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✅ISHQ-E-JUNOON✅ by kiyarajain
✅ISHQ-E-JUNOON✅by Kiyarajain
Here the story starts with when VANSH announces AHAANA as his legally wedded wife in front of the whole media & paparazzi's... It's a journey how a pawn turned out to be...
Healing Her by finding__sunshine
Healing Herby smile
This is the story of a happy-go-lucky girl who always used to find happiness in small things and used to try to make others happy, too. Today after 6 years, that girl ha...
♡ω ι ℓ ℓ  т н є у  υ η ι т є  ♡  by purani_riddhima
♡ω ι ℓ ℓ т н є у υ η ι т є ♡ by Purani Riddhima❤️
1st on riansh -2022.6.09 3rd on riansh- 2022.4.24 5th on riansh- 2022.2.15 The purest love you can get for me is our father's love ... Both mother and daughter love ther...
The Angel's Devil Complete  by raveenaelijah
The Angel's Devil Complete by raveenaelijah
A story on aftermath of press conference, someone being there for Riddhima
#RIANSH - LOVE, BETRAYAL & TRUST by vaishnaviaddanki
What happens when Vansh hurts Riddhima trying to protect her? Will she forgive him?? Will their love stand the unexpected unwanted troubles? Can Vansh win Riddhima????
Riansh FF : Sayonara  by MaxRight4
Riansh FF : Sayonara by Max Right
It's a Story about a Man in a journey about finding truth about his existence in a orphanage and Trying to find some truth about his life, He is set to uncover the bitt...
Riansh/Rihaan ff dark dreams and reality by makeitshine2021
Riansh/Rihaan ff dark dreams and r...by makeitshine2021
1 year and six months after vansh announced ahana as his wife and ishani threw riddhima out of the house... #immj2 #riansh #vansh #riddhima
our baby:- a riansh story(Complete) by Harmankav
our baby:- a riansh story(Complete)by Harmankav
a short story on riddhima and vansh
Riansh  by Crazy_reader07
Riansh by Crazy_reader07
Vansh and Riddhima are in Manali .Vansh was talking to Angre on phone thinking Riddhima is sleeping while Riddhima was awake and heard everything let's binge in .
My Childhood Crush [AR - Prequel] ✓ by unspokenrain
My Childhood Crush [AR - Prequel] ✓by Araina K.
Dare Series Spin-off. Armaan and Riddhim: each other's childhood crush. Always together. She was his sister's best friend, yes - but also his best friend. He was a playe...
I Want Her Too Rihaansh story Complete  by raveenaelijah
I Want Her Too Rihaansh story Comp...by raveenaelijah
what if Vihaan too wants Riddhima?? will she accept them both??
The Second Chance by Thelazywriter2003
The Second Chanceby Madddyy
It's not a riansh story. The story starts from Ahana and Vansh's fake marriage drama infront of media. Vansh was so blind on taking revenge that he didn't give her a ch...
RiAnsh SS:" Trapped"[√] by Nita_Reid
RiAnsh SS:" Trapped"[√]by Nita_Reid
Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania had lost her husband less than a month ago and yet she was being forced to marry Kabir , the man who killed her husband. Desperate to escape...
A new beginning  by shreyaanshi21
A new beginning by shreyaanshi21
What if Dadi would tell Vansh to choose between Riddhima and his family?
Ajeeb rishtey ( mini ar ff) by FanFriction7
Ajeeb rishtey ( mini ar ff)by Fan Friction
Intro:- Armaan mallik:- Armaan is a business tycoon'.. his life was only his 7 years kid krish which is not alive now'. His wife is also dead' while giving birth to his...
Dangerous husband and Naughty wife (Riansh) by mars_111
Dangerous husband and Naughty wife...by mars_111
simple sweet funny and romantic love story without any hard negativity.
RiAnsh FF: Game of Love  by the-sneaky
RiAnsh FF: Game of Love by the-sneaky
What happens when your love betrays you? What happens when your whole planning fails due to one mistake? What happens when you fall in loves when you expect only betraya...
Anagapesis by Myself_bipasha
Anagapesisby Bipasha Mandal
Sometimes you don't promise yourself to move on, You just don't feel anymore....... A Riansh Story. Cover by : @shreyaanshi21
RiAnsh OS 🤍 by RealmOfAngel
RiAnsh OS 🤍by RealmOfAngel
Hellooo 🖐💋💋 I'm Angel and I'm big fan of RiAnsh like you. So it's been 1 year since I'm reading RiAnsh story on watty and i thought to write something on them But cou...
Revenge of  riddhima  by SukanyaSharma9
Revenge of riddhima by Sukanya Sharma
This is the story of ishq mein marjawan season 2 Where during makkar sakranti riddhima will leave the house and then vansh will be too late to find her and she will lea...