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boyxboy/ ManXmaN Completed ANOTHER BIBLE BUILD FANFICTION JUST FOR YOU... "I wear clothes that I like... -BUI -------------------------------------------- ⬇️...
~Minsung Oneshots~ by Lee_Han_Bit
~Minsung Oneshots~by Woongie
Just stories with Jisung and Minho in them. Started: 21.01.31. Ended:•••••••••
tentacles X nightmare (smut) by 1ce_cr3am_s4ndwich
tentacles X nightmare (smut)by 1ce_cr3am_s4ndwich
A surprisingly wholesome story? But obviously super kinky sex a lot but it's still sweet.
Larry Stylinson smut shots  by EDDS_GOAT06
Larry Stylinson smut shots by GOAT
Just some smut shots about Louis TomlinsonTomlinson and Harry stylinson I don't own all these shots and I did not make all of them have fun 👍
𝐸𝑞𝑢𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 by A1mondT0fu
𝐸𝑞𝑢𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦by Almond
As the wind blew through Wangshu inn, Xiao made out a small figure walking towards the inn, eyes of distrust and hurt, almost about to pour. Paimon floating next to him...
Secrets to Uncover~(SpyxFamily AU)+ One shots by Northfanfix
Secrets to Uncover~(SpyxFamily AU)...by Alexafanfix
What will happen when Twilight's whole identity gets revealed to Yor? And when Anya's telepathic abilities and Yor's real job get exposed? Will the family stay the same...
7 Days ; ChaeLisa by Harle_heart
7 Days ; ChaeLisaby ʙʀɴᴅᴛᴛ [ɪᴀ]
"7 days and you're mine" Lisa challenges. "Bring it on" Chaeng says. In which Lisa tries to prove to her best friend she could make anyone fall for...
|| The Harbinger's Guest || by Civy11
|| The Harbinger's Guest ||by Civy11
An AU where Aether lost the fight against The Balladeer, and was taken to Snezhnaya. - "You're all mine now," Scaramouche laughed lightly. The tone wasn't mock...
~Just a romantic~ clouis by bleepbloop19
~Just a romantic~ clouisby Bleep bloop
In a universe where the apocalypse was non-existent, Clementine had just moved to Washington, meeting Louis and his group of friends. They become good friends Until one...
SEVENTEEN SMUT by oohlaina
Your Jeonghans sister, he takes you too his dorm you meet 12 handsome guys. >>>Who is first?<<<
Riddle's Rose || Tom Riddle {#Wattys 2017} by Queen_Of_Memessss
Riddle's Rose || Tom Riddle {#Watt...by Nandi
It's a Tom Riddle fanfic obvi... •SHITTY DESCRIPTION ACTIVATED• Tom Marvolo Riddle has no heart. At least, that is how it seems. And he is completely fine with that. ...
Married to a CEO whose in COMA [ Completed ]  by Jeonggukexe
Married to a CEO whose in COMA [ C...by jeon
[ Completed ] [ 12 Chapters ] Starring: Lee Y/N : as you Jeon Jungkook : as the youngest successful CEO " My forever exists only when it comes to you " . . ...
Parker Rooney  by madysonj888
Parker Rooney by madysonj888
It's basically a girl who...well you have to read it yourself. *the song Fallen For U best describes this book oddly* ⚠️may contain some things that aren't pg(nothing l...
Jay and Ollie continued by yournan232231
Jay and Ollie continuedby seewhathappensgunnanext
A tbdl/little space between two friends Jay and Ollie. After meeting each other due to a babysitting gig the two have a close relationship together but their will be som...
Hanahaki... a Denki x reader book  by Elliemooshroom
Hanahaki... a Denki x reader book by Ellie
"Blood, flowers, broken hearts...a family the fell apart... what's the point if it's just going to happen again" "DONT TOUCH HIM!!" Y/n - you Quirk...
you're a dream ~ ariana x you by selfproclaimedloser
you're a dream ~ ariana x youby 🌘
I could now feel her hot breath on my face. "Do you feel good when I touch you?" I stare deeply into her eyes, nervous that I'd say something stupid and ruin...
Lovepop (lollipop x reader) REWRITING by Marlb_72
Lovepop (lollipop x reader) REWRIT...by Merb
CURRENTLY REWRITING (Go to my profile to read the rewrite!) I opened my eyes to be met with the blue sky 'Why am I outside?' i thought as i rub my eyes only to stop midw...
Nico di Angelo and the Chamber of Secrets by SammyValdezTheBoss
Nico di Angelo and the Chamber of...by Sammy Valdez
Nico is starting his second year at Hogwarts due to him not finding the horcruxes last year. When a mysterious chamber opens, and people accuse him of being the heir of...
It's Far from Over- S.K x Reader fiction  by Dirt_IsMyDiet
It's Far from Over- S.K x Reader f...by Dirt
❗️Trigger Warning ❗️ This book is for mature audiences only! The book may contain: •Abuse - A •Self Harm - SH •Suicide - S •Possible Sexual Content - SC •Strong Language...