Adopted By Muke

Adopted By Muke

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"So... You're telling me that this all was a dare? On top of that, you only kept me here longer because it brought your band more publicity and nice comments from the press?"


"Wow, nice to know how much you fucking love me."

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Datunicornpoop Datunicornpoop Nov 26, 2017
There too many to choose from it goes from Melanie matisZs , 5sos, TOP , bmth, ptv, sws, patd, the ramones, the Beatles , ed sheeran etc
Pink is my least favourite colour. Black or gray that’s where it’s at.
memeology- memeology- Jun 14
MCR, Why Don’t We,  5sos, All Time Low, Pierce the Veil, Tonight Alive, tøp, P!ATD, Sleeping with sirens
5SOS, nirvana and blink. I also love one direction cause Those hoes are my baby’s
Originality-Is-Me Originality-Is-Me Feb 26, 2016
Mukas, please be nice. *Shameless promoting, but obviously keeping in mind that people will hate me for this* I have story based on our boys:
Phandom1090816 Phandom1090816 Aug 04, 2016
OMG, ur stories are so amazayn and I'm so excited for this one! X3