camp // muke  by blackveilmuke
camp // muke by bvm
"well, luke, how many straight guys do you know that would be willing to spend 4 weeks at an all-boys camp?"
  • luke
  • michael
  • hemmings
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muke one shots vol 3 by blackveilmuke
muke one shots vol 3by bvm
third book of muke one shots
  • michaelcifford
  • lukehemmings
  • clemmings
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SPLOTCHES {muke} by iwritealott
SPLOTCHES {muke}by iwritealott
IN A WORLD WHERE BLACK SYMBOLS DICTATE SOULMATES. - mpreg!muke au - soulmate!au - lowercase intended - teenage!michael adult!luke - started; september 2016 - ended; ju...
  • hemmings
  • clemmings
  • âu
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You & I~Muke by officialmuketrash
You & I~Mukeby Sofi 🧡
"You were his life line, when he was drowning in this world, and you let go," Or; The one about Michael, the quiet, painfully shy boy who stutters when he spe...
  • michaelclifford
  • justwriteit
  • muke
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Our Little Mistake [muke mpreg] ✔️ by Applezzz21
Our Little Mistake [muke mpreg] ✔️by Apryle ♡
Luke wasn't much of a party person, he would much rather stay home and watch movies on Netflix. Michael was a party animal, he would much rather stay up all night and dr...
  • calumhood
  • hoodwin
  • ashtonirwin
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Behind the Fame (Muke) by supersatanic
Behind the Fame (Muke)by abbey sux
When the band 5 Seconds of Summer release their second album, Sounds Good Feels Good, they become the center of attention in the music world. Everyone has gotten their c...
  • ashtonirwin
  • guyxguy
  • boyxboy
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CONTROVERSY {muke} by iwritealott
CONTROVERSY {muke}by iwritealott
  • mukeclemmings
  • fanfiction
  • lukehemmings
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Tutor / Muke by addiictedtomuke
Tutor / Mukeby Tiana :-)
"You're just my tutor, we're not fucking friends." Or where Luke's parents force Luke to get a tutor and he's not so happy about it. fem!michael punk!luke ...
  • muke
  • punk
  • hood
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Make Me or Break Me ✖️Muke by sk8rgrl76
Make Me or Break Me ✖️Mukeby Katie
All time Low and Five Minutes to Midnight are planning a joint world tour that is to be kicked off in May. Only problem is they don't have a supporting act and the tour...
  • clemmings
  • concert
  • jackbarakat
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hide // muke by blackveilmuke
hide // mukeby bvm
"Just keep us a secret. Just a little longer, I promise." WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS YOUNGER. DO NOT JUDGE MY CURRENT WRITING OFF OF THIS PLS
  • gay
  • muke
  • seconds
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And back ✩ muke // sequel to To the moon by wastedheartmuke
And back ✩ muke // sequel to To lucija
The day Luke got his tattoo was one of his favorites, he just never thought the day will come when it'll disappear. top!Michael soulmate!AU © wastedheartmuke, 2018
  • 5sosfanfic
  • lgbt
  • magic
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DNA | muke au | hybrid | mpreg by cliffordtheincrowd
DNA | muke au | hybrid | mpregby autumn
Luke Hemmings just so happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. [MPREG] Fanfiction #14
  • mukeclemmings
  • luke
  • hybrid
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IDENTITY {muke} by iwritealott
IDENTITY {muke}by iwritealott
IN WHICH MICHAEL DOES HIS BROTHER A HUGE FAVOR. - mpreg!muke au - lowercase intended - started; june 2016 - ended; october 2016
  • fanfiction
  • clemmings
  • iwritealott
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be gentle, daddy | muke by JednorozecAsha
be gentle, daddy | mukeby iloveyou
Mike stracił kolejną pracę. Chłopakowi nie uśmiecha się bycie utrzymanką swojej przyjaciółki, z którą dzieli niewielkie mieszkanie. W poszukiwaniu pracy udaje się na st...
  • cashton
  • babyboy
  • 5sos
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This Old Town ✖️Muke by sk8rgrl76
This Old Town ✖️Mukeby Katie
Michael Lives on Luke's uncle's ranch in a rural part of New south Whales, just outside of Sydney's city and bordering the Blue Mountains region. Michael's Parents died...
  • horses
  • lukehemmings
  • mukeclemmings
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DARTH {muke} by iwritealott
DARTH {muke}by iwritealott
LUKE, I AM YOUR DAUGHTER. - mpreg!muke au / not a star wars au - lowercase intended - book one of two. prequel; anakin - completed; under revision - started; january 20...
  • 5sos
  • seconds
  • luke
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theories : muke clem. by vaporhalsey
theories : muke ☾
Solo me encargo de exponer y demostrar teorías de esta pareja. [no leas si es para ofender/defender] ©️vaporhalsey
  • teorias
  • muke
  • drama
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Seducido | Muke (SMUT). by -faivsos
Seducido | Muke (SMUT).by inactive account.
"El amor y el placer son lo mismo, sobrinito, sólo que uno no te hace tanto daño como el otro."
  • muke
  • 5sos
  • fanfic
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Rose ' Muke by EdaJackson26
Rose ' Mukeby Mirandabel
Öldüğüm her gün için bir gül?
  • clemmings
  • michaelclifford
  • muke
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insanity; michael & luke ✓ by cigarvtte
insanity; michael & luke ✓by e
❝we're all insane here.❞ (alternative universe) all rights reserved © eva-ana | 2014 -
  • thriller
  • muke
  • fivesauce
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