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Aru Shah Oneshots by arundhati4life
Aru Shah Oneshotsby tishastar09
Aruden, Snake of death and BrynnexHira stories and casual Potato stuff. I suck at descriptions, so this is it people.
Aru Shah Oneshots!! by Riya_Bhavika
Aru Shah Oneshots!!by Riya
Some Oneshots that include Aru Shah and the gang! Requests are open! If you have a request or suggestion comment them or message me!! ⚠️Disclaimer: All characters belon...
Aru Shah One shots by QueenOfShips75
Aru Shah One shotsby Shoko
Just random one shots about Aru shah, mostly Aruden (or Ariden or AruxAiden, whatever you say) DISCLAIMER!! I don't own Aru shah!! *sad*
Aru Shah One shots by DaughterofDeathGod
Aru Shah One shotsby Shadow
Aru Shah Oneshots. From Byrnne x Hira to Aiden x Aru to friendship to OC, send me your requests.
Aru Shah Fanfiction by helium_1
Aru Shah Fanfictionby Sam
Umm, so this is my first one-shot book, so please comment cause I will take anything. So this is will be some Aru Shah Fanfiction, but my writing is horrible don't say I...
Aru Shah one-shots by PearlEwhite
Aru Shah one-shotsby Macy
More Aru Shah fanfic that no one asked for, I'll probably also do headcanons and fanfics based off head canons,
Aru Shah Stories (On Hiatus) by Brynnerwrite
Aru Shah Stories (On Hiatus)by Tail (On Hiatus)
Please don't mind the not-so-original title. Most of them are fluffed -I know, I heard it too- they don't get serious though. This story includes Aruden, Mindy, and Hiry...
Aru Shah Oneshots: ON HIATUS by bookworm_genius
Aru Shah Oneshots: ON HIATUSby Some Random Anika
From aruxaiden to sisterly fluff, this book will be full of Aru Shah awesomeness!!! If you want to write an ending for jealous... LEAVE UR USERNAME in the 6th chappie!
Royal Academy - An Aru Shah Fanfiction by VibishaLakshman
Royal Academy - An Aru Shah S. V. Lakshman
Princess Arundhati Shah of AR recently got accepted into the most prestigous school around. Royal Academy. When she gets there, she finds she doesn't quite belong with t...
Aru Shah FLUFF by Magique_12
Aru Shah FLUFFby Magique_12
Me up late at night obsessing and fangirling of Aru Shah. I recently joined Wattpad and I hope you enjoy my amateur writing! :) Thanks, Magique
Love Is In The Air by 57gggg
Love Is In The Airby Diyaa Sasikumar (WR)
This story takes place after the Nectar of Immortality. Ships will be, Hira x Brynne, Aru x Aiden, and Mini x Rudy. If many people want me to, I will make Aru Shah Onesh...
Aru Shah One-Shots by -Beads-
Aru Shah One-Shotsby Bea <3
This is my first one-shots/book! Some are AUs, others are in the Pandava world.
Oneshots+Random Stuff by alltheusernameswhat
Oneshots+Random Stuffby Zella Cosmo
Multi-fandom oneshot book. A lot of KotLC, since I seem to be going through a KotLC phase. Probably lots of Marellinh. Fandoms: KotLC, She-Ra, Aru Shah, Riordanverse, Wo...
Rick Riordan Presents Books Review and Discussion (expanding soon!) by TheHillofSaw
Rick Riordan Presents Books Hooman
Aru shah truth or dare by bv119260
Aru shah truth or dareby Bethelda Votio Maffo Mammhoua
Aru invited all her sister and wifey for a sleepover .Aiden then had a great idea to play truth or dare. Boo thought it was the worst idea saying "Pandava don't hav...
Aru Shah Oneshots by the_blessed_child
Aru Shah Oneshotsby 𝐆𝐎𝐋𝐃𝐄𝐍 𝐇𝐎𝐔𝐑
Yes, that's right. MY FIRST ONESHOTS BOOKS! I plan on releasing a bunch of other oneshot books, like FTRS, PJO/HOO, and, uh, yeah! So please enjoy! But wait! I would l...