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𝑯𝑨𝑵𝑨𝑯𝑨𝑲𝑰 • todoroki • ✔ by yikeysz
𝑯𝑨𝑵𝑨𝑯𝑨𝑲𝑰 • todoroki • ✔by p l u t o シ︎
Todoroki x Reader ---I never really thought about love at all. that was until I had too. I laid in bed thinking if he loved me or not.. until I started to cough violent...
Once Upon A Train Journey by SleepInTheDark__
Once Upon A Train Journeyby •••
Witness to a murder on board, Rae and her brother find themselves stuck on the Orient Express miles away from their home town of London, England. Forced to endure the lo...
Alliance// SOA FANFIC by Sarah_Knight_
Alliance// SOA FANFICby Sarah_Knight_
I own nothing pertaining to SOA i only own my own characters. Can two of the biggest Motorcycle clubs come together after years of hate and resentment? Can Jax Teller a...
The Rich Boy and The Prostitute by LemonxxLover
The Rich Boy and The Prostituteby Daniela
Two different people living in two different worlds not meant to fall in love, but fate has another thing in mind. (Currently RE-WRITING!!!!!)
Unveiling Love by whitneymorgan91
Unveiling Loveby Whitney Morgan
At twenty-two-years old, Rosa Murphy is moving hundreds and hundreds of miles away. Leaving the small town in Ohio she grew up in, she has her eyes set on a place she's...
Camp Wyatt by blackgirlbooks
Camp Wyattby black girl books
A home away from home. Camp Wyatt promises all the comforts of home with all the fun of summer vacation. Pack your bags and get ready to have the time of your life. Fo...
Première erreur  by _storyofa_
Première erreur by _storyofa_
Chaque personne réagit différemment à la souffrance. Certaines personnes ont besoin de quelque chose ou de quelqu'un pour guérir. Peut-être que eux deux ont trouver leur...
New state, new life. It looks ideal, worthy of a perfect teenage novel. If only. Just before her return to high school, Maddy is obliged to follow her mother who decided...
Perfume | Timothee Chamalet  by jessismore51
Perfume | Timothee Chamalet by jessismore51
Social media x real life After gaining unexpected fame as a model in France Blaire Bouchard's life starts speeding past her. So she can't help feeling that the entrance...
With a Stranger // Taylor Zakhar Perez by lalalabanisa_
With a Stranger // Taylor Zakhar Vanessa Mae
Lara Athena Smith conveys an image of a strong and independent woman as she began to be on her own, ever since her parents have passed away. At the age of 25, she posses...
The Beginning  by liveforlife09
The Beginning by liveforlife09
A story about Tim and lucy from the rookie at the very start of their relationship
Shades Of Love by Sweety197
Shades Of Loveby Sweety
Slowly, she's fallen deep in love with a man who was an absolute stranger to her. The sad part is, he's unaware of her feelings!! There seems no ray of hope... No chance...
Raiders of a Lost Heart by WallyBoswell
Raiders of a Lost Heartby Wally Boswell
Lena Luthor and Eliza Danvers were killed in an explosion ten years ago. Kara Danvers and Supergirl left National City for parts unknown a year later. She and Lara Croft...
Life of a competitive cheerleader by Untoldtruthofgemini
Life of a competitive cheerleaderby Untoldtruthofgemini
Brooklyn Ryes a pretty much normal 16 year old girl besides the fact that she doesn't go to party's or have a boyfriend or have any other hobbies that a junior in high s...
Tmnt girls (book 2) by Love_Shipper134
Tmnt girls (book 2)by Mae
A new season has come, after a few months or maybe years, you never know but, I will have a question, will the boys will meet the girls aging without a dream? Let's find...
Imperfect by Channyb33
Imperfectby Channyb33
He was unlike any man I had ever laid eyes on, and I was his biggest fan. I had my dream job, an amazing best friend and a loving set of parents. After meeting my idol i...
Lemons, nouvelles érotiques by kennethkinfoyle
Lemons, nouvelles érotiquesby Kenneth Kinfoyle
Ces histoires contiennent des contenus explicites destinés à un public avertis. A travers de divers personnages ressentez le frisson du désir et de la passion, de la dou...
La Douleur Du Passé  [ EN COURS ] by JoyceAuteure07
La Douleur Du Passé [ EN COURS ]by Joyce
L'histoire d'une petite fille qui subit la maltraitance de son père. Va t-elle s'en sortir ? Que va t-il se passer pour elle. L'histoire vraie de Joyce. // Merci à @ Lea...
Chasing the whatever by DeeStory
Chasing the whateverby DeeStory
Back in the Day Ju'nis and Brittana were the best of friends, you couldnt tell them anything. Untill one day the life of Crime, Family, and unexpected pregnancys got in...
Love me till my last breath (COMPLETE) by Its_Me_Ysa
Love me till my last breath ( Ysa
"Anong sinasabi mong mamamatay ka na?! Anong Tatlong buwan?! Dana niloloko mo ba ako?" Sigaw ni Nath sabay suntok sa pader. "Sorry Nath pero hanggang dun...