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Words (Muke) by janeslittlelibrary
Words (Muke)by Jane
COMPLETED. He's not strong, or brave, or even smart. He believes himself ugly, useless and his parents enforce it every day. He has nothing and no one. Well, Michael has...
Our Little Mistake [muke mpreg] ✔️ by Applezzz21
Our Little Mistake [muke mpreg] ✔️by Apryle ♡
Luke wasn't much of a party person, he would much rather stay home and watch movies on Netflix. Michael was a party animal, he would much rather stay up all night and dr...
Muke smut by 5sosjuice_2007
Muke smutby Max Van Plateringen
its about to get dirty
fwb ; muke by blackveilmuke
fwb ; mukeby bvm
love doesn't play by the rules
2537 ☯ muke by noextrai
2537 ☯ mukeby noextrai
Luke is infatuated with the boy with locker number 2537.
camp // muke  by blackveilmuke
camp // muke by bvm
"well, luke, how many straight guys do you know that would be willing to spend 4 weeks at an all-boys camp?"
5SOS One Shots + Mini Stories. by PurpleSkies58
5SOS One Shots + Mini PurpleSkies58
5SOS One Shots and Mini Stories. ** Includes CALM, Muke, Lashton, Cashton, Malum, Mashton, & Cake.
One Shots | Muke by babybearmuke
One Shots | Mukeby e
if you like muke you've come to the right book
Save Me From Myself ✖️Muke by sk8rgrl76
Save Me From Myself ✖️Mukeby Katie
Luke Hemmings is fine, at least that's what he tells himself. Ever since the band found out about Luke's boyfriend abusing him they are walking on eggshells around him...
muke imagines |fluff&smut| by famamoira
muke imagines |fluff&smut|by fama
Bu bir muke smut, bazen fluff, kitabıdır. Boyxboy ve 'smut' sahneler içerir.
You & I~Muke by officialmuketrash
You & I~Mukeby gay icon
"You were his life line, when he was drowning in this world, and you let go," Or; The one about Michael, the quiet, painfully shy boy who stutters when he spe...
bro ; muke af by aesthteicalum
bro ; muke afby queen b
"hey, bro." "i'm your boyfriend and you called me bro?" "yeah." in which michael and luke are a couple but apparently according to his team...
Lingerie Model / Muke  by addiictedtomuke
Lingerie Model / Muke by Tiana :-)
Ever heard of a guy who models womens lingerie? Neither had Luke, until he stumbled upon a weird website. cover done by me Highest Ranking: #74 in fanfiction 23/07/1...
kept ; muke by blackveilmuke
kept ; mukeby bvm
sequel to 'keep me in mind'
Tutor / Muke by addiictedtomuke
Tutor / Mukeby Tiana :-)
"You're just my tutor, we're not fucking friends." Or where Luke's parents force Luke to get a tutor and he's not so happy about it. fem!michael punk!luke ...
Forced by ChangeFate
Forcedby ❦Ari❦ & ±Lucy±
More often then not, relationships were created for celebrities to enforce their straightness. But this was not the case.. In a new study, to increase popularity, a coup...
chasing cars {muke} by YourLittleBoo
chasing cars {muke}by boo.
"Damy radę wszystkiemu, na własną rękę. Nie potrzebujemy niczego, ani nikogo. Jeśli się tu położę, czy położysz się ze mną, zapominając o całym świecie?" Gdzie...
the dead ones aren't resting [muke] ✔ [CURRENTLY EDITING] by theairisunclean
the dead ones aren't resting [ 🤍
"but you should listen, angels and demons can't love each other. they are meant to kill the other, and you shouldn't test fate." "i couldn't kill him even...
Artist | Muke by darkness288
Artist | Mukeby darkness288
Luke to chłopak o duszy artysty. Mając już dosyć swojej ponurej szkoły, przepisuje się do jednej z najlepszych szkół plastycznych w mieście w której aż huczy o absurdaln...
i'll do my best // muke  by blackveilmuke
i'll do my best // muke by bvm
"I know I usually don't look the most attractive, or I'm not good enough for anyone, but I'll do my best for you, Michael." WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS YOUNGER. DO N...