Grimmjow's Instagram by Darkness_Player003
Grimmjow's Instagramby Yaruka Mekirai
Yo, welcome to my Instagram. I'm the sexiest Arrancar to ever exist.
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The Kill (Ulquiorra x Reader Fanfiction) by Karlena_Uchiha21
The Kill (Ulquiorra x Reader Karlena Uchiha
When the fracción of Grimmjow falls in love with the emotionless fourth espada, things get complicated. (Y/n) is a small feisty arrancar who is really lazy. But one day...
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The Prince of Hueco Mundo  by Primordial-Miky9
The Prince of Hueco Mundo by Primordial- Miky9
Percy died by the hand of the person he thought was everything to him. The Olympian council decided to vote, Percy did not have his place in the Underworld. Hades was f...
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