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Sparks Of Love by Simii_Meow
Sparks Of Loveby S.S.Sahoo
The rain drenched me, making my clothes cling to me like a second skin. My dark hair lay motionless,resting against me, tempting Eden even more. You could very clearly s...
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Someone To Watch Over You by Ruechari
Someone To Watch Over Youby Ruechari
It's finally here the story you've been waiting for. Only there is a bit of a twist as this story will be from Alex's point of view instead of following Cat's so you're...
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Knowing You by caffeineahoelic
Knowing Youby Carmel S.
"You don't even know me!" "Well, that makes the two of us!" He spits back with fire that is capable of setting the whole Amazon ablaze. ◈◈◈ A little...
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Caught in a Lie ~ h.s. by AmberE3Love34
Caught in a Lie ~ Amber
A book about a modern day princess, a green-eyed financial analyst, and so, so many lies. Highest Rankings: #1 in NewRomance #1 in 1DFanFiction #1 in Undercover #17 in H...
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Underneath his cold exterior√ by Venisha200
Underneath his cold exterior√by Venisha
Underneath his cold, mean and harsh exterior is a boy who once loved a girl more than life itself. The once happy and smiling boy became distant and cold all because the...
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Alliance// SOA FANFIC by Sarah_Knight_
Alliance// SOA FANFICby Sarah_Knight_
I own nothing pertaining to SOA i only own my own characters. Can two of the biggest Motorcycle clubs come together after years of hate and resentment? Can Jax Teller a...
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Saving her fragile Heart✓ by Venisha200
Saving her fragile Heart✓by Venisha
Go on a date with me he asked. Sighing I turned around, we've been through this process three times and my answer is still no. Why won't you go on a date with me Scar. I...
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Another Life  by shinigami_an
Another Life by shinigami_an
Anae et une démones shigami c'est mal vue dans les enfers elle souffrez elle étais rabaissé frapper car être borgne en enfer sais mal vus le roi ce soirs a donner l'acc...
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Red Roses, White Orchids [Multiple Endings, Short Story, Finished] by yikeysz
Red Roses, White Orchids [ _madlee
Todoroki x Reader ---I never really thought about love at all. that was until I had too. I laid in bed thinking if he loved me or not.. until I started to cough violent...
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Better Together (Sequel to My Brother + A Roommate) by MickyRH
Better Together (Sequel to My Watermelon20
Parker Daniels, son of MLB player Landon Daniels and Layla Daniels and twin brother of Avery Daniels, is the most popular guy in school. He's smooth and sexy and every s...
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DESPITE LIES (histoire intégrale) by popotev
DESPITE LIES (histoire intégrale)by pauline 💫🖤
"Ils disent qu'il suffit de quelques secondes pour tomber amoureux. Je veux bien les croire. Je n'ai eu qu'à te regarder l'espace d'un instant pour savoir que ce se...
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Perfume | Timothee Chamalet  by jessismore51
Perfume | Timothee Chamalet by jessismore51
Social media x real life After gaining unexpected fame as a model in France Blaire Bouchard's life starts speeding past her. So she can't help feeling that the entrance...
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The Beginning  by liveforlife09
The Beginning by liveforlife09
A story about Tim and lucy from the rookie at the very start of their relationship
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Lemons, nouvelles érotiques by kennethkinfoyle
Lemons, nouvelles érotiquesby Kenneth Kinfoyle
Ces histoires contiennent des contenus explicites destinés à un public avertis. A travers de divers personnages ressentez le frisson du désir et de la passion, de la dou...
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The hook that fell for the shadows daughter by Darlingangel200
The hook that fell for the Dela Angel Delano
this is the story of how Harry hook feel in love with the daughter of the Shadow Man kind loving and caring towards his children he has quadruple boys and only one daugh...
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Cette vie et celle d'après... Tome 2 by RomyMancini
Cette vie et celle d'après... RomyMancini
Cette histoire est le tome 2 de « cette nuit et celle d'après », il est conseillé de lire le tome 1, mais pas nécessaire ;) ! Je m'appelle Lila Bradley, je sais qui je...
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Because... it's you ! (Tome 1) by Naanou_gt
Because... it's you ! (Tome 1)by Nath's
Une dispute, du brouillard, une moto et une voiture sur une route escarpée des Pyrénées, c'est l'accident. Le choc est violent. Un constat, la gendarmerie et des frais d...
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Tmnt girls (book 2) by Love_Shipper134
Tmnt girls (book 2)by GG/Mae
A new season has come, after a few months or maybe years, you never know but, I will have a question, will the boys will meet the girls aging without a dream? Let's find...
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La Douleur Du Passé  [ EN COURS ] by JoyceAuteure07
La Douleur Du Passé [ EN COURS ]by Joyce
L'histoire d'une petite fille qui subit la maltraitance de son père. Va t-elle s'en sortir ? Que va t-il se passer pour elle. L'histoire vraie de Joyce. // Merci à @ Lea...
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