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Retribution by Xion11418
Retributionby Xion
After the death of her father, werewolf Annette was charged with the care of her younger siblings and devastated mother. Three years later and Annette found herself in...
Commander (A Luna Chronicles Novel) [Completed] by Mimic-My-Howl
Commander (A Luna Chronicles Dionne Michaela
Tabitha North never met another Werewolf before she accidently crossed the boundary into the Black Bloods Pack, she'd been raised by humans and knew little about what sh...
Destiny Hates Me by Blueviolin19
Destiny Hates Meby Astrid Whitburn
Anna King has never been normal. Being the sister to the powerful Alpha of the Scarlet Shadow Pack doesn't by default make her strong. Her mother was a witch before pass...
Vicious Fangs (Mystic Bonds #1) | COMPLETED by SkylerChase29
Vicious Fangs (Mystic Bonds #1) | Skyler
❝ Let's find you a new home, shall we? ❞ •○• A cold Shifter General. A bloodthirsty Vampire Prince. A powerful Fae King. A mysterious protective werewolf Alpha. And a hu...
Genevieve by writer_5150
Genevieveby AK
jen-eh-veev (noun) Woman of the race "A king only bows down to his queen." But this story was not about any ordinary king; it was about a Werewolf king. And...
Your Texts | Romance by KalimbaCute
Your Texts | Romanceby heather!
A fun fair, a bed, and a whole ton of baby kisses on the forehead! A few years after Alastor's break up with a girl named Elise; they had decided to get back into dating...
The Academy Future by SuperWhoGhost
The Academy Futureby JulieKnot666
This is just a place to put story ideas for future Academy fanfic where you can vote and comment on the one you would like to see brought to life. The stories will not...
My not so nice soulmates  by Fallingbymyself
My not so nice soulmates by Fallingbymyself
In a world where a person can have more than one soulmate,Rami, a 15 year old girl has just found out that she has 6 soulmates. One of them is her ex named Cameron, the...
Changing Fate (Mxbxb Mpreg LS) by Walkerslaughterer31
Changing Fate (Mxbxb Mpreg LS)by Walkerslaughterer31
Fleamont Potter was not happy with his James Potter's decision in a wife, and Decided to remove Him as Heir to the Potter Lordship. He saw the change in his son the mome...
The Path To The End by Blueviolin19
The Path To The Endby Astrid Whitburn
Sequel to Destiny Hates Me Anna King has woken up with no memory of who she is or where she came from. She knows only two things: that Kace Bionevelli was there when she...
Blood Thirsty: But still in control Book Two Of The BADD Series by kwhite36793
Blood Thirsty: But still in kwhite36793
Thrown into a second world again with numerous powers, Alex Waters doesn't know whats going on. Still a hybrid she's not as lucky as last time, she thirsts for blood. Ca...
And So It Is (Shippuden era AU) by mintcondition_
And So It Is (Shippuden era AU)by author sama
Izanami Akiyama; a Kunoichi from the Leaf in search of the only person who could explain who she is. Her village resents her. And so it is. Follow the journey to the Fou...
Do What You Must by ThatWeirdWerido
Do What You Mustby Thatweirdweirdo
When recruited to the CIA after witnessing a murder at 14 years old, 10 years after starting rigorous training, 24-year-old Jacob Greener is thrust into an overseas team...
Chained  desire of the soulless by darknyx666
Chained desire of the soullessby darknyx666
Description is in the story, open it and read it, If you dare?Leave a vote or comment or a hickey if you like? I won't bite if you say bad things. Unless you like that...
The Acadamh by MidnightGalxXx
The Acadamhby LJStories
Banon has been running from a life of punishment. As a half-blood, she is considered 'impure' by the pure Faefolk who rule Tir Na Nog, the Land of Youth. A world that ex...
The Other Swan Girl (Twilight LS) by Walkerslaughterer31
The Other Swan Girl (Twilight LS)by Walkerslaughterer31
What if there was another Swan girl? When Charlie and Renée divorced, Renée got Bella and Charlie got Charlotte. Charlotte Rosalyn Swan has lived in...
Mercy Michaelson - Volturi Love Story by ToriAnnBailey
Mercy Michaelson - Volturi Love Tori Ann Bailey
°The cover is of Mercy after she grows into a teenager/young adult. ------------------------------------------------ 12 year old daughter of Klaus Michaelson, has a prop...
Who Would've  Thought  by jlnghp
Who Would've Thought by jlnghp
You'll have to read to find out what it's about.
Benevolence by AbbsCadabs
Benevolenceby Abbi
Fallon Mercess is a force to be reckoned with amongst the witches. She has had to fight her entire life to stay alive; the world that she lives in is not a kind one, and...