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Commander (A Luna Chronicles Novel) [Completed] by Mimic-My-Howl
Commander (A Luna Chronicles Dionne Michaela
Tabitha North never met another Werewolf before she accidently crossed the boundary into the Black Bloods Pack, she'd been raised by humans and knew little about what sh...
My very own wolf family by lunahildajones
My very own wolf familyby L.H. Jones
"Hold up." Amelia gave me a look of disbelief. "So, you're bonded with five wolves? BONDED?" My limbs felt limp, but I nodded in affirmation. ...
Genevieve by writer_5150
Genevieveby AK
jen-eh-veev (noun) Woman of the race "A king only bows down to his queen." But this story was not about any ordinary king; it was about a Werewolf king. And...
Vicious Fangs (Mystic Bonds #1) | COMPLETED by SkylerChase29
Vicious Fangs (Mystic Bonds #1) | Skyler
❝ Let's find you a new home, shall we? ❞ •○• A cold Shifter General. A bloodthirsty Vampire Prince. A powerful Fae King. A mysterious protective werewolf Alpha. And a hu...
The Other Swan Girl (Twilight LS) by Walkerslaughterer31
The Other Swan Girl (Twilight LS)by Walkerslaughterer31
What if there was another Swan girl? When Charlie and Renée divorced, Renée got Bella and Charlie got Charlotte. Charlotte Rosalyn Swan has lived in...
Four Broken Pieces ✓ by Ashv_2000
Four Broken Pieces ✓by ASH
COMPLETED. Roe finds love and understanding in a polyamorous relationship with 3 boys after her relationship with her mother falls apart. Ivan, Alexei and Mikhail bring...
The Queen by Ka_Astral
The Queenby Kastral
When a woman passes through to another dimension you would expect them to freak out at every little thing and make a fool of themselves. But Nova is different. Between h...
Sold, But Loved by GayShadowhunters
Sold, But Lovedby Althea/Athan Morrin
Luan Drago hasn't had a great few years. His birth parents died a week after his fifteenth birthday, his guardians hate the fact that he's trans as well as gay and abuse...
Changing Fate (Mxbxb Mpreg LS) by Walkerslaughterer31
Changing Fate (Mxbxb Mpreg LS)by Walkerslaughterer31
Fleamont Potter was not happy with his James Potter's decision in a wife, and Decided to remove Him as Heir to the Potter Lordship. He saw the change in his son the mome...
The Blessing And The Curse by Ally351
The Blessing And The Curseby Ally351
Stella was a 17 years old half werewolf and half vampire, when she was transferred to another high school, on her very first day she got hit by a basketball and the mome...
Apocalypse Omega. by No_One92
Apocalypse Valar Morghulis
- FUTURISTIC - A long time ago, a virus destroyed our world. People died in massive numbers, others became the Infected. Our ancestors killed a lot of them and the remai...
the Irish shewolf and her twin native American mates  by Katehimmelberger
the Irish shewolf and her twin Kate himmelberger
this is a story based off a special She Wolf the roots are deeply embedded in Ireland granted she is mixed with other places but she seems to be more connected to her Ir...
Forever Lost : (A shifter/werewolf story ) *slow updates* by SecretDragonTrainer
Forever Lost : (A shifter/ RileySmiley
Ever Rose was born at the labs that were doing tests on her mother. She has grown up there, bled there, cried there, and eventually watched her mother die. She always w...
Alpha Female by Bloodmoon102000
Alpha Femaleby Bloodmoon102000
Go on an adventure of twists and turns as Amelia finds out who she truly is and what her destiny will be. Bewitched as a child grew up thinking she was normal when in re...
Incipere by AwesomeBxtch
Incipereby AwesomeBxtch
Connie Sanchez wasn't the most popular in school, and she was okay with that. Just entering senior year, she expected nothing to change, same old boring school and homew...
Druid's can love by darknyx666
Druid's can loveby darknyx666
What's up, readers. This is my first twlight fan fiction. Well first anything. So please be gentle. Haters are not tolerated. If you like it and want to express the love...
Taming A Alpha Female by Alfilea23
Taming A Alpha Femaleby Maranda Gonzales
What happens when your mate is the son me of your enemy? Artemis has been though alot. From her mother dying and her not being able to do anything to save her. To her ch...
Do What You Must by ThatWeirdWerido
Do What You Mustby Thatweirdweirdo
When recruited to the CIA after witnessing a murder at 14 years old, 10 years after starting rigorous training, 24-year-old Jacob Greener is thrust into an overseas team...