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Besotted by Simii_Meow
Besottedby S.S.Sahoo
Previously known as "Sparks of Love" The rain drenched me, making my clothes cling to me like a second skin. My dark hair lay motionless,resting against me, te...
Someone To Watch Over You by Ruechari
Someone To Watch Over Youby Ruechari
It's finally here the story you've been waiting for. Only there is a bit of a twist as this story will be from Alex's point of view instead of following Cat's so you're...
𝑯𝑨𝑵𝑨𝑯𝑨𝑲𝑰 • todoroki • ✔ by yikeysz
𝑯𝑨𝑵𝑨𝑯𝑨𝑲𝑰 • todoroki • ✔by p l u t o シ︎
Todoroki x Reader ---I never really thought about love at all. that was until I had too. I laid in bed thinking if he loved me or not.. until I started to cough violent...
Stuck Together (old money) by sunrisewritings
Stuck Together (old money)by Ela
They are all part of something bigger than themselves, they are all stuck in the lives that have been established for them by their parents and generations of family mem...
A Million Tears (Wish 2) by pseudoannie
A Million Tears (Wish 2)by Annie
(Complete) Brenna Reilly has one secret. She lied to her mother to go to a beach party when she was still seventeen. Twelve years later, she comes face to face with the...
Alliance// SOA FANFIC by Sarah_Knight_
Alliance// SOA FANFICby Sarah_Knight_
I own nothing pertaining to SOA i only own my own characters. Can two of the biggest Motorcycle clubs come together after years of hate and resentment? Can Jax Teller a...
The hook that fell for the shadows daughter by Darlingangel200
The hook that fell for the Dela Angel Delano
this is the story of how Harry hook feel in love with the daughter of the Shadow Man kind loving and caring towards his children he has quadruple boys and only one daugh...
The Beginning  by liveforlife09
The Beginning by liveforlife09
A story about Tim and lucy from the rookie at the very start of their relationship
Perfume | Timothee Chamalet  by jessismore51
Perfume | Timothee Chamalet by jessismore51
Social media x real life After gaining unexpected fame as a model in France Blaire Bouchard's life starts speeding past her. So she can't help feeling that the entrance...
The Rich Boy and The Prostitute by LemonxxLover
The Rich Boy and The Prostituteby Daniela
Two different people living in two different worlds not meant to fall in love, but fate has another thing in mind. (Currently RE-WRITING!!!!!)
Shades Of Love by Sweety197
Shades Of Loveby Sweety
Slowly, she's fallen deep in love with a man who was an absolute stranger to her. The sad part is, he's unaware of her feelings!! There seems no ray of hope... No chance...
Runaway (A Cinderella Story) by BaileyDeconse
Runaway (A Cinderella Story)by Bailey Deconse
CINDERELLA SPINOFF. MINOR PLOT CHANGES AND TONS OF HOLES. Rachel is just a girl looking for an escape from her home life. When her two best friends offer her the opportu...
Lost in London (Country Series #1) by Beginetle
Lost in London (Country Series #1)by Begine
Cheilyn Zandrea Reyel is full of passion and kindness until he meets Dyro Sky Hermano. The ultimate gorgeous man and one of the richest family 'HERMANO'. Cheilyn change...
Vis A Vis (Young & Pro Writer Romance) by raqisky
Vis A Vis (Young & Pro Writer TehatauKopi
Eleanor "Inside an ocean of ink I recreated her so that I could emphasize everything I didn't say" : Eleanor should through an Outspokenness life after her onl...
Better Together (Sequel to My Brother + A Roommate) by MickyRH
Better Together (Sequel to My Watermelon20
Parker Daniels, son of MLB player Landon Daniels and Layla Daniels and twin brother of Avery Daniels, is the most popular guy in school. He's smooth and sexy and every s...
Gold Plated Pieces  (urban)(wattys2015 ) by Sydne_y
Gold Plated Pieces (urban)( Sydney
Nacole loves Rich and Rich loves Nacole but in the game of fame to protect there love they decided to keep it private but what happens when Rich gets some one for the c...
Camp Wyatt by blackgirlbooks
Camp Wyattby black girl books
A home away from home. Camp Wyatt promises all the comforts of home with all the fun of summer vacation. Pack your bags and get ready to have the time of your life. Fo...
Becky had most of her life figured out until she met Oliver. Ever since they met things have been falling apart for Becky. Although,Oliver's life couldn't be better. I g...
Tmnt girls (book 2) by Love_Shipper134
Tmnt girls (book 2)by Mae
A new season has come, after a few months or maybe years, you never know but, I will have a question, will the boys will meet the girls aging without a dream? Let's find...