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Aru Shah One shots by QueenOfShips75
Aru Shah One shotsby Shoko
Just random one shots about Aru shah, mostly Aruden (or Ariden or AruxAiden, whatever you say) DISCLAIMER!! I don't own Aru shah!! *sad*
Arundhati Shah (An Aru Shah+Mulan AU) by sleep-can-wait
Arundhati Shah (An Aru ~🧋☕𝒮𝓁𝑒𝑒𝓅 𝒞𝒶𝓃 𝒲𝒶𝒾�...
"It's not hero....It's heroine!" Arundhati Shah is the grandaughter of Lord Indra, a prestigous noble. She is the second born in the family and has five sister...
Aru Shah Oneshots by the_blessed_child
Aru Shah Oneshotsby marissa
Yes, that's right. MY FIRST ONESHOTS BOOKS! I plan on releasing a bunch of other oneshot books, like FTRS, PJO/HOO, and, uh, yeah! So please enjoy! But wait! I would l...
Aru Shah and the Forest of Shadows [COMPLETED] by the-epic-potatoes
Aru Shah and the Forest of the Aru Shah Fandom
The asuras are ever so slowly increasing their power, and once more, the threat of war looms over the Otherworld. Aru Shah and her friends are sent into a magical fores...
Aru Shah Oneshots... (With a little Paola Santiago) by Vajra_Forever
Aru Shah Oneshots... (With a Kate Kapoor
(ALL RIGHTS GO TO ROSHANI CHOKSHI AND Tehlor Kay Mejia) Aru Shah stuff with some rare Paola Santiago!! No smuts periodt. NO ANGST I SWEAR TO GOD I WRITE FLUFF!! the firs...
The Silver Lining (completed) by Riya_Bhavika
The Silver Lining (completed)by Riya
⚡COMPLETED⚡ So this is a Continuation of Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes, with my own little twist. The cover is mine! I created it on my free time! ⚠️⚠️⚠️Disclaimer:...
Aru Shah and the Chamber of Lies by fanfic_suna
Aru Shah and the Chamber of Liesby Sun
(After NOI) Ever since defeating the Sleeper, Aru Shah's dreams have been plagued with nightmares. However, she soon realizes that they're not regular nightmares, but ra...
Aru Shah Short Stories and Oneshots by arulikesaiden
Aru Shah Short Stories and Oneshotsby arulikesaiden
Hey guys! These are some oneshots and short stories about the Aru Shah series. A lot of Aruden, since they're my OTP. This is my first time publishing my stories so they...
Aru Shah: Jumanji AU by DemigodAuthor_11
Aru Shah: Jumanji AUby Trips
Hello PEOPLES! So, I know I said that I would publish another story before I ended the Miraculous War Au, but I couldn't help myself. My friend PLB have been working t...
Sweet Felony by the-epic-potatoes
Sweet Felonyby the Aru Shah Fandom
Aru Shah is one of the daughters of the feared leader of the Ghataka clan. After a ruined raid, they manage to capture one of their greatest enemies from the rival Alu g...
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Aruden One-Shots by the-epic-potatoes
Aruden One-Shotsby the Aru Shah Fandom
Basically, the title. A bunch of Aruden One-shots. Maybe some other ships too. Anyone else is free to put one-shots, just put your name in your one-shot.
Aruden oneshots  by Saara-Shah2
Aruden oneshots by Your-local-Fangirl
I love Aruden so I tried to make this. This will include Mini x Rudy. Brynne x Hira, and Aru x Aiden! This is on hold for a while while I Re-read and edit this.
Aru shah One Shots by Greg_the_Elephant
Aru shah One Shotsby 𝐒𝐡𝐫𝐚𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐍𝐢𝐯
This is a group of Aru shah stories from multiple points of view. We originally had them all separate but decided to add them together into a whole group of them. Hope y...
Aru Shah Random by dpsmart
Aru Shah Randomby ~Deva~
Random Aru Shah things Will update whenever I can
Aru Shah: Into the Aruverse by Handsanitizerman
Aru Shah: Into the Aruverseby Handsanitizerman
Ten years after the defeat of the Sleeper, a tragic event occurs that threatens the Otherworld and everyone in it. Fifteen-year-old Aashni along with a group of surprisi...
Aru Shah Oneshots and Headcanons by The-Autumn-Equinox
Aru Shah Oneshots and Headcanonsby equinox
#JustAruThings Yeah, I don't really know what to write here. Aru Shah oneshots and headcanons that wandered into my mind and refused to leave. WARNING: Spoilers for Tree...
Of Shadows And Silence by The-Autumn-Equinox
Of Shadows And Silenceby equinox
an aladdin au that no one asked for enjoy :) ---- characters belong to the awesome roshani chokshi
random aru shah oneshots - by sani by the-epic-potatoes
random aru shah oneshots - by saniby the Aru Shah Fandom
"give me back my phone aiden" aru shouted. he had stolen it as payback for all the times she had pranked him and now she was sincerely regretting all the times...
Aru Shah Oneshots by _vidhiiii_
Aru Shah Oneshotsby vidhi :)
Aru Shah Oneshots! Updated....randomly :D Featuring all of the beloved characters!!!!
Aru shah one-shots by gurbaniratra
Aru shah one-shotsby Professional bookworm
hello guys. I know a lot of people have done this already, but I wanted to try it out. just to change things up a bit. check out my other fanfic Broken. ALL CHARACTERS B...