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The Pack and Sidemen Oneshots by lastjaybird
The Pack and Sidemen Oneshotsby Jay
Still Gay GAy gaY GaY gAy gAyYyYyYy (literally nothing had changed since the last book) This book is now complete but requestd can be taken on the next oneshot book! Enj...
Not Human - A The Pack AU by candyflossed
Not Human - A The Pack AUby Kandy
Mitch, Jerome, Rob, Lachlan, Preston and Vikk live in a house together, thinking they're human and all. But they aren't. As they uncover memories, their friends gets mor...
Prestonplayz fanfiction by stefania1276
Prestonplayz fanfictionby Stephanie
You are a teen girl living in Texas that has a huge crush on a youtuber named Preston but you have lost hope of ever meeting him. But suddenly...
End of Days (SGCbarbarian x Redvacktor) [Restarting Soon] by Warrior3600
End of Days (SGCbarbarian x ♛ W-I-C-K-E-D ♛
Nick and his friend Shark set out on a hunt for Nicks lover Ghetto who scent them a text message saying he found something in ok of the alleyways in Washington DC. As th...
885 Days [A Vikklan/Sidemen/Pack Story] by lastjaybird
885 Days [A Vikklan/Sidemen/Pack Jay
Lachlan goes missing. No one knows why, or who took him, or where he went. There was a man, a lone, unidentified man on the security footage that lead him away from the...
A Thing Called Love (Poofless) by FuzzyFeelings
A Thing Called Love (Poofless)by mariah
What happens when one pulls the others heart strings? Do they pull back or snap the strings?
Love from the Internet {{COMPLETED}} by LunaReadsCuzWhyNot
Love from the Internet {{ LunaWritesStories
#1 TBNRDUTY Who knew playing Online Games can result two people having a strong relationship? A Preston x Lachlan Fanfic
My Gamer - Preston X Unspeakable  by unspeakablegabejames
My Gamer - Preston X Unspeakable by 💕Neston🥺
That was the most fun I've ever had. I open the door and see Nathan with tears down his face. "PRESTON WHERE WERE YOU?!?! YOU WERE OUT FOR 7 FUCKING HOURS!!!"...
One Life: The Pack Story: Sequel To Game Hacked   by missmatched123
One Life: The Pack Story: Sequel Emma
After the events in the Minecraftia Game, things calmed down. But The Pack lost a friend, a Pack Member. Mitch died in Minecraftia. But thanks to Mitch's sacrifice, The...
I'm Inlove With My Best friend (UnMooseAble)  by dreamwheeze
I'm Inlove With My Best friend ( dream2
---I turned around taking his arms off me "Moose..." I said feeling really guilty for shouting at him. Suddenly, I felt soft lips pressed against mine, he kiss...
Life (unspeakable x reader) by StarletNikes
Life (unspeakable x reader)by Star
Y/N is a new YouTuber, she got fired by swearing on set and moved to Texas. She was walking around Texas 'till she runs into unspeakable. aka Nathan. will sparks fly? Wi...
Sidepack One-Shots (Mostly Minizerk) by LordCord
Sidepack One-Shots (Mostly Cord
You can request one-shots. X reader and with each other. I'm not very good with the ones I don't ship, but I'll try anything.
Summer Heat (PrestonPlayz Fanfic) Completed •Wattys2017•  by YandereChan57
Summer Heat (PrestonPlayz Fanfic) YandereChan57
"Well how do I put this in a question?" "What do you mean?" I grabbed her hands and spoke. "*sigh* Ashton...Every since you've come, my fe...
My Savior (PrestonPlayz X Reader) by fivenightsscared
My Savior (PrestonPlayz X Reader)by fivenightsscared
You are Y/N, and your best friend/crush is Preston, or as he's mostly know as PrestonPlayz or TBNRfrags. What will happen when Preston tells you how he feels about you.
Kidnapped by The Pack by Lunarthegreat
Kidnapped by The Packby Lunar
Skye was always and amazing person, her dad died pretty early in her life, and her mom is all she has. Her only option to get out of her own head is watching her idols...
30 Day OTP Challenge (Nickvacktor) by Warrior3600
30 Day OTP Challenge (Nickvacktor)by ♛ W-I-C-K-E-D ♛
The 30 Day OTP Challenge with Nickvacktor! Other wise known as SGCbarbarian X Redvacktor so yeah, this is where Red is a cannibal btw Welcome to the First Ever Book of t...
Unlikely (TBNRFrags/ PrestonPlayz) by agirlwhofans
Unlikely (TBNRFrags/ PrestonPlayz)by (^_−)−☆
Casey was a shy girl Preston was a popular. Casey would never talk. Preston always would. Casey had a secret. Preston wanted to know what it was. Casey has a YouTube. Pr...
Chop Chop (A #Merome Story) by bikergal12
Chop Chop (A #Merome Story)by Biker
Mitch is a new Junior student at Jersey Central High School. He goes through his classes without any attention payed except for when he goes to his final class of the da...
Adopted by PrestonPlayz (Being heavily edited)  by CrazyBitch361
Adopted by PrestonPlayz (Being Little_Baby_Gay
Kenzie is a 15 year old girl and gets adopted by the one and only PrestonPlayz. What happened when he tells his fans that he adopted a girl? Read more to find out.
Bullied By The Pack 'ThePack ff' {On Hold} by animeplusfood
Bullied By The Pack 'ThePack ff' { Anon
Maybe its them.... Maybe its just me... (Trigger warning) .:Photo creds to weheartit but edit by me:.