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Son born in darkness  by DJMM15
Son born in darkness by Vortex’s Multiverse
Alone, angry, sad, guilty and regretful this is what Ichigo Kurosaki former substitute soul reaper was feeling as right now he had no powers and no friends by his side h...
Niñez by Shirly7w7
Niñezby una adicta al yaoi mas
NOTA:(no es copy es solo que lo lei de un libro y sinceramente me gusto PEROOO ahora pienso hacerlo segun MI parecer y va asi)..En un duelo entre la banda de shane y el...
To love in a war| Ichigo Kurosaki x OC by silvina_777
To love in a war| Ichigo 𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒗𝒊𝒏𝒂
Disclaimer! This book is entirely made up with purpose to not spoil anything to those, who haven't seen Bleach. Please, respect that and do not spoil anything! ! 𝐒𝐋𝐎...
FADED -Bleach FF  by Student_222
FADED -Bleach FF by Susu
Shortly the content: Ichigo Kurosaki is becoming one of the strongest living creatures and in order to defeat Aizen Rukia and Renji train him with a special training - a...
Letting Go by my-imaginations
Letting Goby Kristine
Gabriella Thorn hates the entire population of men. I guess you could call her 'The Man Hater'. Due to a horrid past relationship, she swore to herself that she would ne...
Lost (Bleach Fanfic) *Sequel Book 2* by Debbekham
Lost (Bleach Fanfic) *Sequel Debbekham
*Sequel if Strange One must read that book first* Nightmare just woke up from a year of sleep after almost putting a stop to Aizen by sacrificing herself. She doesnt kno...
Bleach: Exact Opposties by TysonYang
Bleach: Exact Oppostiesby Reverse Decay
Nel is a girl who is mature. Jaden is impulsive. Nel's release is a Ram. Jaden's is unknown as of right now. They shouldn't like each other but they do. Why? Why does Ne...
Troublesome Girls Series #4: Endless Circle by DarkMiless
Troublesome Girls Series #4: D.M.
People say that she's a downright insolent lady. Having a cold personality is her talent. Freeziah Kianneda Cortez also known as 'Zia'. With a luxurious life she have th...
Tomorrow doesn't Exist | Nnoitra x Nelliel by CrazyCartoonFanGirl
Tomorrow doesn't Exist | Nnoitra CrazyCartoonFanGirl
Deciding to save the life of your worst enemy is tempting fate.
3 and 6: Neliel and Grimmjow ||Bleach - GrimmNel|| [COMPLETED] by Rocklee_Toshiro1993
3 and 6: Neliel and Grimmjow || Lee-san/Shiro-chan
Aizen is gone and the remaining Espada are returning to their lives in Hueco Mundo. Tai Hallibel is the new leader of Las Noches and things seem to be doing fine but of...
Bleach 10 by Heroman23
Bleach 10by Heroman23
THe Hollows have been acting strange lately. THey being kidnapping kids under the age of 11. The kids then get experiment on by someone and been cloned and turned into o...
PIEP*ZYĆ MICKIEWICZA Nel -Dante by Palionowoq
PIEP*ZYĆ MICKIEWICZA Nel -Danteby Palionowoq
To jest wymysł dalszej części PIEPRZYĆ MICKIEWICZA WOW
Rose Red (Sungtaro/Tarochan) by HyunsuksDeadIcecream
Rose Red (Sungtaro/Tarochan)by Peepster
I don't think that you understand, I love you. Even if you drive me to death.
Other Timeline by stoptakingmyusersbro
Other Timelineby JJ
An AU in which the Blue Lock players choose different NEL teams. Rin (and Shidou) choose Germany. Isagi chooses France. enjoy
A Letter to My Rose | She-Ra 2018 ✔ by JoyeEverett715
A Letter to My Rose | She-Ra 2018 ✔by Joye Everett
A retrospective letter from Nell to his ex-fianceé, Shadow Weaver, in the aftermath of her death. INFORMATION: *Written for Fanfic's Halloween 2020 Contest "Hello...
L by lawliel
Lby lriejy
SYNOPSIS She doesn't know why her big brother dislikes her. And when the day comes she'll know why. Can she take it?
Nella mia testa regnano gli incubi  by oscuritainfinita
Nella mia testa regnano gli incubi by oscuritainfinita
Emmy stryn ,è una giovane ragazza di 17 anni lei vive a Londra con i genitori adottivi Sthen e Leyla stryn .emmy fa ogni notte dei atroci incubi premonitori sul futuro...
To Care, To Depend, To Love  by Andromeda689
To Care, To Depend, To Love by Andromeda_writes
High school Au, Bleach. Just how Shiro starts to make new bonds and friendships and starts to finally become a part of a friend group and perhaps, part of a family. Wil...
la navidad De nel y la familia Real. ( ONESHOT.) by Nelson9210
la navidad De nel y la familia Nel.
La historia se trata De nel y la familia real lo cual está celebrando la Navidad, Nel a pesar de que es adaptado por la familia real empezaba a sentír calidez de familia...