Mercury Vader
The first batch of dead have been saved, now comes the second batch! Shane Dawson GloZell Green Sierra Furtado Lele pons Lauren Riihimaki Jesse Wellens Guava Juice S...
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Double Agent by garbygal
Double Agentby JediFlyFOB
Amanda has a secret hidden weapon that she's going to put into Division to prove to Percy and the others that Birkhoff is working with Nikita.
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Lesson One by JadedRein
Lesson Oneby Jadelinn
Watch the trailer/character introductions here! ---> To Amanda's favorite new Operative, Alicia, an order...
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Tu Mera Zindagi Ho by Amika29
Tu Mera Zindagi Hoby Amika
hello guys, I'm again writing a new story but this time for another couple. I mean Shraman. I hope you'd enjoy. Tu Mera Zindagi Ho...
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Escape the Night~Theories and Ideas and ofc memes and ascetics  by tylerbebitchin0273
Escape the Night~Theories and Ty’s_Life
It's in the title and if you still can't tell then you need to talk to dr.phil
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Wild Woman by HopeBain
Wild Womanby HopeBain
She has no name, atleast she can remember, she was found and raised by Ra's Al Ghul but as as she grew she became more intelligent and became stronger and faster then an...
Escape The Night! by BrokeJesus
Escape The Night!by BrokeJesus
9 guest are tricked into coming into a haunted carnival to help save the town by there friend that goes by the name of Joey, sadly about 8 people do not make it out... ...
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