The Runaway Breeder by Angel-Lunair
The Runaway Breederby Angel Lunair
Laina Starcrest was your average sixteen year-old werewolf hoping to find her mate. But when her pack decides to make her their breeder, her hopes are dashed. Taken to...
  • wolf
  • werewolf
  • pups
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The Last Pureblood Erde by storiesunfolded_xo
The Last Pureblood Erdeby Stories Unfolded
They are the kings of the night, but now they want to rule the day too. To achieve this goal only Erdes can help them. But their number is reducing leaving vampires with...
  • secretelements
  • magic
  • rogue
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The Alpha's Breeder by Taytay91
The Alpha's Breederby Tay
"It has taken me far too long to find you. How could I let go of you?" he rumbled softly as if in contemplation, "How could I reject the best part of me...
  • werewolf
  • secondchance
  • humanmate
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The Factory by theblondetwin
The Factoryby theblondetwin
Autumn Rose is a single child living with both of her parents, Eve and Charlie. Two years ago the country changed for the worst. A virus spread infecting every woman ove...
  • breeder
  • romance
  • drama
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Contraband by ThenameisSarcasm
Contrabandby Heinz 57
nobody gotta know
  • brothers
  • breeder
  • cliche
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Breeder Nation by KaraMichelleBooks
Breeder Nationby Kara Michelle
Living in a world where the human race is dying off faster than it can reproduce, sixteen year old Maddie Ryan has started her period, an almost guaranteed sign of ferti...
  • wattpride
  • wattys2016
  • science
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Hailey by lollicat2900
Haileyby Lollicat2900
I thought my mate would also be a rogue, or maybe even a pack wolf that would understand me. But I got Malik.
  • hate
  • breeding
  • love
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The Alpha Breeder by christyxovo
The Alpha Breederby Christina💕💋🙈
Samantha O'Reily is 18 and a werewolf. She comes from a line of breeders meaning she produces the next generation for werewolves. But what happens when she meets her mat...
  • heat
  • mate
  • werewolf
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One Nation Under by KaraMichelleBooks
One Nation Underby Kara Michelle
Sequel to Breeder Nation! Updating weekly on Saturdays. <3
  • breeder
  • government
  • adventure
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Gundham Tanaka X Reader by DanganronpasTrash
Gundham Tanaka X Readerby RubyRed
This is based on the game Danganronpa 2 or Danganronpa 3 despair arc. This is going to be a story where you move into the country and find out.....theres someone else in...
  • breeder
  • punk
  • danganronpa2
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The Billionaire's Possession (Voted Best Reads for Cats) by The-Scrivener
The Billionaire's Possession ( R.K. Adams
The TS-17 virus spread throughout the world population, killing millions and causing people's intelligence to drop to 25% of their previous level. Five years later, the...
  • billionaire
  • breeder
  • sciencefiction
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The Breeders by bookqueen_238
The Breedersby Zoe_Howard
Astrid lives in a world where every year 10 people are chosen, 5 male and 5 females, to be breeders. The unfortunate few must fight to the death in the Arena until one b...
  • breeder
  • apocalypse
  • romance
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