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You Have Completed  Me (Anuseena)  by anuseena03
You Have Completed Me (Anuseena) by anuseena
this story about anuseena here haseena mental conditions is not stable... her family died in car accident when she was just 15 year old from that's her like that how...
The Glass Baby Boy  by wild_wolf_ww
The Glass Baby Boy by wild_wolf_ww
the boy that lost his parents young and had his brother to look after him but after he fell into depression ageplay was something to help him which his brother helped hi...
You were my best finding in an adventure. [Hilda Fanfiction AU] by ChrysDoesGay
You were my best finding in an Chrys
[HILDA AND HER FRIENDS ARE 14 AT THIS TIME.] After the familiar and witch incident, Hilda couldn't shake off a new feeling. She knew liking your best friend was common b...
Round Three (KBTBB FF) by avaedb
Round Three (KBTBB FF)by A
Have you ever seen the devil? If you haven't, you're going to wish you had never seen her. Mina Huang is a high ranking and top tier assassin. You only contact her if...
Violet Lies: John Wick by hiraethmangata
Violet Lies: John Wickby Nova
Noel Evans could not believe an assassin was transporting her across the world. More than that, she couldn't believe that she was falling in love with him. Book one of...
The Shivin's Love  by _miss_beautifool_
The Shivin's Love by ❄️
💕 kaira 💕 ❣️ love is life ❣️ 🥰 without love there is dark 🥰 ✨ love ur life ✨ dream for what u want nd do it ✨ 🐱 read to known 🐱
Round Two (KBTBB FF) by avaedb
Round Two (KBTBB FF)by A
Mei has steered clear of trouble for the past three years, and her future is anything but. Tres Spades is a five star and extremely successful hotel chain run by one of...
Little space/caregiver guide! by Felixx22
Little space/caregiver guide!by Felix 🪐✨
A SFW guide to regression for littles and Cg's 🧸 • fun ideas, colouring ins, activities ✨ • tips and education for caregivers and littles ☁️
Fixing you |~| louis Tomlinson by larriestylinsxn
Fixing you |~| louis Tomlinsonby 👅Larry’s panties👅
Louis was self-oriented, a defensive and snappy character who only fought for himself. Some would go as far to call him selfish. He'd always found it difficult to cope...
SOARE by donritchieburadayim
SOAREby Donritchieburadayim
Adar... gözlerinde hem karayı hem denizi taşıyan kız. Denizde boğulup,karada susuz kalan o kişi... Hayatın bana sunduğu kaçıncı yara iziydi bu? Göğsümdeki çığlıkları sus...
Nhục Mĩ (21+) by bokewa
Nhục Mĩ (21+)by bokewa
Chưa xin phép
Community Page  by denki_mh_simp
Community Page by denki_simp
just something so my followers can ask for updates,talk to me,I can tell you stuff from my life,ect
azhagu raniye! 😍💜 by SPreethi5
azhagu raniye! 😍💜by preethi💜❄️
this story involves around a couple who got married under a forcible circumstances .. let's peep into the story .. to know their love after marriage 💜
Kissed By the Baddest Bidder ~Headcanons/One Shots~ by DeedeeMj
Kissed By the Baddest Bidder M.J. Gonzalez
As the writer of this book XD I would gladly accept all requests you like. I'm always available but I'm not quite sure as "Available" I hope you may Enjoy the...
Me in a New Environment  by Veronica092633
Me in a New Environment by Veronica Kalihadya
A story about a little girl in a foreign country, school and environment. Where she gets bullied but things turn around for her . She meets her Bestfriend
Kidnapped Mafia Love by haso12123
Kidnapped Mafia Loveby haso12123
What would happen if you thought your life was all laid out for you, you had a part time job, and you were going to school, paying rent just like any college student wou...
Shadowhunters One Shots by angel_wrxtes
Shadowhunters One Shotsby Sienna
One shots about shadowhunters, how original, and no, I'm not writing smut , get out of here ya filthy bitches
You're My Soulmate | Jerrie by swiftmix1D
You're My Soulmate | Jerrieby jocelyn
a story where two best friends go on a crazy journey to find their soulmate. When they do, how will life treat them? Will they face troubles or will it always be sunshin...
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Thief (KBTBB) by Anna-Gibbons
Thief (KBTBB)by Anna
Kaori Akiyama is 25. To anyone ordinary she's known as a Tres Spades maid. But she has a secret... she's one of the Black Foxes but will that all shortly change? She's s...